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It looks normal, but is hiding some serious issues in plain sight, not the least of which is the shift in road allowance width in 1963 which is 6 years before our so called first shovel in the ground.

Sorry for the screen shots. By the time I had reached these I was unable to purchase them, was being booted from every possible avenue of recourse, my bank accounts and credit cards hacked, my home broken into and my Jeep stolen. This is why my online identity is so messed up. This pipeline is/was attached to my fraudulently obtained warehouse that was earning royalties everyday and the banks were colluding to keep them from me. The mapping on this is wrong in that surface township numbers do not go that high. Downhole, however, do. This is off the books, and for a decent reason; but…it belongs to me and not the governing party, and it’s belief that it can engage in clandestine and covert actions, utilizing domestic terrorism as its plot line.
Look at the scale on the top left section and the my house…this is what is called an ‘issue,’ that could create a desperate murder for hire plot…
You know: the people who know, profit, the people who don’t…get shafted, and the dude who owns…will be trotted out as a scapegoat to cover this back up again. How do you fight the system when your entire purported country has it in for you to steal your money, and you have lived below the poverty line for 13 years because you had your child stolen, your sister murdered, your father murdered and your government and doctors told you you were lying and suck it up bastards period
Upside down

So…Not only do I own, lost to fraud, have caught, am being devoured by, and still ignored on every existential level of reality by my bank and cc companies, who were all called months ago and colluded in a gang bang of my identity, which is really distressing…but, I own, I own, it’s off to screw with the alberta dominion of, and their game…because I can, and always wanted to overthrow a despotic tyranny such as the colony here in grande cache Alberta, where there is a conspiracy afoot…can he keep his temper long enough to survive the crazed ents bent on tree revenge against the local citizenry, while at the same time, 100 tour buses full of Chinese, Korean, and Japanese tourists are coming up the highway…armed with cameras and purchase contracts…to see the wondrous place in paradise, and they are going to be pissed…so let’s say we just call it a day, settle and prevent me from destroying the western capitalist system of hierarchy by beating up on each CEO of EACH corporation…they told me I have to offer you terms like this…so that everyone can have a turn on the front line, at the bleeding edge of reality, on the paths of the dead, at the market tavern, back when tigers used to smoke, hallucinating the fey, digging for diamonds and gold.