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Soooooo….for my rabid fan base of numbers so high they don’t register on the counter. Yes…I am that good. Check out my site, it is so….half finished, but full of witty repartee and stories to curl your toes, not to mention controversy due to my one sided diet with the pope (he hasn’t responded yet to my demand for a rematch of whitby back in 646 AD) but I persevere…maybe I should stop using the term vampyre so much to describe the old priesthood, but I just can’t help myself. But on to more important items for the coming holiday seasons agenda, and the year anniversary of my I’ll fated decision to build some online shops and businesses, what with the fall out that occurred that shall be covered in more detail in a later chapter of my epic called Book 4…in space.

It’s alive…it’s alive

As follows: add photos to my page postings headers to make the magazine look complete. I must admit to being very fond of the theme and would upgrade it if my wallet, debit cards, credit cards passport and daughters passport and birth certificate (pieces of shot) along with six phones, a laptop a tablet and however other many pieces were nicked along with my Jeep (returned after being held hostage by the fuzz for six months) my mothers car (towed by the county who knows where because they are totally out to get me(( this is true by the way…my own regional government…murderous scum)) but I will get there and then the stories might make more sense…especially the aliens, and the gigantic spiders fishing for fifth dimensional slugs that are pouring through a breach pretty much over my head. The threat is highly over rated…they’re fishing.

Up on the ridge

Clean up the house, it’s a mess…due to the latest go around with the mercenary storm troopers who refuse to take statements from me but are overly fond of starting a record of “how many times we can arrest a man for yelling at them and sticking him in a hospital 110 miles from home for no fucking reason except they are dumb as I am a terrorized hostage behind enemy lines in an occupied country and need two guns and a black visa police officers who are too stupid to understand that I am yelling at them because I am the fuckiNg victim and not a freaking criminal. But I have the special education department ent detachment in my town…and believe me, idiots r us is not a happy and friendly half hour comedy show…it’s juiced up morons that are fun happy, steroid happy, and beating the shit out of red heads happy…hope you like that top cop…enjoy the read and persuade the site, I am sure I have made enough accusations to arose your attention to the matter that I know who what when where and how you ass.

This is a better way to calculate time

Part two: publish, publish, publish the most shockingly violent attack on the credibility of the whole…insurance banking police government political hack party sell out murdering bastards kicking me in the teeth for thirty years of experimentation, black magic rituals, human sacrifice and more…all here at the null point…where it is just one great big happy family of aliens, ghosts, the dead, and whatever the I am a terrorized hostage behind enemy lines in an occupied country and need two guns and a black visa just banged the side of my house…I wonder if that is third dimensional and uniformed, or fifth dimensional and quite possibly a demon…it is that time of month again, they don’t seem to mind that it’s minus freaking thirty. You’d think alien invasions would be like…noooooo it’s too chilly, let’s torture the sacrifice tomorrow when the sun comes out..

I just spent 16 days banged up…there won’t be a record…nice eh…

I should really erase that, but I am not going to. It’s true, and while I was cleaning up, I found a failure to appear in court on the floor…well of course twit…you arrested me, Jesus.

This is the gods honest truth: I have never committed a crime in my life beyond being a pot head and it’s legal here. But since I turned 43 (that’s right, over the hill and middle aged) I have been arrested five times, beaten by a cop almost to death and my latest incarceration involved four peace officers beating the shit out of me so a nurse could inject me with anti psychotics. I do not have a personality disorder. Jesus h fucking Christ….but not one person will listen to a word I say and just keep ratcheting up the drugs and the incarcerations. I get really nervous and babble when the cops show up…this is apparently good enough to label me a criminal mastermind and responsible for what? What the I am a terrorized hostage behind enemy lines in an occupied country and need two guns and a black visa are you guys doing this to me for….I will now make a guess….because you all hang out at the curling rink…where my name is mud due to the nice guy being a clinically diagnosed psychopath and my daughters step father, as well as his sosciopathic mother accusing me of raping her 17 years ago…to which…I did not. I was fucking her for years. And in that particular go around she would come to me at my office during lunch hour and we would screw…she got pregnant….and stole my kid…which is…RAPE…which I PROVEDin ten years of having my ass handed to me by the court of queens bench who COMPLETELY IGNORED the FACT that 1. I did not get a thirty year old woman drunk and rape her when she was passed out…fucks sakes man…thirty, grow the I am a terrorized hostage behind enemy lines in an occupied country and need two guns and a black visa up….2. I did not falsify the birth certificate….I SUED HER for PATERNITY THEFT three weeks after my daughter was born. ISPENT 250,000CAD just getting my name on the birth certificate. SHE ABANDONED My little girl with me after she got bored of moving and running away with my daughter and at age six she came to live with me full time because her mother was and is a dead beat sack of Shit who has never paid a dime for her child, nor has the deadbeat sack of shit psychopath who never gets mentioned in court because you “don’t do that in my pantomime of bullshit called the useless court of Queens BENCH in ALBERTA which makes me sick to my very core because during the 42.5 months of the first four years of Katelynn’s paternity THEFT case my SISTER was murdered and her drunk driving paid off good old boy killer walked away laughing in the courtroom, and my father dropped dead three months after having a dodgy pacemaker installed in him a month after the courts told him his daughter wasn’t worth piss (fuc right off minder pig…this little article is going many different places so just sit back and enjoy the fact that I can write this out freestyle, with every single word I say verifiable, truth, and I do not give two rats asses of a Lincoln penny (yeah buddy I gots me a special one called…I don’t need money and am going to wreck you over money because, and this is for the record…I have spent five years trying to get through to a professional service that is capable of understanding that I am willing to settle all of these issues outside of a courtroom in what is called Torte…the common law belief (law) that indicates Injuria Sine Damnum is in play and that your mercenaries actions have only enraged me…because the insurance fraud comes complete with fax cover sheets, and the title insurance fraud, and the land title fraud, and the surveyors fraud, and the mortgage fraud some dumb pig at RCMP headquarters overheard me talking about with too much close hitting information and put the null hypothesis to work*

*For those of you reading this two quick points: the null hypothesis is assuming guilt, wherein there is absolutely not a shred of evidence to support said guilt, so therefore guilt is assumed.also….this bit is for whoever (dead eyed freak) coughed up the whole…”how does he know this…” newspaper articles ya twit…AND, and this is my favorite part….because I am the moron who contacted Transunion and Equifax and said….”I think my office Wi-Fi has been compromised and I had access to you guys…along with the uniform code of accounts for the entire banking system…as well as trying in vain for years to being said malicious codes to the attention of the special education department of the RCMP, better known as grande cache Alberta….as for figuring out how they did it…I am smart that way…and an idiot because I stupidly tracked it back thirty years to when I was sixteen and guess what….a cop, yeah that’s right, a cop….and Edmonton tax services did me dirty on January 28, 1992.

Before I go back to ranting….I was sixteen Fucking years old you asshiles and you’ve fucked me for thirty years. This is not a civil matter

This is a serious as I am a terrorized hostage behind enemy lines in an occupied country and need two guns and a black visa criminal code matter that involves people being murdered for christs sakes. Shit, they make movies like this all the time…that one with George Clooney and the flash car…where he is a lawyer (fixer) for class action suits…really good film, anyway….this is totally it except instead of a class action suit by thousands of victims being given cancer…it is one surviving ceo of a tiny family (shut up you in the back, I was the front man, how the hell did you expect me to know….I did figure it out eventually) real estate business and we are now all eradicated, dead, dead, mindless and me…fully functioning, ptsd suffering emotionally unstable from years of abuse but; fully cognizant of a certain set of facts that make you lot look really, reall, really bad if it should ever become public knowledge.

Not my ranting, you have me dead to rights there…my creative writing is so evil that it contains bad words that are just too hurtful for any of your staff to every single time I try, completely judge and dispute my disability. My disability does not make me an idiot though….like you and your people.

You see…I’m not one for seditious behaviour…I am actually a fiscally conservative (try it, it would go a long ways to explaining the “how in the hell has he managed to survive our whithering attacks so long….oh wait, did he mention yet five years since I figured it out…would you pay your taxes? No you wouldn’t, not when they are all bullshit false charges. I am one for sorting out my little issue…it is not my fault that you and yours screwed the pooch so royally that I very much doubt that the aristocracy of Canada is going to appreciate it when it becomes certain knowledge that there are two separate states within this country…and that laws and democracy apply to the few…at the cost of me…other people too but this is my personal revolution since I can’t get a single freaking moron (this is possibly why) to do their freaking sworn oaths of service, and instead rely entirely on gossip and innuendo, such as the conversation I had with two doctors and an administrator yesterday in which I was assured wholeheartedly that my medical situation is confidential and that my drug and alchohol addiction make me schizophrenic according to the written words scrawled in big grade one style letters in one sentence as doctors rely entirely on their egos and the information provided by my emotional estrangement, because fucked if any of them are going to believe me because…holy shit, we are perfect….people would never make mistakes like this….

You are correct sir, people would not ever make mistakes this big…which means…premeditated. Now: the reason why I am willing to settle this for gigantic wads of wealth in the forms of currencies and crypto currencies and stocks and bonds is because…I want my freaking assets back you thieving sons of bitches. And because: dragging you into my world would destroy you, as public would lose faith in the system altogether.

Yes…I know that people expect the system to I am a terrorized hostage behind enemy lines in an occupied country and need two guns and a black visa them. They expect their politicians to lie….they expect the police to be bumbling idiots too…except for apparatus citizens….they believe…they believe their bosses aren’t lying. They believe what they’re taught in school. They believe that wars happen in far off places and spooks are a show on tv. They do not believe that their government tells the truth but do believe it is for the best of the peoples (read that again…then again….snicker)…And that one angry man is not going to change the system, because the system is omnipotent (if you have to look that up, I am sorry you got this in your inbox****

****Did I mention inboxes…do you know how big my contact list is…not counting the census you twits…that was census people fucking up, not I but maybe I will dabble…no need, if you are reading this, there is a point…a big fucking hairy balled point and it’s about time I made some of it known.

But first comes the absolutely fabulous section of this latest word construction and it segways into the Templars…yes, ai am now ignoring my perpetual whining in favor of discoursing on the Templars…because if one is going to have a revolution from one’s bed, one must be fully prepared to bring to the table a selection of story telling that absolutely takes dessert first place with the addition of a chapter on the Templars…eat your hearts out spy novelists…you’re all wrong about them.

They are completely hidden from the view of the secret society templar knights…but I don’t think that the free masons realize this…because there is only one Templar knight…me, because part and parcel with achieving the rank is a mastery of travelling the outer planes, achieving transcendence states, astrological and astroteleportations, etc….what I mean is you have to be time traveling, which I am doing aren’t I and not only am I the only temple knight in the world right now…we are so freaking hidden from view that it is impossible to really break the line of disbelief that greets such an outlandish claim. That I am the a knight Templar but I need to no further than the palatine of Durham, it’s history and it’s connection with my family tree, as well as dna pool to the most enjoyable of historical journeying as can be imagined.

Fairie caught in amber

And god decides, not you, or a secret society of hierarchy. Templars are open, honest, disciplined, and very austere and strict. The prince bishop would have been the political appointe to oversee the order but it is the fighting monks of. Cuthberts Lindisfarne monks and Cuthberts swords shed light on the idea that Lindisfarne was the source of the famous Cuthbert swords and it was after weaponry that the sixty odd man three ships crew of adventure Rus took on his roaming days. Rus.is me…leaf….Halfdan….fairhair….Bluetooth….I must have either been Rus or his uncle or something…the old man maybe…anyway, not to smack the free masons around but I’m going to smack the free masons around for not noticing that Dunelm realty Ltd is intrinsically tied to Durham cathedral which is intrinsically tied to…Aidan Tudom and Cuthbert and Bede, the gospels of Lindisfarne and conversion of the local population to Christianity and also all attested military miracles and war footing based martyrdoms, hence the shroud of Cuthbert. The battle flag of Durham, the falchion, the story of Oswald’s head, and goddodin god Odin and pre dating Norse influence but not Anglo Saxon and cumbric arising out of the remains of, ultimately, the baby on the stolwith plain in the wake of the massacre of the Carvetti and the subsequent suicide of seventy thousand Carvetti, woatini, and brigantes soldiers in a blood ritual in which they condemned themselves to a hell of torment in order to be present at the event that would rectify the hurt and the pain that ripping out the heart of the Celtic nation had achieved when destroying the source of the magic and the source of the druids…in a mayriarchical military based, multi grouping of the ideology best described as those of prophets. Red haired…blue eyed…tracing my path back to the Iberian fisherfolk who predated the Celtic takeover of britain whereupon they arrived with their horned god and made war upon what is now known as the fae and they stopped their war because they were tearing the world apart with magics…and the fae walked into the Tor that Durham cathedral sits on…and thorshead with the rock, and other tors but the sacredness and holiness of the Tor at Durham dates back somewhere around ten thousand years and is home to those humans who have a more concentrate collection of dna that is describing to the oldest of antiquities races and that their great thinkers had the prayers and rituals and dances down pat that kept one in harmony with the seasons and stages of the world and our journey amongst it. The fact is I am inordinately pleased to have been allowed to track back through my ancestry and discover who and what I am. No wonder I am a pacifist….I have to kick the shit out of bad guys all the time…just like in the movies, only I truly am incapabale of offering violence to anyone in a twisted up ethos of goodness and sparing the, and prayer…like me…really…Templar priest…ecclesiastical equal to the Pope and supercedes in times of warfare. I’m super orthodox…but you would never notice…Irish school, Protestant evolution….it was the Protestant reformation that probably got us busted back then but there are really strict rules to define a knights Templar and they are screaming hard.

So there will be more of you though…and it’s totally possible that the secret society nwo or Freemasons are in fact the best to become actual knights, there are none but me, and we are really very hereditary about it. But there will be some of you…it’s not really voluntary either which brings up….the jackal is my hit, the states owe me fifty million in reward dollars…Dublin 1996…he got wacked for not killing me walking through the neighborhood…he was ira. That’s in like flint…want my rewards. And to sell my coin collection.

I am ascendant attestestee, sanctified and anointed of god, I am knight of the Temple of aged., a dragon, a fairy, king of the fairies…who likes to date fairies, so that makes me a fairy dating fairy…does anyone want to engender a humorous response to how much I do not give a shit about that hitting my masculinity….I’ve seen the freaking Big Bang…I see, process and hear the stories of the dead, I have gleaned such secrets as to shatter our preconceived and totally enjoy doing it because it’s actually really cool, and involves the singularity.

That makes all that money mine. And the other pile of money…and the other pile of money….and the crypto money pile….lots of piles….I am a terrorized hostage behind enemy lines in an occupied country and need two guns and a black visa so totally true…people of the deer, people of the horse….y…and warded man. I own the eighteen runes of Odin, the nine songs, still looking for number one though, but when you’ve got a first contact as big as this, it is only fair to let me spend inordinate amounts of money on inordinate dreams like the space elevator we are going build, the gateway and trains and archeology and follow from there.

You can find this on open sea soon…make an offer, it’s pretty …that’s what I should do. I have a bunch.

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