My Morning Procrastination Routine.

My Morning Procrastination Routine.

Today I began sorting Pennie’s, because there is nothing like procrastination to really get the paranoia going on the whole…get your act together with all this stuff and do it NOW mister because the end of the world isn’t going to tell itself and one day alien archeologists will want to know if any of us noticed when we were invaded, lost, taken over and used as playthings in games.

The answer is no, no one noticed. No one at all…except, of course, the gods in the sky, the elves in the forest, the drow in the deeps, the trees, the sun, the moon, the sky above and the stones who have been patiently waiting for a grooming for many, many years. They noticed. And we’re happy with it. Humanity on the other hand has a problem. The owners have arrived and manifested and would like to make a property complaint with the authorities who have also stuck their nose into humanities treatment of its planet. Luckily for humanity, they do not get to defend their actions with the environment. They just get to die with the consequences.

As humanities representative/anti christ, and all around decent fellow I can tell you I have spent an inordinate amount of time trying to figure out whether you are worth it or not. So far…the children are worth it, the adults are worthless…so maybe earth abides for a while yet…but only if it improves its behavior.

This post was supposed to be about time…and how it passes slower in direct proportion to being flat broke and craving a …anything cold and refreshing…and about Pennie’s and how cool they are…apologies for instead talking about how shitty we all are at being people. We could try to be human, we really could…it’s not like we don’t hammer it out there with every speech, every commercial, and every piece of media we turn our attention too…but we don’t. Individually every person I know is inherently good…collectively…not so nice. Sucks but it’s true…now I’m gonna take the recycling in and hopefully make enough for some stout, so that my story writing later on today is not about ending the world, but is instead about growth, renewal, and people not being such self absorbed media junkies that they do not notice the FACT, that there is an alien presence in our sky…believe me, I would be embarrassed.

I mean, you cross the gulfs of interstellar dimensional space and time to find yourself this awesome blue planet but as you get closer you see that it is an irradiated wasteland full of rapacious zombies eating the flesh and blood of their savior and as you read their signal stream, you realize you made a big mistake…these guys are messed you think to yourself…then you start fishing because that’s what brought you to the outer edge of the Milky Way in the first place. Fishing for inter dimensional ideas. In peace and quiet. Which is where I wrecked things for the aliens because I invited all of them to visit and sold them four time zones…truth…I’ll pay my taxes just as soon as they pay in dollars and not existential awareness.


It looks like the big bad wolf to me. What about you?

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