The Knights of the Round Table: Parti deux,

They will make their point, no matter how people respond, from my perspective I would listen to what they have to say, they’re invisible giant yeti after all, and it is their task in this place to make sure the weather stays tolerable, for us pesky humans and our insatiable hunger for knowledge, as if we are trying to remember something from long ago. It is staring you right in the face, best just accept it like taxes and move on.

If you cannot see them, maybe there is a lack of magic in your blood. And for that you are blessed to never experience the energetic turbulence the passage of the fey incurs, in the timeline and any who happen to be in the way, and the way is through gates that surround the region if you know what you are looking for. Maybe these knights are in search of their Arthur, to bring the age of legends back to life…or maybe they just want us to clean up a little, and not be so hard on the earth, it’s all we have and, unsurprising out here at the frontier, it is apparent that the more effort put into talking about climate change, the more waste we create…and throwing money and taxes is one way to false start a new economic model…ahhh I see, moneta…goddess of coinage has come to the table to play…

So anyone at point this out too, laughs a little nervously and looks at me sideways, something I am used to…sideways looking people abound, and they are mostly made up of people who have turned off their imaginations and fail to see the imagery for what it represents…it is no trick of the light, in fact! The pictures shift depending on where you are standing when you take it…from miles further east to in the eaves and shadows of the trailhead, that crisscrosses all sorts of anomalies on its way up the mountain…have climbed it twice, and the larger one behind it, and never noticed all the trails across the face, just remembering thinking my lungs were going to explode.