Freaky Fridays are My Favorite

So am just a little bit upset, just a little bit fried, and just a little bit concerned about my list of duties and responsibilities as I am sold like a dog and anyone who is of the wealth First percent are allowed to pay the church for the right to rape my mind, and enjoy a little ride down the old who the fucking hell does he think he is, and why does he get so mad, he is just an animal after all, a slave, and a debtors salve to endless generations to which I am held accountable and god says every pig one of them gets to go, except for me…this is why I yell and scream at you all, because god says I have to give grace to all of you, and not kill anyone, and stay good, and toss all my life in the gutter for you pig scum…so stop acting like you mean anything more than nothing to me, and get some damned help going on, before I say to hell with it and the next time I am in that universe, I will drag you all into the oblivion of having your mind splayed…after it has been raped…

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