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The seventy pages attached to the mortgage document are plans from Ab land titles on infrastructure hidden behind by law #487 of the new town of grande cache, a false map, stolen rights of way and proof of criminal conspiracy. They sold the Chinese investment condominiums that were in actuality an in reclaimed uranium mine and nuclear testing site that has been a death camp, a forced labor camp, and is now a co-op squatted on and fought over by local indigenes. It is also my land, they used my reports and they defrauded the Chinese and created an international incident: and they used my work, my company and my land to do it. Further they took a small residential report with errors in it to blow up the mine to twenty times its value by adding false provenance surveys from twenty five years ago to indicate prepped lands, that I also owned but the mine did not. They used me in this fashion on multiple occasions and that report is a travesty: errors, three different properties, and also holds: a false survey on the building indicated…that is not the building. Listen; I am super pissed off about this. Big time: the Canadian government simply said that I was a long term insanity patient and the land was Indian First Nations; and I respond fifteen years later with this: My sincerest apologies the xian ping and your beautiful country. I am ashamed I missed this in my records…yes, I own townships 56&57 and more besides, I own the land the mine your counteymen have purchased erroneously and no, it is not available. 5150a of the Blue diamond cooperative annuity lease corporation is personal, there is a thousand foot tall Māori statue overgrown, carved into the many mining creeks and cracks and have been trying to reach the royal tyrell but the coal lobby has all my phones hijacked and my life as a hostage continues. The condominium project was a total fraud…built by the town council, mayor and CAO along with the “pool” a group of 2& locals…and grande cache coal executives. The victor lake cooperative is exactly as I say, unreclaimed, irradiated and squatted on by people who know no better…they should not be there, but no one in my town listens to my song and my flight is growing too long and too wearying. The fraud and crime weighs heavily, not because I did it, I did not, but because I am truly offended by the pigs I am surrounded by. I have wished to visit your country since I was very young, have very colourful and fixed drawings in my mind of the Silk Road, and your massive cities. I am also very sorry that Canada behaved so boorisly but I am their dirty secret #1 and their patsy. I plan on invoicing CIBC for the stolen work and fraud…for the record? Your people paid one billion usd for a mine fifty five million in debt, that spent its time drinking, fornicating and doing drugs and stealing from me. I would reimburse you but they violated sanctuary as soon as we landed on July 26, 1978 and have spent my life at or near the poverty line, my identity and my businessss brand identity stolen, my family murdered and my child stolen from me. I have tried many times to announce this but I am truly encircled and very rarely get anything past my minders…please though…it sickens me so many were taken, fell free to kick up a fuss…I would support any international intervention into my slow murder and recovering access to my assets and accounts:….well, have a look around at the links this site creates… and contemplate what I could do with my wealth…and thank you again. It is your polite and mindful thoughts and attentions that make me wish I had never been brought to this place. And I laugh that the locals have no idea about the diamonds in the coal and simply complain that you take dirty coal…I would too, why not…shipping 2000lbs short weight per car for forty years…you are already paying for being stolen from, why add insult to injury. I note with the passage of time that my personal recycling company shared the same permit numbers with the mine and that the green credits I created were used without my knowledge to offset pollution illegally, through the Alberta environmental regulators. I know they blamed me…it was not, I have had 100 millions blocked just this year, my lost income is in the billions. I come from a very talented family, but with my identity suppressed I am a hidden no one, and was very tired and weak, until the Queen passed…and I received her dragon….Charles does not know this, I am sure, but his pagan ceremony when he symbolically kills the king of the britons will actually kill the king of the britons…and has done for 1334 years. They keep us in secret, raise us, and in me now resides four dragons, and invested as I am, I will not give them back.

In the nineteenth century and into the early twentieth, the blue diamond cooperative annuity lease corporation lured millions of Chinese and Russian immigrants to canadas western shores, where they would happily spend the summer traversing British Columbia before arriving here, at this time of year…the RCMP would escort them and then in the spring the RCMP would pay the Indians from pochohantus counterfeit buffalo nickels to come up and bury the bodies…millions sir, of both our peoples. And I had all the money in the world…I would see the blue diamond annuity lease corporation renewed…it is a fantastic economic idea, and would help repudiate historical misconceptions of this place…and the wars it started. Marie Antoinette did not say let them eat cake. She named grande cache…for the diamonds and gold and lithium and that very special rare earth, that is surrounding this ancient temple complex. I have dreams and ideas for it…it is responsible for every war since the French Revolution, belongs to me through my emerald dragon mining incorporated shares that I purchased when I was eight out of the profits from my first silver mine stock purchase and to whom the CIBC felt I was too young to own, so stole them, just as they stole some twenty billions from the estate of my late father, and refused me access to my cooperative corporation for…ongoing now 15 years…a corporation I was owner, director of operations, ceo and double licensed broker…and was never paid a dime for the billions in valuations I did that were applied erroneously to deliberately mislead the Chinese people. They were mad at me at the time for my outspoken views on a Ponzi scheme called eagle rock…I was right, always am…and the traumas have been washed from my soul, so watch me sir, I take them all on…I have been preparing three years, the longest I have ever soaked in chi for one thing, and as a final request to you: could you please put a word in with the Thailand school of the forest tradition to attest Avon mun…we have the same visions, and since I am the heart of the taiga, at the heart of the taiga, I would take it as a beautiful gift if he could rise to ascension…yours;


Dunelm Realty Ltd o/a Richards@53881191 c/o Richard Thompson PO Box 23 Grande Cache Ca T0e0y0 all is well, I defeated the beast, and made treaty…but it requires humanity to sit up and take notice: the days of ignorance are done.

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