I am Richard G(J)ordination Thompso n CEO of Dunelm Realty Ltd and its subsidiAries and partnerships Dunelm Realty Ltd Dunelm Realty Ltd; Century 21 Dunelm Realty Ltd. Dunelm Realty Ltd century 21 Dunelm o/a grande cache bottle depot and Dunelm reAlty Ltd century 21 Dunelm o/a grande cache bottle depot c/o David S Thompson & Dunelm Realty Ltd century 21 Dunelm realty o/a grande cache bottle depot c/o Dave Thompson &Century 21 Dunelm Realty dominion

The Mortgage

So this is the mortgage. And is in my name. Richard Gordon (J) Thoml son and I assumed it out of repossession in 2″”2 and it had 1/ years left on it. The deal took 8 months to register after it had all the documentation signed on July 7, 2002…and in Novemberof that year I received a document, a mortgage document indicating that I was now the proud owner of a brand new 25 year mortgage and that it had dispersed 61,000 and change and gave me 6(,000 in a new debt. Which was not registered as a mortgage until 2006, four years later when I refinanced to fight the paternity fraud that occurred in my life. Four years, mortgage free, becAuse further research into it shows in my corporate provincial tax returns…I take it to the bank, along with seventy pages of supporting documents and they say nothing and ATB asset management out of chochrane near Olds Alberta hacks into my wifi and fry’s my phones…losing access to my crypto currency exchange and my NFT sales, that had earned me in the neighborhood of 100 million USD probably because of the Spider general on open sea and Jason & the argonauts on Coincast…they are freaking awesome if you find them, but most are on crypto.com and there are some right evil looking ones on the polygon chain on open sea, Adversarius the ferryman and two others, I would have to find their paper…they are under unknown, white Rabbitt and no-one-who-is-known…I know it was bad form to launch on different sites, it’s like a realtor selling the same contract to sixteen different banks at the same time, I really was planning a display and sue to the swifty code registration error on my name and location and the Swift code of my bank and the three location pings and the swift form error, also in my name…it appeared I was salting from three different places at the same time, which exposed my bank, not me, they’re the non accredited agency branch 90 miles north west of Hinton AB and doubles as the US Virgin Islands. So the bank screamed fraud, fried my money, and I played run and gun for a while, until they were satisfied I had no means of registering or verifying my claim to Jason and the argonauts: but instead of suing them, due to being frozen out from funds and my corporate access stolen, I am going to fuck them right up…ATB Alberta Treaury Branch 887…is the standard first mortgage incorporated underwriters Alberta opportunity companies bank: (50414 AB Ltd to which…ten months before its incorporation ten years after forming, I became front man for in January 28 1992, I was 510414 AB Ltd and they were stealing my registration to payroll account 995 99 6 BLZ and guess what: they’re the people responsible for the Florida’s swampland sales con job in the 196″s and they were hiding their existence in my company…when I was 1) years old…and I can name at least 28 participants in that fraud, as well as the Alberta opportunity company fraud in 1986 (300 millions) and the 120 billions (B) mortgage fraud the BMO wrote down in 2005 to which the use of my license, brand identity and its loss, and the legitimization of said supposed fraud, means that the BMO owes me ten billions in commissions…truth and I will be tagging each of these banks as I finish…I am fully aware that I am exposing the Montreal mafia and its connections to the SA and am exposed, but I am being murdered up here and no one will acknowledge me…I can also tie them to the 2007 trade show circuit in Xian Pings China under Dunelm Mortgage Company, which only existed in the town of grande cache Alberta’s tax system . Which exposes the progressive Conservative party, the MD of Greenview #16, municipal affairs, and the CIBC who used My reports (done for free, against my will) cobbled together from three residential reports…that were used to value Neptune ports, all the land in the region, and heavily inflated the price of the local mine…it was attached to a fully endorsed sales pitch selling investment condominiums on the south east corner of township 56…and when the Chinese came looking for their investment…scandal erupts and no one notices but me: Dunelm mortgage company was and is not mine.

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