Pewter wine Cup



It is imbued with decades of morose, reflective, somber thoughts, and when the moon reaches its zenith, the horde that lives in the hand carved village; come to life, and before your very eyes, create out of nothing…something.

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Hand carved scene of pastoral ideal in this Pewter Wine cup from the Louvre, circa January 2005. Very detailed, and populated by a horde of ethereal entities whom may or may not notice that the purchaser states harder and harder at the pictures, the more the level in the cup goes down.

We are not responsible for any accidents involving…alcohol, ghosts, other types of paranormal creatures…pixies, metal golems…the pewter makers guild…(we hope we haven’t crossed them, we have enough curses to go around.)

Will insure and ship, inclusive of the price:

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Dimensions 10 × 6 × 6 cm

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