Opening Salvo

So….fuck you.

Fuck you all

You are ignorant pieces of shit
You make me live in shame
You defile me
You demean me
You debase me
You beat me

For what purpose
For what purpose
For what purpose

To steal from me
To abuse me
To take whatis not yours
To take and to murder
To rape me


Because you are pathetic scum
Because you are baseline
Because your mind is weak.
Because you have done this to me
For experimental data

That you are ignoring
That you are incapable of seeing
That you are ignorant of

Because you are lying to me
Because you are lying to me
Because you are lying to me

With every word
With every gesture
With every action

You tear my soul apart
You murder my heart
You rape my mind
You accuse me
You blame me

For thought crime
Thought crime you fools
Thought crime you debased me
For thought crime you condemn me
For thought crime you demean me

Ostracize me
Go ahead,
It is nothing new
I am a redhead
So it is allowed

The church says so
The schools say so

Your completely corrupt government full of imbeciles sayso.

You deserve to fucking die
You sold my DNA
Your pigs did
Your doctor’s did
You filthy fucking scumbag politicians did

Fuck you fuck you fuck you fuck you fuck you

This phone is useless. Just like my country is useless
My citizenship is useless
The so called charter of rights is useless
This place sickens me

They do not do a single thing I ask
Call me delusional at the same time harmless and friendly to

Keep this too…it’s my homage to metal spoken word. Wait till I get Sunday morning or my bateaux finished.

Do I get the black and yellow lion….I already have him tattooed to. My back…it is a simple shield and a simple knights seat…

So: the RCMP, CSIS, Government of Alberta, MD of Greenview 16, conservative caucus, the US navy, Royal Air Force, Suffolk and cold lake, along with every major tech designer or program writer, further to telus, metis land claims, uneacom, CIBC, ATB, MBNA, BMO, td, Royal, Servus as well as Wells Fargo…

I don’t know why I keep writing this stuff down, no one will believe it in a thousand years but who cares, it makes for an awesome story no matter how it came to be; whether in collaboration with the singularity and next generation software and hardware manipulations, or first contact utilizing telepathy, dopamine and synapse manipulation in order to communicate their desires for peaceful communications and trade. Or maybe I am just making the whole null point up, and am a mentally disturbed man suffering from a schizoaffective disorder that renders me unable to tell the difference between the multiple dimensions of the spectrum that I am seeing in…in between hospital stays when they arrest you without due cause and hospitalize you because not one person has lifted a finger to acknowledge a single one of the myriad of identity issues that surround me….not by choice.

And it is disconcerting to discover that your own government has sold you down the river in favor of ripping you off and laughingly playing to the diagnosis in terms of judge,ent and totally ignoring in terms of application of the delineation of labour that I am still rendering out in the vaguest of hopes that I will be able to have my little issue rectified to the highest and best possible use of finding someone like me…hiding in plain sight amongst the common masses of western Canada…so common that no one acknowledges or accepts any culpability, or care of culpability in the murderous application of cyber terrorist strategies against my family and myself, utilizing the most bankrupt of possible entry points and quite literally sticking the spear in without me ever knowing that my own government wants me dead.

Hence the ranting and the raving and the angry attacks at our so called professional standards and practices that were worthless garbage and not worth the paper they are written on…

I just read the introductory poem…it nails it right on the head…sums up what these corporate mercenaries did to me and my family…while forcing me into regulatory help amidst the complete repudiation of the rule of law.

Mainly I am pissed because they used trauma, my child, and my child is going to far by a whole long mile.

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