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I know this is a fantasy trope

That my stories are a fusion of insanity inducing terror, a war of the worlds and a journey of man coming to grips with the past present and future in what appears to be either a real life breakdown, a delusional nightmare from out of centre left field and an angry distribute free form poetic attack on the system that seems to make little linear sense; so I thought I would add a few comments of an editorial nature, a sort of sum up of my storyline because I have reached a point where this is all going to make sense, and I would hate for my audience to miss the funnest part of the show.

The funniest parts always make you cry the hardest when it hits you in the middle of the night, you know; that time when exhaustion is finally taking hold and allowing you to shut out the various hallucinations that cascade through your visual cortex in their invasive maneuvering behind your eyeballs, sometimes cartoony, sometimes reminding you of a music video and sometimes looking just like you would expect, if what you expected came straight out of a midsummer nights dream. I call it hallucinating the fey and have numerous examples on this, and other sites…Whiterabbitt.Picfair.com and the markettavern.ca that explore the Byzantine creations my mind spawns, my poor, over worked and over stretched mind, whose brain never stops, morning moon or night.

I had two rcmp officers at my home last night, young, pretty women with guns, it was the most pleasant and engaging conversation I have had in five years. They were looking for a statement on my issue with two indigenous brothers who have been terrorizing me; they did not listen to much of what I said, choosing instead to go through the reams of messenger messages from them, having been trained like doctors in this day and age, to discount anything said by their victims and focus only on objective facts. Which upset me, because scattered around my house is the detritus of a three year investigation into my own corporation that has had me devoting 17 hours a day to it and my creative expression for the past 37 months, 365…I have nothing else you see, it is not mania, it is what an empty man does to fill the hours to keep hope alive, until exhaustion gives me a couple of hours of fitful sleep. What makes me sad is that not one person has reached out a helping hand or a soothing voice in over five years, after fifteen years of a conspiracy of criminal abuse rendered me down to nothing and by nothing I mean total negation; and after three years of investigation, what do I find; it was a deliberate set up, a strategy of murder and my heart breaks again for my child, who I have not seen, or heard from in over a year, because every one else can go fuck themselves, my daughter matters more to me than any fortune you might steal, and the powers that be refuse me every right, every courtesy because they are fucking guilty as sin; but they hound me to prove their political enemies guilt, and make vague promises of redemption and return, then they stimulate me with unending horror and abuse, then make me argue with god over the sacrifice of Abraham while telling me I burn for being a sinner; and I am like: fuck you, fuck off, fuck yourself asshole; the reason you are trying to make me guilty of some bullshit biblical crime, is because the abuse of my family and myself from government officials, banking officials and the church, is so great, that Canada has completely violated every single tenet it has ever said it stood by. And I am going to publish it here, today; and don’t give a shit about my overwatch and their pathetic cowardice in the face of the factspaid paid for in blood. The shame I feel is not mine, it is the puerile dripping venom of the total lie that I am fed every day by the most pathetic examples of human kind that have ever considered themselves big enough to wipe the snot from their noses and it is enough, enough, enough. Today I publish, print and message as only a driven man can. It is a shame that people I have known forty years simply dismiss me as insane, a liar and a person to be discounted when so many of them owe me for the goodness I put into their lives and for the professional services that I provided in my corporate life where we proved every single day that were were not in it for greed, not in it to get rich off of every deal, did not make grandiose claims as to the values of properties that we represented.

Fact: I was a real estate agent, associate broker and broker for 18 years. Fact: I was a mortgage Broker for ten years: at the same time. Fact: at the same time I owned and managed a bottle depot: a recycling center for 27 years. Fact:During those years I donated time and money to fundraising events to which; in my small town I would hold bottle drives of such size that it would require two to three 53’ trailers to fill, and was instrumental in sending over 300 kids to Europe on a vacation that would remain with them forever; I lost money on every single one of them, and when I said time: I would count, sort, stack and ship every bottle myself…I never received a single accolade for it, nor a single thank you…it was the largest single charity drive in my town for a decade and cost the high school precisely nothing in outlay. The parents would all complain of sore backs and hard work at the end of each one, and my output would exceed all of theirs combined…80-1 production ratio: and my own warehouse, my own trucks: my own shipping: result: I was put on notice and blackballed by my regulators for not donating a piece of my action to a childrens hospital 300 miles away…so charity work with my own business: blackballed. In the 27 years I operated before losing my permit to an illegal sustained and viscous attack on my person and body, family and businesses I did at least 100 bottle drives: to which the minor hockey team will be forever remembered for their preening “businessman” organizer one year who loudly informed the women he was posing to that I knew nothing of business and he would keep a close eye on my thieving ways: and proceeded to follow me around and write down numbers for ten hours and do no work…he then proceeded to hand me his tally and when I dutifully added it up to $1600 and change, he called me a thief; and called my regulators and told them I was ripping off the charities: to which I suffered the indignity of having to apologize to that little (apologies to the lbqgt community if I make an inadvertent slip here; I do not mean to tar you with this little shits behavior, it is my wording in my head while I write, looking for rhymes and any one of you reading that would have seen it too, a disclaimer: no am not intolerant of any body but am intolerant of the shits in my town, specific individuals,) and if you continue to the end of this rant you will receive the excellent gift of having your rainbow forever immortalized as the manliest metrosexual totem in history. There is a ways to go here but please bear with me, I am quite literally planning on changing the world today and while my words may sound harsh and guttural even, it is because of a legitimate disability that I have, have overcome to a degree, but is used to not only discriminate against me on an inhuman scale, but has been used to commit egregious fraud and murder premeditated by these same scum.

Further disclaimer: this article and this site, by my choice and settings, is not being displayed in Canada. The place where my estate lies captured and stolen: because yesterday was truth and reconciliation day in Canada as the First Nations are lauded and their traumas trotted out and reinforced through passive aggressive abuse to inflame them into an arrogant and overwhelming expectations of entitlement: to specifically draw attention away from the “white racist,” with the bad words in his mouth who is saying the First Nations have no right to claim the land they were on first: see the complete load of shit that comment was? No? This is why I blocked my own site while I write this and why I was up all night furious at the governing/colluding political parties of the nation formerly known as Canada and soon to be renamed: the only fucking dictatorship on earth where they will murder an entire family in pre meditated human experimentation, to steal money and land: and cover it over by rehashing their murderous ways of previous generations that were really the fault of the English and not them, as the pope will so rightly attest to when this comes out and he is asked to explain his real purpose for visiting Canada last month ostensibly named pilgrimage of bullshit.

Further further disclaimer: if you are a devout Catholic and believe the pope is gods chosen steel your heart and read on: there are truths coming out of this article today that you absolutely need to know if you would be saved from hell.

Last disclaimer: when this is published, the shit is going to well and truly hit the fan, world wide, very quickly; and both Canada and the pope will be harshly and very in appropriately denouncing me as a terrorist, and a criminal mastermind and will be able too, within minutes, if not before publication, trot out a list of charges against me that will liken me to the radio operator in the Rwandan genocide of 1994 who was calling the Tutsis cockroaches and to that memory I declaim: not a chance boyos and what was that operator doing fat and well fed in Toronto and why was it that the UN sat back and sanctioned anyone attempting to aid the victims and when it finally petered out after six months of mass psychosis induced through the manipulation of infrasound against the contents of the inoculations being given out prior: why is it that the Hutus were the ones to receive the UNs aid, why is it the organizers were able to flee to Canada and why is it that the peacekeepers were made up of precisely the two imperialist powers most likely to inflame republican sympathies and why, why, did they simply dismiss and ignore Romeo dallaire for six months: I honestly felt like I was the only person in my country who even noticed, page vI of the Edmonton journal, ever single day until dropping to section C or D after the first month. Not to fan flames here: but I am; because I want any African, American, African American, to be getting pissed off reading this because there was a snow job pulled on the entire world back then and young as I was, I knew beyond any measure and certainly by todays ease with which it tosses the genocide around, generally right before the fundraising commercial for displaced and lost and elderly people of (insert country here) that cannot even been bothered to change the script: there would be a hue and cry from whites privilege like no other in history: so read this article and get angry, get all your angst, your cultural ptsd and your smashed and put down brands, forgotten or suppressed histories and get pissed right off. This is my intent: I am going to wake the world up today: and if it takes all of you focusing your ire on my supposed privilege, mental incapacitation, criminality or degeneracy (all terms I have had leveled at me by doctors, courts and police officers just in the past year) as that will be the casual dismissal of me by the authorities who sneer and laugh: mainly because at a healthy 6’1” white, red haired blue eyed very Nordic looking man with angst about living in the perfect western world in its most peaceful and idyllic country and who is so arrogant that he is trying to inflame the cultural stepping stones of the western world; blacks and gays: in a very directly antagonizing way: is obviously a racist pig of the highest order, and as the womens perogative groups have been decrying for thousands of years now: I am the poster child for what is wrong in the western world and deserve lynching: I am a terrorized hostage behind enemy lines in an occupied country and need two guns and a black visa you dyke: the actual answer is an Occam’s razor of an unprecedented cut: wake up people, I’m really relying on you intolerant and discriminatory minority groups to get so pissed at this point that you will read this and actually get the shock of your lives: because I know something you do not: something dreadfully important to the entire world and because I am such a shit, racist, pig, biting the lovely country that feeds me and shelters me: I am going to take it to my grave, unless one of you puerile whining ancestral slaves wakes the I am a terrorized hostage behind enemy lines in an occupied country and need two guns and a black visa up: read this article for what it really is: a panicked cry for help from a 47 year old disabled man who is dead in the water when I publish this: and I mean dead: I live ninety miles from the next town, on the eastern slopes: both vehicles stolen, five phones stolen, wifi hacked, bank accounts inaccessible, credit cards cut off for fraud, in collections, winter on the horizon and every single law and right that applies to a Canadian citizen is denied me: every single one: for the 44 years I have been resident hostage in Alberta: the popes visit, truth and reconciliation day, all staged because I am kicking up a fuss, so they make me the aggressor, because they can’t stop my postings, just react to them; the exclusion is 100% negation: do not acknowledge, offer no assistance, steal whatever you like: I am not only enslaved to false debt, ostracized by false accusations, impoverished by fraud, tortured by medical mal practice, experimented on with programs designed in Guantanamo bay, denied every recourse and remedy available but forced to pay for those self same services…at 100 x the cost of my neighbors who get their utilities for free, since I pay for theirs too, just like I pay the towns taxes, municipal costs, the real facts here are me and my family being victims of the worst crime in the history of mankind, and I am sold and bought like the gimp at a swingers orgy and ever criminal terrorist organization is allowed to do as they please with me with the full cooperation of the police, the church, the government and my neighborhood chamber of commerce and the banks: and it is not me I am trying to save, it is my bastard child: she is the centre of my universe and as soon as they finish sacrificing me to Satan; they are going to murder me, by inciting the local Indians so they take the karmic blame for my corpse.

I am superior you see, lol, the best there is: I have been selectively bred, genetically modified, injected with substance P and have had the “God Program” running through my wifi for seven years. Ask any Guantanamo bay detainee what that means: the average time it took to break one of them was fifteen minutes: seven years people…and read that breeding thing again: bred like dogs, in a kennel…for over a thousand years; driven insane with abuse; and chained at the gates of dawn to fight the demons of hell every night, while they watch and wager on the outcome and yet totally free to walk out the door and freeze to death: only I can’t, because they have my child, they will murder her, just like they murdered my sister, my father, and drove my mother into a catatonic state. And should I defeat satan, sacrifice time: I did defeat satan: I offered him gods grace, and all the demons in hell as well: and they took it, but not before extracting a very heavy price from me: the true knowledge of my slavery and of my past; because I do not even have an identity to call my own; technically. Because I only have my known identity; which was stolen last week, along with my child’s…so for any of you keeping score on the whole aggrieved minority part: I am up to: enslavement in the first world of a G7 country: experimented on by pharma, and covert government agencies testing tolerances to terror at the terror and torture for its own sake level, I have been raped of my sperm (suddenly it is female police officers and they are, of course, you can’t rape a man; read this and the rest of what I publish today and dare tell me that again: beaten to death by uniformed police officers after witnessing them murder an Indian, whose former drug dealing business partners are told it was me; racial attitudes inflamed against me because I fraudulently stole their land and denigrate their land claim (no, no, and you were the last ones here) a degenerAte and a raist(no, once again,not even close, but accused of it during the worst paternity theft battle in Canadian history 15 years ago) in a case that the records have been removed from archives on by a federal deputy minister (deputy minister is the power, minister is the politician…the front, this is how they defeated trump btw, he was naive like me, the politicians are a front, the deputies hold the power) Murdered siSter (all charges dropped to jokes in the courtroom) (minister: he is delusional, it was a motor vehicle accident) murdered father (don’t be ridiculous—doctors who installed the recalled and faulty pacemaker in him three months before I watched it short out and electrocute him all over the table (ten years later:”when are you going to stop billing his prescriptions each month—-pharmacist, and doctor…-arrested, drugged, hospitalized, bankrupted, last assets destroyed…(mom is in really bad shape: I need a medical done on her: she is fine Richard, you are the problem, you are bi polar, delusional and you make up stories- besides we all know what you are after—(made secretary in the corporation from director of operations, mom is made the President—-she brings me the little bits of garbage she finds on the floor each day, to ask me if she can throw them away— has been in a fixed screaming state in her head for so long, the onrushing Alzheimer’s is ca a blessing for her tortured mind: courtesy of the Butler blood and the IRA ). Identity: gone erased, record erased, portfolio erased: and not related to my mother: I guess better than four years ago when they had me as the worst possible degenerate rapist criminal; which is how I won in court after ten years of abuse, the abduction where the police refused service and the judge admitted that no affidavit had ever been read by anyone causing my disassociation.

This is my daughter, on the right, her ascension, bottom, aliens, bottom right, more aliens…last week her passport, birth certificate and all my family photos were stolen, to get at the trust and rob me further, an account I have been denied access to for fifteen years and is so large it corrupts absolutely everyone who is offered a piece of it. Including my best friend. I am sickened by these scum, and they hide behind nationalism.

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