X marks the Spot

Whoops, I mixed this up with the Knights of the Round Table…for a little bit of spice in an otherwise drab posting. It’s barely relevant to the story and a completely skewed perspective. Of course, according to local legend, record, official, otherwise, gossiped about at the local diner, and hidden under the rug if it proves undesirable in the stink Peter test undertaken by those stalwart citizens who so choose to make it their duty to deal with such subject matter…they deserve an award, for their perseverance in the face of extreme hardship…such as finding where the gossip has originated and which group of supernatural beings is responsible for disseminating the salacious information…oh wait…it was the cult that goes unnamed, but secretly runs a cabal of dark souls, bent on world domination, or at least that’s what I think of those people who make sure every weed is dead in their garden, and spray chemical to keep that green greener than any green nature could describe…notwithstanding the neons in the outer planes. Or the black lot barren landscape of the gates of dawn.