This one is out of Left field, maybe just a little bit…peer review 101…the basics:

So when I start to hammer on someone’s ideas, I generally am aware enough to stop myself making an ass out of myself, but not always, and remember saying things too quickly and too negatively for a long time, so I am fully prepared to take it on the chin for this post…not any of the other ones; they’re part of a cunning plan…this one is the plans fruition, and I really hope someone actually reads this but; copyright protected by me saying so, and I think it is an awesome idea, slash history essay, slash, is he full of it or what. N equals everything is true to the point of truth being a perspective and anything being possible but;

I believe I have solved the mystery of the great pyramid, who forged the Viking swords, The VigViser as more than a symbol,, and a new way of keeping time aka the ancients calendar…of eight days, and I believe we can use it as a new form of time, and time keeping, that is more accurate, as well as I believe that I can also calculate a more accurate speed of light, using the ancients methods…I say ancients because…it was the ancients. And in keeping with loudly proclaiming:

I have found a buried civilization, right out my back door, in front of the thousand foot tall Māori statue that I can see from my window, and it, along with ten different ruins that I have found, also lead to:

The fae…they are real, they have been following me around since I was at least twenty one…and they came to tell me about;

The aliens. And we got to chatting about humanity, and what it means to be human, and who we are, think we are, and what our purpose is.

I did the learning, and told stories…for quite a long time, and in that I learned, and it was astounding, that our history is full of holes, gaping wide holes, where once there was a civilization, and it alarmed me, and then the Ukrainians and Russians started fighting over the Crimea and I thought to myself…oh shit. And then NATO started talking and they are a 2% GDP commitment, and I thought…oh shit, oh shit, oh shit…and then they started talking about alliances and agreements and well…I panicked a bit, here on the eastern slopes of the Rocky Mountains, in a little rednecked northern mountain town, on a plateau, as far from anywhere as you can get…and nobody noticed that our gas went up 1/3 because of the shortages created by the war, the day before hostilities started…and that seemed awfully familiar to me…”we were never at war with Eurasia, we were always at war with east Asia,” and I thought…”@#$& ass, shit, @#$&…oh my god no” And I really panicked because I just could not accept the facts as they were presenting, and I could not accept a future for my daughter having this happen to it. This being the virtual guarantee of escalation leading to nuclear conflict…it was being discussed at water coolers across North America…casually, like it was going to be an awesome light show…and not us being reduced to cannibals and dying by the billions…yes, this is what I was thinking…and I thought, what could I do, as one person, in the middle of the supposedly safest place on earth, where there was little to no, anything, that would register on the UNs benchmarking of ambient standards of living, noise pollution, methane, tritium…you know, things that no one thinks of or looks at, just like none of us really look at our surroundings unless they are new, and we are on vacation.

I was also very depressed, and suffering from very debilitating Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, that I was working with by writing, and practicing for writing, because I wanted to write a book; but now I was interrupted by the fact that I had come to believe that Mr Putin and Mr Zelinski were not on the same page when it came to nuclear weapons…in that, Mr Putin said “sure,” and I shivered. The ultimate bluff…the willingness to play it out…scary AF. So I came up with a plan…I was going to do something to win back my daughters love…I was going to drag the worlds media attention away from the war, escalating it with talk of genocide and graphically describing matters best left for the written words of sober minded journalists…to the hearty support of bored pandemic survivors everywhere…out of the frying pan and into the toxic sludge…and I was going to galvanize the planet on something… I didn’t know what, I was only strategy playing a mal adaptive coping mechanism for shell shock, daydream loops, to keep the mind occupied…and mine needed occupying. Why I came to think this…oh wait, I know why…why I came to be so upset, was because I thought that if there were two groups of people who really did not need to add to their list of war dead, it was the Ukrainian and Russian people, because I have a big soft spot for them.

So here was the plan…write a best selling novel, and win the global photo awards with my ultimate secret weapon…a photo I took in 2015, July 15, shortly after being released from the hospital, for going berserk and beating the ever loving spit out of a house, and then all my windows too…because the red eyed Korred from the Isle of Man had been dropping huge hints that he was coming for me, and me, being me, had spent months researching it and had come to the awful conclusion that I was a dead man, unless…one were to somehow rediscover why the bear shirts of the Viking age went berserk, how they did it and what would be the benefit…and I had succeeded…so well that no one has spoke to me since I got out of the hospital on July 5, 2019 and while still clearly sick, and mentally incapacitated, as I had been for years, I had signed and spent a small fortune on bills that had turned out to be a fraudulent attempt to bankrupt me; but by 2019 I knew this, and had tried, really I had tried to bring it to the attention of the authorities…and one beat the crud out of me.

After the best selling novel and photograph wins, I would accidentally disclose my daughters DNA, and then the who,e world would either mock us, or totally freak out…and since I was pretty sure about the DNA (how many times can you wake up in the morning and think…”someone is trying to kill me,” and not gain an insight or two…I was banking on DNA and freaking out…and I absolutely knew that it would at least put a dent into people shooting each other over land, that is mine. So the photograph was a hoarded secret til the beginning of this year, because I was really uncertain about what my local province would do with it, since the site I took it on was a remains of site from the 1980’s which was a secret blow up the wall of fossils job done by executive decision makers, who did not want to lose a weeks production, and when you are on a Canadian five year plan, lord knows everyone has to work their standard 60 hrs plus travel time to and from, because the stupider we work here, the more money we have to borrow against, and the deeper in debt we go…living the dream.

I had shown the photo to a number of people, and they just nodded, and said…”oh yeah, it does,” and I would think about my daughter and cry, because she would have seen it, my ex wife would have mocked it, I am sure…”there is no such thing as dragons,” well, I sure thought it was a dragon to me, and an owl, and a turtle, and a baby being born…I had looked at it a lot. Amateur shot, from a phone…but wow. And then contests…because the judges are looking hard at each photo…they would see. And that was the initial plan…that exploded, and now I think I have every clandestine agency on the planet interdicting my internet, providing me with a false face of sites, 3 hrs, 30 minutes, and seven days out of whack with time, uploads, real-time transactions, and historical feed…I mean, it’s been the same ads for three years…no wait…five, ever since…no wait…2008, or was it 2002…or July 26, 1978…which makes me mad. But I did manage to break out with my contest photo and by the time my minders knew it, I had reached the internet of things with NFTs, webstores, social media sites, a WordPress, Picfair, wixite, Shopify…and they shut me down…all the way down, and put the hurt on me something fierce, trying to bankrupt me and boy did I ever feel sorry for myself…that was in May…and I have played run and gun and post and confound my captors, to the best of my ability since…and I win. I survived so far anyway…there is a little bit of an issue relating to the dragons, unicorns, aliens, clouds, devils, demons, hell, heaven, outer planes, ascendants and overal dramatics personae of the Fae…they have kept me so busy, all my minders did was watch and make bets on what type of P schizophrenic episode I was having each day…but there was a purpose…to get the media attention off the war and on to having the shit scared right out of them…like HG wells did, only different see…because my version had real aliens, real fae, real dragons, and real gods in the sky, and real god and real, so real that I was mind blown each and every single day for a full year. And am almost homeless; but that is okay…I have them, whoops PTSD digression…the whole take the banks to the river and drown them in their own paperwork and win…is another task…and when I was done, I had put together a rather large offering of fare for my blogs and webpages except for the yelling and screaming and ranting and screaming some more, as the aliens and I discussed our respective stories…

But that is what the posts and pages are for, for you to get to know them, the aliens…they’re pretty good people, not the demons and devils though, except for a few named Steve, and the whole, let’s get together and save the universe thing was really out there…have you seen googles art…you should, it’s amazing.

This, overly long introduction is because I am nervous, not about calmly explaining that faeries are real, and not to be trifled with…but because I am going to make claims and try to justify and back them up, with science…actually with a drawing that is not quite finished yet but almost..possibly good enough so here goes:

If you divide a circle in 24 equal parts into 288 degrees, you get a pie of 3.5 if you count up, and 72 degrees on the right angle…each of those 24 pieces is further divided into 3 equal pieces of the pie…so 72 four times with 72 overall, for 288, created by 3 X 4 lines per piece that make 3 rays of light from a wheel, or rather, the rainbow.

Now…add in the VigViser of the Eldar futhark with 24 runes made out of three aetts, freyjas, heimdalls, and Tyrs each representing an aspect or cluster of two sets of three plus two (amplifiers) for 18 and six as in 3,6,18,9,6,3,…the eighteen runes of Odin…there are eighteen gods in the Eldar futhark (including giants) and six lesser such as sleipnir the horse, the ox, joy, wealth…, and each is used to make up more complex runes, well…if you take them in and at a face value…18 6 is 3 of 4 and we are back at 3 in four ….

Now comes the Hut…this is what my father named it in his little notebook, where he dutifully completed each week with a discipline I have never had, it’s earnings…because he had first grab at and had, registering it…because he always to,d me about the guy in Sunderland England who had invented the lightbulb before Edison but had not gotten to the registrar in time…and that reminded me of my little registrar issue with my identity and my non existence in the third dimensional world of earth, being as I live in the land of the middle of nowhere where you freeze to death in the winter without your home.

The hut is the home symbol…the little house you click on, and it is a triangle on top of a square, inside a circle, with overhanging eaves to gain ratios and fractions, and it is also…wait for it…the gatehouse to the rainbow bridge…and I am also claiming that I not only know it is the rainbow bridge, I can also fit the colorwheel into my 288 degrees…Roy g biv with an added B for Berkana, or birth…at 0…Brown…the dark brown of a black cat…it is the next level after the chakra crown, it is the ether I guess…dunno really haven’t stopped plane hopping long enough to digest the astral reality of the astral plane being as real as that…look out behind you, it is Trevor, the huge massive billowing…oh wait, you can’t see Trevor, ignore me, there is not a large ball of nitrogen looking over your shoulder at your phone…don’t be silly…that would be like me saying I can prove fairies exist in the first thirty seconds of the first minute (26 seconds, don’t forget that) of the soon to be no longer used 24 hr seven day week, 365 year…because we have never measured our time correctly…and Ano Domini, A D Odin Dawn…December 25, and that is the freaky part…in 1532 (+/-)* they had a meeting of high officials, and they got together and had a secret meeting, then they talked about time…and they adopted the Gregorian calendar from the Roman calendar, standardized by Ceasar and Augustus during the most tumultuous time in history. And they backed it up in records to the sixth century Synod at Whitby, where they discussed on which day Christ was crucified, what lent meant in terms of sin and salvation and baptism (by fire), and it was between the Irish school of the Christian faith (hey you, you boy, in the back with the red hair…pay attention, this is important, actually it is, and profoundly so at that, and probably deserves better treatment than I am giving it but, I am my own, non denominational, attested, invested, Templar Knight, sanctified under god, and am not messing about with this subject, just it’s delivery;

The Roman school of thought won out, and once they had finished brushing the hair on the heads of those who lost the debate, and snarling at each from over the fence, Cuthbert went off to an island as a hermit he was so mad, and Lindisfarne is never mentioned again, until Charlemagne’s court in 800 AD…and that is about all they talk about, and there will be some bishop, cardinal, secret society of temple knights in my hometown at my cathedral which is…mine hooray it’s my favourite…and there is such a ruddy great hole in that story, that I went back to it again and again and again, until I had ferreted out a history so far removed from our own records, that I used fantasy and science fiction, along with aliens dragons and fairies to describe to and talk about…the fact that…I am probably sitting where Jesus was crucified…at 0.0 15.1 am wondering what happened to the eighth day, why lent means long day, why did they take Cadwalladr with them when they left, and why is it that it looks like I have been getting the Royal treatment beyond the …I should break, this is a l9ng story…in short though, I’ve drawn ninety percent of it…and it’s right, and that there are eight colors in the rainbow bridge, plus points of weight, that will add up to a more accurate method of keeping a free flowing time moving forward…because we are not, 7-8 7 of 8 7 over 8 8 over 7 even has a symbol, I shall look for it…so many of the Christian symbols are actually pagan, and no, it is not just names taken from, it is philosophies, and science and art and…and Odin is Santa, and this story will take a while, have a bunch

Just some good old cursingin the weave of my cheques

     Dr. Devilla:


I take your decision to double the dosage of my prescription on Invega sustenna from 50 mg to 100 mg as a most disheartening turn of fortune for me and a most serious set back in my treatment. I feel that there was a rush to judgement based off of my emotional response to your questioning of my mental state and referencing that we had spoken once about PTSD.


     First off: I get extremely nervous at Drs and doctor appointments and my anxiety shoots through the roof. This is a symptom of the very severe PTSD that I suffer from. Symptoms that have had a noticeable reduction in occurrence over the last six months and have had a discernible improvement in my outlook and demeanour. I feel that my emotional response to your queries is and was entirely justified in the scope of the setting at hand.

     I had given notice the month prior that I wanted off the shot and grudgingly took it because zi had not heard from you. Then you called me, with no scheduled time and ask me questions that set me off emotionally and then double my dosage; this seems to be inappropriate to me and certainly unnecessary in the face of my day to day life and activity which are in no way deviant from those of my peers and neighbours and has not been a single day since I got out of the hospital and is certainly not going to change now.


     I feel that my actual mental health issues are going completely ignored in favour of maintaining a drug regimen that I have had noticeable negative side effects to since it’s inception.


     I do not wish to belabour the point with unnecessary words but feel it is necessary to repeat myself for impacts sake and because repetition helps my mind with its memory problems that are pretty prominent.


     I have suffered significant side effects from the medication, including weight gain, sluggishness, sleep problems, and more besides. But it is difficult to give you objective symptoms that do not stray into the over exaggeration of a manic episode so I will leave them at that suffice to say that there were and are more side effects from the medication.


     I have had significant mental health issues over the past 2 ½ years that were dismissed as what I do not know it ai have made my pervasive depression known for many months with no movement to deal with it.


     There were significant withdrawal issues with the drug when the dosage was reduced. But there were very positive changes in my physical and mental well being when the dosage was dropped. Benefits that have carried on to this day and would be a major aett back for me if you were to set me back in my treatment.


I am having difficulty maintaining a stoic demeanour in this letter because I feel that I have been completely shunted off to the side and ignored while going through a major mental health battle and now that I am feeling better Johnny come lately doctor wants to set me back years because I showed emotion to my shrink who hasn’t bothered to schedule a single fucking therapy session with me but thinks everything is ducking fine.?


I do not know whether to jump entirely back 16 years to my diagnosis unjust beginnings or to my current state of heightens oversight where each of them bear merit: so I will mention that there were 4 hospitalizations, the fourth I do not dispute, but there is no arrest record for any of them and the first two were completely disproportionate responses to the events that they were purported to be while at the same time downplaying events that should have been receiving the attention they deserved.**** you, I’m not talking. It’s irritating enough that my phones are ******* tapped. The you ******** have been listening to me for how long? People are scum. There’s no indication whatsoever in the bathroom things out. Proportion, except for those survey trails. There’s no organization is going to agree to it. Admit to it. In the next time, you *******. You ******* ******** ******* Doctor has a fiduciary duty to their client. You have sworn also service to listen. To take them seriously and to believe them. That has not been accorded me in 16 years. You were just taking your opinion and judged me. I am so upset because of the filthy ******** that you doctors are making me live through. ******* scum.

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