So I give up; they win, I’m crazy, delusional and making it up; yea carvetti, too bad about all the proof

My child: stolen, in the worst paternity theft issue in Canadian history: to steal my lands; using an indigenous metis First Nations claim…that is a total farce of lies…every single document on the subject is false and a fraud and my local pig detachment work for the thieves, one sorry two of sorry 8 of whom live in sight of my home. So since the pigs government and system get off sexually destroying me and negating my life, I am going to flip a Colin, and whichever head shows up, I am going to go beat them to death. I am immmmune from prosecution I have diplomatic immunity; it is how they are negating me, my true non citizen status…visiting head of state…high threat, offer no services, hinder no action against him. I am a hostage in my own community and Canada is guilty of heinous crimes…they’ve been mustering me for generations…assholes

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