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This is, by way of best explanation my bottle of Guinness could come up with on a Friday evening, early Spring, with snow and sun and shine and sinning Gods floating in the clouds sucking at the mana of life, my long hoped for gem amongst the treasure pile. My page where I can link all the different items together.

I wonder how long I can make this page; I bet it can hold quite a bit; especially when it is made up of bits that take up hardly any room, just link to another page: you could really have some fun with this, post things one day, change them around another; be serious, then more serious, then disappear into the ether: just think about your conspiracy of paper: it could find flight here; in a data dump of half remembered ideas built on memories long thought compromised, but it gives you a venue to deal with it another way. A third route; midway between the medalists at the podium, and the winner at the box, ahead by neck I am sure, and flying on a breeze that Picasso could capture if he was of a mind, but it would really come to define the term; out of left field; random, chaotic, not mixing well with others, blind and deaf to all ears that are bent outward like an array spread wide to capture the invisible signals we cannot see; but by the very nature of the exercise they are engaged in, physically exist in our three dimensional space; we merely discard their reality due to it failing our sight test, not to be confused with hearing, sight is the capture of an image by means of receptors and orbs; that are able to send out signals for the image to bounce off in the first place, in the exact same means by which a camera snaps a photo…have you ever tried to look at six things at once; behind your head and in front of you; to the sides and straight forward: I do it driving, don’t worry there’s no one about; this earth ended in a bitter extinction event during which mankind fought to the bitter end against an onslaught that they could not comprehend, anyway, not only have I noticed that my unconscious does the driving, but the image in my left rear view mirror, freezes, while all the rest of the views move , speeding by, at different speeds, fully focused and showing a different depth perception; it makes my eyes throb. I do it on a two kilometre strip of road in front of my house: it’s got 6 lanes and meridians and is wide enough to land a jumbo jet; not bad for a town of 3500, in the middle of nowhere, the hills are perfectly in line with each other and the horizon, from sculpting long ago: I coast down the street at about 15 miles per hour and spend the time looking six directions at once and focusing entirely on a diamond cut out in the trees on the mountain I drive towards…the diamond that has no history or record; but looks like a giant X. As in the spot:

It is still winters grip up here right now, but technically spring began the other day with a snowstorm, it will be another full month before their is any warmth for the foliage to begin their growth cycle on, usually a very grey time, as seasons shift and the air changes; Skadi retires for some needed slumber and Loki sneaks by and steals the fir he had collected for his fire and scatters them across the trails behind him as he escapes with the treasure of the Aesir and lays traps behind him.

I am going to hit this mountain on Sunday, the lords day, a day for contemplation; and I will contemplate; as I hit the trailhead I will discover tomorrow along the base and then into a trail I do not think anyone has seen or travelled in years; I am looking for treasure. It makes a terrifying sense; the gates of dawn, at dawn, at the centre between the zenith and the nadir at 0 degrees north…perfectly, like half way between my legs and upper torso; the data in this blog splitting between two different collection repositories…no wonder why there is a tavern here, despite its dishevelled home look; this is a crossroads, at the ends of the paths of the dead; and barring there being a rational modern day explanation for all the disturbances that do not match the record; I am going with the idea that the Templar knights, upon leaving Antioch and Jerusalem with the treasure of an empire that had stood a thousand years, they split out all over Europe as they marched in the Lionhearts Vanguard on his way back to England, probably to raise more troops and taxes but was instead waylaid enroute and held for ransom; to which the Templars provided the funds in lieu of…some went north, some east, some south and have been the source of stories for a millennium…I have two; that have never been heard and plausibly explain why J think that I am sitting in the kingdom of Prester John on the eastern Slopes of the Rockies in Northern Alberta Canada, and I think it proves itself in all of the stories that can converge here: right inside my house, that sits central to an ancient rune; precisely where it can have the most effect; no wonder beasties keep climbing out of the burial chamber; it’s right above an electromagnetic node similar in size to the great pyramid and Stonehenge. This is the bleeding edge all right; and the white Rabbitt thinks he might be the sacrificial victim; where better to put the King of Russia than here; at the furthest extent of their territorial ambitions way back before the term empire became synonymous with the west, and thus its stories came to dominate history, but with huge gaping holes in understanding and an awful lot in the realms of common sense.

Except we have mortgaged common sense and adopted a strict, objective, scientific approach to gathering empirical evidence while conducting experiments in completely controlled environments and refusing to entertain any answer not vetted through trial by profane abuse of the idea and it is beaten to death, and expanded upon with amendments and statutes over statutes and generations of people adding the exact same words in different orders to the exact same question; and we claim that we are cutting edge; right at the fabric of space and time and building equipment that can prove further than ever before; which begs a question for me: If we are building technology that sees further than we have ever before; does that mean the data it sees did not exist in the experience of the experiment that collected the data in the first place? Or does that file under the obligatory: “and there was effect we could neither see, or feel, or capture with sensors, but we all got drunk and came up with a hundred or so ideas that could possibly happen in the experiment that we would not be able to capture; technology being only barely touching its future potential…and another question; the eyes; how is it that our eyes can be millions of times more sophisticated than our most technologically advanced camera made in terms of trillions of different receptors, synapses, rods, cones and such; and we never question the accepted record of our existence; we don’t. We don’t change the subject; we don’t heal with therapy, we just consistently relive the same pains and traumas over again in successive generations…and we are still talking and behaving the same way we did in Ancient Egypt. At least with regards to the archeological record and the objective science that cannot find anything but coincidence between Orion’s Belt, The Great Pyramid and the speed of light: coincidence, the ancients simply worshipped a star with a gravitational anomaly that returns two separate distances and named the star after the etymological history meaning accurate scale or equal balance beam, named in a time when trade and weights and measures were more important than the continuously discounted portions that find their way into trade today. Oh yeah; and they were big into making things out of meteorite steel, worshipped gods like there was no tomorrow, had an empire that lasted 8999 years and we still haven’t guessed at their mores and ways, the adopted systems in place…that would lead to the book of the dead, the paths of the dead, and the growth of civilization after the migrations period where it took 100 generations to move forward in the world and no one looked back again…and certainly never built trade routes back to their origins in Africa, and never once crossed the three mile gap across the Bering straight after migration 17,000 years ago, because no one ever thought to hug the coastline right around the pacific, and where do horses in North America come from…they were shooting wild ones here by helicopter in the 1960’s, where did they come from originally, not the railroad years, I do mot think so anyway.back aga

So here is a thing…I sit at the crossroads of baseline fifteen and government road aka 119, as in 1192, or 1192 AD Ano Domini a sun dagaz Odin dawn.sunrise, sun born, Christmas Day, my it is a beautiful view from here…is that a dragon on top of that mountain, and the aurora is flaming a very nice shade of near invisible green and blue, the flames reaching twice as high again from the trees. Some days the flames are roaring, others a shimmering undulating outline but I have grown accustomed to seeing it, it is the days I do not see it, that I get disturbed…wanna see photos of aliens and fae? I had a drink with Queen Sun Moon last week and it was grand.

Queen Sun Moon, defined as an acorn beech oak elf, and is also an alien, from outer space…for truth. Cool eh! Now clean up, you’ve been invaded and taken over…by environmentalists…noooooo!