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Occult weapons and Protections

The Sales Page because the commerce part will not work: wonder why; says the not as ignorant as you think.

Back when Tigers used to smoke at the gates of dawn, that sit on the bleeding edge of reality, amidst the ruins of the first civilization to be dug up on this earth, by Solomon’s mines, that exist at the end of the paths of the dead, underneath the watchful eyes of gods and sleeping giants, while hallucinating the fey and discussing the merits of fate while she stirs her drink and smiles, knowing that which you do not, and thinking to herself…” I like this guy, let’s see what happens when he discovers his destiny…fate is cynical that way, because she is the arbiter, and she knows, no matter what you believe or what you think, there is a predetermined fate waiting for you, it may be hard to reach, and most lass theirs by, but sometimes you get a conscious understanding by a participant, and then the gates are thrown open, and the tide that washes in, changes the very fabric of the reality we call our three dimensional fixed and true location…which is the first lie we tell ourselves without knowing…because our minds are asleep, and we need them to wake up…it is a matter for survival, a survival no preparation, no armies, and no magical spells will deflect, it is the natural order of things in this reality of this earth, there is no guaranteeing what tomorrow will bring, I hope it brings me closer to contact with my daughter…I miss her so much.

This is the sales Page. We take email payments at dunelmrealtyltd@outlook.com GST#’s Corporate: 131940892 rt0002, Personal Corporate: 845336544 rt 0001 and arts and media 24179244 corporate access 2510414 AB Ltd aka Dunelm Realty Ltd o/a Grande Cache Bottle depot c/o David S Thompson to which I control 92 shares and can prove shenannigans afoot for 14 years of professional government sanctioned abuse.

Email: dunelmrealtyltd@outlook.com for payments, richardthompson@themarkettavern.ca to shoot the ($&@ and themarkettavern@icloud.com if you are a subscription and dunelmr@proton.me when you have something to say. That was dunelmrealtyltd@outlook.com for email payments

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ATB chequing acct: 887-00694391800 3 hour swift code delay on my data so it takes a while…due to them hiding my mortgage from me, amongst a few other things. Oh ATB do we have a swift code, swifty code and swift form identity issue.

Pi: I would totally take Pi but my phone was stolen after I had dumped it in a river crossroads where I found a temple complex, tunnels and ended up walking home in bare feet, nearly dying of exposure, while the gods mocked my weakness. That was last week. On September the eighth; my 47th birthday.

Wealthsimple personal account: HQ2YW5T02CAD

God bless and rest her soul. She defended the psychic realms longer than any have done in history, and was a signing authority on my predicament back in September of 1961. Wanna know what the Cuban missile crisis was really about? This coin, come to me in the way of the outer planes is what you know it to be if you know this game…$7&778,87 and its protection and shadow trapping skills are profound. My honor to you and yours your majesty, this 1,333 Ed year of our exile to fight the last night and rekindle the moon and stars and encourage my sister, the sun, to give a thirteenth night to our universe,, the lords of the nether, the under, the dark, the night and the dead stand in silence; and weep for the greatest states person in history to join with the heroes of her people and rest her mind a while.

Due to an attack on my wifi by my banks security and being labelled a fraud in my transactions, costing me tens of thousands of dollars and killing my transactions, this page will serve as my shopping page for magical weapons from the legitimate center of time, at the bottom of the null point, where I am enslaved to fight for humanity but really just do it so they stop abusing my child. I need cash, am low on funds, my credit cards, bank accounts and crypto currency exchange and NFT sales are all out of reach, myself the victim of a swifty code error loop in my name and address…for months now. Coupled with a stolen Jeep, robbed house, and physical terrorism on top of cyber terrorism, it is no wonder I call this a human rights abuse like no other; which some of you know…

I asked a police officer who was curtailing one of my rituals if he saw what I was seeing in the sky … he was not; which gave me hope for about five minutes, then some nazi death camp commandant came roaring to the fore, with millions of dead souls under his belt and it was attention back on the end of the world times again. At least I got to meet a kardeshev III galaxy spanning race: now only if my minders could stop crapping their pants enough to make me whole, we could communicate with them. They know I am here…they don’t give a rats ass about anyone else though and by ingenious mapping and labelling falsehoods: they think I am king of kings and this is New York

This is one I have held back due to blur, but just look at his face tattoos…the horse jumping over the diamond with the face…underneath the eagle head…cmon people see it…it is real,I would sell him on eBay to prove it, if he was not against the idea, he is busy, staring at what is on the other side of the fence…think I’m going for a walk today, going looking for more ruins… I will let him go for 2 Ethreum (ETC) or $3500,00 USD , email me at dunelmrealtyltd@outlook.com. He weighs about 75 lbs give or take and is the ore you make silver with. Shipping & insurance included in price; also GST. He will be insured, is one of the thirteen stones that have guarded the bull point these past three years: magical is an understatement, his tattoos speak of Ancient Greece and his attitude is of calm complacency…will protect your home…all wards out from him and sprinkle ash overtop regularly.

Other items for future sale, posted below. This is the shameless commercial part of my show.

The white lady. A ghost of a mournful banshee laments her lost family inhabits this heartwood red oak cudgel and by the scars she has seen more than a few scraps. Rebuilt multiple times, shot through with piercing iron this black heart pumps red blood through the weirder and gives an eagerness to combat that only the dead possessed can appreciate. I tore the sides and guts out of a fifth dimensional spider that was spinning my mind into madness with her, and destroyed two houses battling the kobold on the from the Isle of Man whose curse comes to me through my ancestry with Rus, he of traversing the nine worlds aboard his longship. How did they navigate: the Vigviser, and I’ve figured the equation with the help of my murdered sister and murdered father and the ‘Hut,’ ours by right, a mathematical equation that forms an anchor point for the rainbow bridge; right at my precise gps location. 2 1/3 Ethereum, steep I know; but you will sleep soundly with a banshee for your guard. $4500,00 USD

I must pause and sleep for a while; exhaustion prevents my mind from being subsumed; but I shall continue soon on this page. My knightly training is complete; winning at the gates of dawn tends to do that…bet you have never seen a Templar before…just wait til you see my DNA. I hope the powers do not fry this; am working on the ending and need to send a few private messages to diffuse my situation…saving the world and having your estate lifted at the same time tends to put a damper on things. The kardeshev III in the sky? Ignore them, they are ignoring you and until they figure me out they will continue too. X marks the spot: gyfu G gift…that’s me.

The 1916 .303 with serial # Has no less than six stamps of combat duty on it. It was a gift/payment from a man whose own grandchildren had forgotten him and him; was a mercenary for the forces who fight the darkness. This is one tough weapon and calls forth a protection banner large enough for the battalion of souls who guard its inner heart. Worth a double fortune in the outer planes $100,000,00 USD or 551/2 ETC.

The Bowl is silver, brass, hand chased and used to summon the 70,000 Carvetti dead, who killed themselves in a bloody ritual suicide after destroying the ninth legion for their crimes: to which the only survivor was the blood drenched baby left betwixt the three standing stones on the Stolwith plain: my ancestor; it seems revenge is big in the family history. $250,000,00 USD or 1515 1/6th Ethereum. For calling the dead to defend from the dead, this is a It comes with 13 cups one for each level; but when you get to the end, it’s shitty no matter what you do, being the last wake person in the world as I sit surrounded by the dead and the worm ourobourus coils above my head; the spinners who spin jab me full, painfully and attach me to a bay, and bleed me for my magical powers, the millions of souls I have gathered to help me defend from their attacks, and gods grace begins to settle around me.

The sunbursts, each hand beaten bronze and brass petal and leaf is a capture for a minor demon, usually good enough for a full nights rest while the forces of oblivion do their thing. Vintage and handmade, a beautiful piece, deadly to darkness, unless you release like I do in the dawns glow. $8463,5 4 1/4 ETC

Shivas death dance rug. No joke: the preeminent strangler artefact of the zuggy cult, thought eradicated centuries ago. Sold to me near the Algerian border in the fall of 2005 when on rounds, by islamists; who reap the curse associated with double dealing and dishonesty of transaction. I used it for my daughters play rug and she had them charmed by the time she could walk. Yes, I have profaned the carpet, no shiva does not care; the love we showed her helped with her own bitter bloodline. This one requires a special price/tithe/offering: Shiva wills that the victor of these games, descendant of the bastard of Richard I, taken by the Churchs for 100,000 gold byzantiums be forever exempt from the ministrations of the cult of death, as shall his child, also a bastArd and messiah. Further, he is to be presented $1 million USD in the finest diamonds, and 500k each of rubies, emeralds and sapphires, of the best and sharpest cut: delivered in person, in exchange the rug can be removed. The curse requires that this be so & he is the only middle aged man to survive three nights running against the game…the secret of it is his; to be shared or not. Ware my priest; in my earthly avatar I took him to husband for a time.

Oh boy: this would get me into real trouble if I wasn’t already being hunted. The first time Putin tried to kill me was in 20””, then the IRA tagged mom and I was FUBAR, but this, this takes the cake. This is available to whomever offers me the most for it; whether be Samsung, the programs owners or some deep seeded secret society that breeds psychic fighters through trauma; I do not care. What I care about is it’s provenance and what it did. And if I was not the captured trophy of a vampire from the fifth dimension, I would totally go over there and kill that greaseball motherfucker and his terrorist friends; what a shit country this place turned out to be,

In the Spring of 2015 my paternity theft woes continued with the abduction of my daughter from school by the grandmother of the mothers side. I begged, in vain, to be heard by the courts, for a month, while they told me to screw myself. At the exact same time, a known terrorist with Canadian citizenship was in the courtroom next door, and he was awarded 10 million dollars for having his rights violated ( my face grows hot and my anger raises this day, over seven years later.) The courts did nothing things for an issue they were refusing to acknowledge as existing;CanadAs worst paternity theft issue in History…swept away with a sneer ten full years. I disassociated, had a mental breakdown during which my community ostracized me, a position I enjoy today. And my dAughters stepfather grew friendly with the Islamist and received from them a program, smuggles out of Guantanamo bay, that he put into my child’s tablet (a gift from myself, and it infected my wifi; where it remains today…a ten year old girl…to get back at me for fighting for my paternal rights. It was the islamists who woke me to the program: they were sickened by what he had done. I lost everything; including my wife and daughter and fear has no limits…what I should do remains to be seen; I do not want to traumatized her further, and the police ignore me, locals say I lie…coincidentally because of my land title and my so called citizenship in Canada. I own TWPS 56’57 everything west of the sixth meridian to the international dateline, specifically efghik on the Canadian map and 118-126 lines of longitude from the 47th parallel to the North Pole. Minus what was sold in the Alaska purchase. the air and frequency rights between 50-60 mghz, the hut, and numerous instruments and properties, not the least of which is the hidden nuclear facility, whose transmission lines are poorly disguised and run underneath my house. Am I crazy? Somewhat. But am right, and have the corporate records and the tax returns to prove it. Management did not like the optics of having such a polarising character as myself when my father died; being under attack by various forces of negativity working for darkness at the time. Then they discovered why my name was on the titles and do you think they would back off…no, they label me, misdiagnose me, experiment on me and do not a thing to pay their way. My fathers missing personal investment account contained 2000 biomira 15000 biotech, 33 class A voting in madison pacific properties…it just disappeared and the banks refused to discuss it, but maintained their cheques and money laundering my estate by orders of magnitude…I am Richard…I would be VI I believe, as well as Tsar, Kaiser, and my personal favourite: the true-born King of Scotland

This I phone 8 contains the code and then some. It has been shut off for three years and still murmurs: can you see his face, betcha they weren’t expecting me now we’re they. I have a soft spot for Apple despite it being used to track, survail and confound me. I lost a ten and a 13 just last week to nefarious ends and they contained enough hot clandestine data to make the pissants shooting up my lands in Eastern Europe sit up and take notice. You should have seen the custom Samsung, now there was a code with an attitude. This prisoner of war can be exchanged for 1 million USD…I even have a special postage box for him. Welcome to the age of the singularity.
The original: $10,000,0
The original: $10,000,0
My little girl. Lost to me by the machinations of a corrupt Alberta court and political system, abuse of the highest order, and human experimentation of the worst kind. The Alberta government is an obese criminal who should be treated to the same regime I have been treated to for forty odd years. Katelynn is the quintessential abuse victim and the child in the worst paternity theft case in Canadian history. The damage has been enormous and still they ignore my every right as they have done for 16 years now except to drug me, hospitalize me against my will and continue to pretend they are not robbing me blind, and telling themselves their pig actions are for the good of the country. Good for New York you mean…and Quebec…and dirty murderous conservatives right…fuck you…I’m taking mine back, with a bat you greasy bastards. You just will not let up on the freaking experimentation. Slave is an understatement…

Moving back to coins for a while; who knows what sort of legalese I will need to battle in order to regain my estate. The dragons would know; there is a Sapphire one playing with me right now…nah, here is a freebie for you as I draw up new share certificates for the corporation ; which is currently in the hands of either my dead sister or brother in law, neither of whom have had anything to do with the company since July 1, 2002, and Lyle never; the shares fell to him when my sister was murdered by a conservative good old boy who walked, all charges dropped and the crime erased. The police were blamed for bungling the investigation, nothing was said about the 44 federal prosecutors who had walked off the job that week, ostensibly in greed, possibly in protest at being told to throw the case due to our hidden and clandestine nature making us unwanted and therefore expendable. This came a year after my DNA was sent on a cover sheet from the doctors office with my credit card and PIN number on it…you be the judge but here is the freebie: During my sojourn through the worlds and paths of the dead I have been given a wonderful puzzle to solve. The VigViser: and in its solving prove my ownership of the hut…the home symbol that has google all hot and bothered and my slave masters apathetically bored…

It’s not very bright, I did it freehand and in lead but the gist is kenaf at the north point with Berkana on both sides of zero degrees at the south. The roof of the hut at imbolc, Samhain and both equinoxes, then two more at Beltane and lhughassa, Beltane being my location…near enough anyway…I’m at 4:11 am and Beltane is at 4:20 am on the 360 degree compass slash 3” hr clock. The long and short is that I am, in direct relationship with the great pyramid at 0.0, and being at the centre of the nine worlds is something else, let me tell you…but it is on to more sale items…magical offence: oh, can you see how it builds a three dimensional pyramid? Because the two are linked by astrogation in the math. It’s awesome, and opens the rainbow bridge…it’s the year of the rainbow parade for sure.

Brass, leather, blood and filigree. I bought it at sundown in a rundown kasbah on the edge of the Sahara. I should have known better; but when darkness dogs your every step, you tend to become fatalistic about things; the latest being whatever the spiders that spin injected into my feet in a fever dream today, a reoccurring one in which all of humanity is enslaved to the alien parasites feedin on our life essence in full view, and seen by no one except my camera. I have high hopes for the Tokyo foto awards; but then I remember I am less than human, a dog in a cage whose red necked masters are too bloated from avarice and greed to bother the world with anything resembling work ethic or honesty. This swords curse is as powerful as it comes and I used it this gaming session against a Demi lich, whose force battered my mind in dull throbbing waves of pure anguish and terror. It is a king killer; an execution sword and its history is written plain and bloody upon the scarred and pitted metal. $10,000,00 TUSD or 6 ETC GST, postage and insurance are included in the price.

One of these images is not like the others.

In fact, I thought it to be an infamous counterfeit coin, back when I thought my signal actually went anywhere and I was less familiar with handmade and apprentice coins. I reckon that one is worth a fortune but $500,00 TUSD or 1/3 ETC or $800.00 CAD and they are all yours, and I can stop dreaming about collecting the scalps of dead Eastern European settlers, lured into my lands on the promise of beautiful weather and then paying Indians to travel up the way and bury the frozen and starved settlers who would not have stood a chance up here in winter. We would still perish if something weren’t shipped in every day. I am haunted by the scars on the land that three different groups fight over claiming stewardship and yet is in my name, and I was the CEO of a cooperative corporation too boot AND have the stewardship of the land legitimately with me on top; I have arthritis from it; as well as a small fortune in kWh saved hgh saved, landfill space saved and CO2 removed…I think I might have a record, all I got was a certificate, yet everyone else trades in them; so I am going to as well.

The international Horseshow Chelsea cup…for the high jumping…1928…my great grandfathers horse won it. They booed him…because ten years in exile here in Canada did not make up for him being the go to agitator who stirred up the communists in Austria in 1911. His efforts at restoring royal friendships being the resurveying and burying of binding lines and wards in the blue diamond annuity lease corporation, also known as the blue diamond coal survey, that has a date doctored from 1924- to 34 so that the Metis appear first, as does CN rail. Considering it represents a demon buried and chained in the earth and his great grandson enslaved to the location to fight it, I find it especially galling that anyone has the effrontery to continue to consistently deny me basic, common courtesy and citizen rights…in my own land.

Dark Buddha: He stayed with me through the maelstrom; following his school in truth and laughing in the face of oblivion. It forever shadowed his soul but I owe him a debt and will continue with the Thai forest tradition, and see Mun attested. He sees the same visions I do, which would make a wonderful counterpoint to my doctors negligence, until I realize experimentation is not negligence, it’s psychical & psychological torture and a form of terrorism. So I think about beating him senseless and leaving him for the dark elves. He would be a believer then I have no doubt; glowing blacker than black skin with the eye pounding headache of heavy magics; it makes the local witches cantrips a minor nuisance at best. 1/3 ETC or $600,00 TUSD or $850.0” CAD…I am going to check on my international accounts, we can off shore the big ticket paper items. That way no one has to know who is buying whose clandestine codes, and alien codes, and the singularity code…guess I will throw one out there right now but first: I can’t bring myself to smash him. But am pretty sure there is something inside, probably a microphone or something.
Can you see the cave entrance with the carved faces? It is an underworld entrance. Live or not I do not know; but it stands beside a great net of wiring laid down by dying World War One veterans too scarred to be allowed home. I would go there when my foot heals, quickly though, winter approaches and any trail would be overgrown. It is a gateway, maybe from this half life, half death that I exist in; experiencing and witnessing both, but requiring sustenance from mine own home in order to survive. That I cannot touch. I found that out under the withering mockery of the gods above as I limped home the other night. It is probably another temple. This land is rife with ruins.

This one is expensive, and on a non magical level. I must check one more time with my loupe, but it is an occult piece, stamped 1968, and I believe they use a different calendar, my reference book (on loan from my friend Peter Brown) certainly shows a different calendar in use, the extra checking: it is also stamped 1901. I found it after being released (untreated) for my so called schizophrenic personality disorder. I went to the doctors in 2015 after my daughter was abducted, and was told I was on the list. 2 arrests without due process and hospitalizations later, they only reference my meltdown, and seven years later I have yet to receive a single psycotherapy session. If that lying piece of shit psychiatrist comes within fifteen feet of me, I will ignore the proscription that the nether placed on me to never slay in the third dimension, only the fifth, and if I do slay, my deal for humanity to receive the thirteenth night as a reprieve will be gone and the treaty done…and humanity is blissfully ignorant of the reprucussions from that. Yes, I have been negotiating for the entirety of the human race. And the fact that none of you has been included in said discussions rests on George macnamaras head. A final on the coin: The meltdown the doctors have ruined my reputation over: I was battling the jackal, psychically, and killed him. 84,835.47 TUSD or 47 3/5 Ethreum or equivilent,

I have little clue on this piece, save it was on my bed head when I staggered in the door around two am on the ninth 9/9/2022. Queen Elizabeth II, avatar of I and the sharpness of mind of a Thai follower a muni. May her soul reach the Kingdom of heaven $10,000 USD or $13,000 cAD or seven Ethereum

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One of the issues that this article will engender, will be the instant defensiveness of anyone who read that introductory paragraph and exists within the industries that I have just begun a critique on. Another of the issues that this article will raise as it develops is the lack of accredited letters behind my name, thus giving rise to an amateur layman interpreting scientific and historical data as he sees fit, without the rigorous screening that would certainly tear it apart in a peer reviewed study…which is point number one, or rather question/comment: Have you ever noticed that when someone nervously puts forward their scientific research and it crosses conventions, there is always one comment that completely dismisses the points made by the attempt to think outside of the box and deliver a speculative answer to a scientific inquiry and question, and then the thread dies, the persons psyche crushed by the extremely powerfully abusive tactic and bullying anything you might view as a threat to your status quo.

I expect that there will be a lot of that when it comes to what I am going to present, and then those may sayers will all have to eat crow (CRO) because what may seem like an exercise in fantasy, and a whimsical approach to dealing with a mental health disorder…I can assure you with complete certainty, that the only way I will not be able to prove what I am saying! Is by the security protocols of panicked people trying to hide me, and the results of what happens, when you decide that someone’s existence does not need to be acknowledged in any way at all…to the point of complete negation of my rights to self determination.Question: is history correct?

possible answers: Yes, but we do not know everything.Ye, we do know everything

Yes, but it is open for reinterpretation due to shifting understanding and beliefs.Yes, but it is controlled.

No, the historical record is false.No, the historical record contains too many holes.

No, while broadly correct, we cannot assume to any time, one being the correct one due to the shifting languages and politics of the events our own contemporary minds are interpreting based on our own knowledge and learning in todays society.Question: Why is it, that every society we have dug up and studied, has its own history originating in legendary and magical mythical status, that declines into contemporary written records and classifications and lists of births and deaths and baptisms.Question: Why is it that religion originated with the same form and structure, throughout the world, at roughly the same time, the same form of oral storytelling also appears, with its grandiose encounters with anything from gods to sprites hounding you to write your articles better, and with less mistakes, because every mistake is a glitch in your record, that just exposes a glaring wound where your existence is…located at the centre of a null vortex, on the ellipsoidal 150.15 or rather, 0.0 15* declination…destination.“How do you answer your posits, and how does it relate to mental health disorders! The medical establishment, land use by laws, ownership rights and designations, and how do you explain that this all pertains directly to the world around you today, very profoundly but fails to gain any traction with your local population?How do you explain to a child that the faeries that they see and interact with, are imaginary…even though you see them too? How do you lie to your child like that for so many years, then cry every day for five more, after she she’s you die on a couch from a viscous beating that results in a false record? Answer: you try to make good the only way you can, by thinking up the biggest splash you can make, so that maybe your precious daughter will look at you as her father again? So how do you do that? “With my disclosure,” And with the overwhelming proof to back it up…The answers I expect to result from gathering the evidence together under one banner…experimental, historical, hard, soft, photographic, registered documents, and the like: Fairies are real. We are not alone. History is missing a very large piece of information, It brings with it issues. They are not insurmountable insofar as established records and contemporary voices are not going to appreciate it. I do not know why, secret societies are not for me, secrets are terrible wounds on a society, that fester and grow. And if they are not excised, the unknown unmitigated ones, then they continue to fester, like untreated ptsd and they will blow up when you least need it to. You being the people with the secrets, the need, societies need for truth outweighs the establishments need for control…it’s not like they are not trying to suppress the knowledge of, it has become acceptable bywords now that there has been contact…now how do I insert a photo…I own it, but it is licensed on a site so I reckon I should purchase it again, for proper use…but it will not let me complete the transaction…because my internet is subverted and subsumed…by security protocols and processes and by people carrying out their orders because that is what you do when you have a job with a clear line of responsibility…accountability being a word that shall be proven false in this article…the accountability turning on its plausible deniability blinders and walking away, leaving malicious code, and minders outside their jurisdiction, oppressing someone they must know by now, is not only innocent of deserving such an intrusive surveillance, but is being slowly murdered by the “glitch,” that is the interpretation of the data received in the first place, that was twisted and used to protect wrongdoing, and then enabled to continue, to avoid having to face the unpleasant truths that their actions had caused, and the fact that civilians, working in responsible professional positions, enacted protocols of a private nature, that exceeded the conventions on the treatment of prisoners in a war zone…and that they have kept me in such a position for well over a decade, and that position has been to strangle me of my entitled property and rape my corporation while have been helpless to do anything about it, being completely encircled by issues that were so demanding of professional behaviour at the highest possible delivery, certainly in terms of cost per word on the agreements that were violated in seconds…and that resulted in my dead father being kept alive for ten years, and my own identity smashed…so that when the inevitable mental breakdown from the isolation and torturous abuse of the legal system finally occurred, everyone involved dropped and ran, and 

left me with scorched earth, where once there had been a family, businesses, and a happy, young man with an awful lot of potential completely ruined by the ,machinations of organixzed, enabled, criminal activity, that has been consistently reinforced and enabled through covert government agreements, and their need to keep a lid on the whole thing because of what it has buried beneath it. And those hearten to the primary documents that make up the foundations of our countries in North America…the two of them, NAFTA and little old me about to use Wikipedia to undermine not only that agreement, but every agree,ent back to the Alaskan purchase from the Russians, or should I say, the Romanov’s…a royal estate within the state…the original grant from the crown…and the reasons why they are still valid today, Because they are in active use, in terms of classification of lands, and transactions relating to them