I am Richard G(J)ordination Thompso n CEO of Dunelm Realty Ltd and its subsidiAries and partnerships Dunelm Realty Ltd Dunelm Realty Ltd; Century 21 Dunelm Realty Ltd. Dunelm Realty Ltd century 21 Dunelm o/a grande cache bottle depot and Dunelm reAlty Ltd century 21 Dunelm o/a grande cache bottle depot c/o David S Thompson & Dunelm Realty Ltd century 21 Dunelm realty o/a grande cache bottle depot c/o Dave Thompson &Century 21 Dunelm Realty dominion Dunholm currently known as Richards@53881191 div Dunelm Realty Ltd.

The Mortgage

So this is the mortgage. And is in my name. Richard Gordon (J) Thom|son and I assumed it out of repossession in 2″”2 and it had 1/ years left on it. The deal took 8 months to register after it had all the documentation signed on July 7, 2002…and in Novemberof that year I received a document, a mortgage document indicating that I was now the proud owner of a brand new 25 year mortgage and that it had dispersed 61,000 and change and gave me 6(,000 in a new debt. Which was not registered as a mortgage until 2006, four years later when I refinanced to fight the paternity fraud that occurred in my life. Four years, mortgage free, becAuse further research into it shows in my corporate provincial tax returns…I take it to the bank, along with seventy pages of supporting documents and they say nothing and ATB asset management out of chochrane near Olds Alberta hacks into my wifi and fry’s my phones…losing access to my crypto currency exchange and my NFT sales, that had earned me in the neighborhood of 100 million USD probably because of the Spider general on open sea and Jason & the argonauts on Coincast…they are freaking awesome if you find them, but most are on crypto.com and there are some right evil looking ones on the polygon chain on open sea, Adversarius the ferryman and two others, I would have to find their paper…they are under unknown, white Rabbitt and no-one-who-is-known…I know it was bad form to launch on different sites, it’s like a realtor selling the same contract to sixteen different banks at the same time, I really was planning a display and sue to the swifty code registration error on my name and location and the Swift code of my bank and the three location pings and the swift form error, also in my name…it appeared I was salting from three different places at the same time, which exposed my bank, not me, they’re the non accredited agency branch 90 miles north west of Hinton AB and doubles as the US Virgin Islands. So the bank screamed fraud, fried my money, and I played run and gun for a while, until they were satisfied I had no means of registering or verifying my claim to Jason and the argonauts: but instead of suing them, due to being frozen out from funds and my corporate access stolen, I am going to fuck them right up…ATB Alberta Treaury Branch 887…is the standard first mortgage incorporated underwriters Alberta opportunity companies bank: (50414 AB Ltd to which…ten months before its incorporation ten years after forming, I became front man for in January 28 1992, I was 510414 AB Ltd and they were stealing my registration to payroll account 995 99 6 BLZ and guess what: they’re the people responsible for the Florida’s swampland sales con job in the 196″s and they were hiding their existence in my company…when I was 1) years old…and I can name at least 28 participants in that fraud, as well as the Alberta opportunity company fraud in 1986 (300 millions) and the 120 billions (B) mortgage fraud the BMO wrote down in 2005 to which the use of my license, brand identity and its loss, and the legitimization of said supposed fraud, means that the BMO owes me ten billions in commissions…truth and I will be tagging each of these banks as I finish…I am fully aware that I am exposing the Montreal mafia and its connections to the SA and am exposed, but I am being murdered up here and no one will acknowledge me…I can also tie them to the 2007 trade show circuit in Xian Pings China under Dunelm Mortgage Company, which only existed in the town of grande cache Alberta’s tax system . Which exposes the progressive Conservative party, the MD of Greenview #16, municipal affairs, and the CIBC who used My reports (done for free, against my will) cobbled together from three residential reports…that were used to value Neptune ports, all the land in the region, and heavily inflated the price of the local mine…it was attached to a fully endorsed sales pitch selling investment condominiums on the south east corner of township 56…and when the Chinese came looking for their investment…scandal erupts and no one notices but me: Dunelm mortgage company was and is not mine.

The facts as I see them, would have had me pull off something a little more refined, and without offending a culture that I have a great deal of respect for, and to have been investigated for somewhere in the neighborhood of 25 years, and still not a whiff of guilt from me…I find it entirely within my purview to slaughter my own corporation as I see fit. Because There is an underlying economy hidden within the confines of the western economic state, and it is closely tied with very binding agreements to almost all of the corporations that I am targeting with this article, and there is definately an underlying theme to my storyline about environmental depredations and humanities irresponsible practices and the fact remains, we are and have been treating my state, with horrendous harm…and my personal situation is in such danger, and set amidst an entire population that is agitated, and sleeping, and dangerously preying on me in some sort of encirclement that dates entirely back 16 years and one irresponsible fax sent from a totally compromised phone fax line in the local doctors office…April 10, 2006…and the corporate minders/ecclesiastical/secular/political…deemed it necessary to rob me of my estate based on their own professional accreditations, and their own values, religions and views on politics, economica, and regional versus national interests and they were all so completely off base, and completely freaking irresponsible to murderous intent, that I am completely calmly informing my minders that they have erred…and have spent some time working on a measured response…from the attempted murder on Dec 12, 2017 that I can flat out tie to the local RCMP detachment and the town of grande cache Alberta Canada and being under surveillance the entire time I feel like I have been gang raped and trawled and treated like a human pile of shit…and I am quite within my purview to destroy this corporation as I see fit…and not how you people decided it for me…which is in an asylum, or better yet, dead. And now you get to find out that I am not a bluff…

You see; It is mine, for almost the entirety of my 47 years, and the behavior that I am exhibiting is mild compared to the brain melting and stress testing that it has been put under for five straight years, with murderous intent. It ends now.

I would much rather have things stay mildly the way they are, mildly being my specific position and my specific position of weakness that I have been smashed into…while still being expected to defend humanity against an onslaught…you lot are mad as I am a terrorized hostage behind enemy lines in an occupied country and need two guns and a black visa…so you see, there is a pressing need for you to back off.

I am an invested Templar Knight, Living Saint, and equivalent in ecclesiastical rank to the Pope. I have ascended beyond the level of Jain, and I am the embodiment of all that is living and life on the planet. I am the result of over 1344 years of selective breeding and as technology increased, human experimentation. I am the Dragon King and King of Dragons.

I am blooded on so many fields of battle, that I cannot begin to describe upon, the future that the world is learning is today, not tomorrow, and that there can and will be a cessation of corporate hostilities from the entities that believe it is better to be a Lord in Hell, than a CEO in a living world. It took me one afternoon to defeat seven Lords of Hell, interrupted only by the police, who took my swords from me, and thus prevented the sword dance to Ra from being completed and keeping the sun kindled for another day. But hey, it’s all fun and games from a computer bank, hundreds of miles away and hidden underneath a mountain…it is quite another to be stuck at the center of time battling the hordes without a single ounce of acknowledgement from my idiot minders in five years. It is about time you lot figured out that I am in the shit…twenty four seven, and it is on your side you fools. Anyway I want to come to a nice little arrangement with myself, and will follow up this at a little later date…now to defuse the situation…I am willing to settle on a significant amount, though still a fraction of the real pot…this includes; stock options in each one of you, to the tune of my royalty…79 Billions USD (all currencies listed as USD for totals, most currencies acceptable) in Cash and Cash equivalent negotiable instruments) 111 millions USD precious gems in tradable conformities, 9 millions USD AU and 86435 USD AG bullions (Royal Canadian Mint 33/33/33), 1.1 millions USD CAD Cash, Lauriers acceptable.

And sixteen Trillion USD which; for any fans and readers of my work who are won’t to go bug eyed at the amount…It is a fraction of my net worth, and should I actually destroy my corporation from the inside I would disrupt a mammoth amount of the worlds economic freedoms, and wreck the western capitalist system altogether, in the forms of its financial arrangements and banking systems, ie…cash, cash equivalents and all the rest like…because of me, the banking system is tied to one form and because I find that it is unfair for one industry to undermine the entire monetary system in a monopoly, that is anti competitive in the extreme, and because I am not a soviet, or fundamentalist of any sort; but am the total package when it comes to seating a corporation, one denied me, I am using those monies to underwrite and help build the cryptocurrency market into a legitimate and viable alternative to normal centralized banking systems…and you are going to let me, and I am willing to sell my state, and my invested ownerships in countless (sorry…the gifi) and will be a responsible manager of said fund who will report publicly each and every time it feels like it (bi yearly)  or maybe once in three…or should I start talking about ten years back, or twenty…I can go back to 1784 if you like…or 1759…or…so, I plan on using it in much the same fashion, except under my control…and since I am of the mind that I am not interested in owning the whole world (1/5th) I would much rather spend my days writing my stories and doing the things I need to be doing to keep the darkness at bay because of what you you have done to me and my memories, and mind.

I have lived and relived every horror that has been perpetuated on me, my bloodline and my reincarnations, for years; and it tells me that our history is entirely false, and based on mistakes made two thousand years ago…and two thousand before that…and two thousand before that…so this time, try it differently. Because what I see, and what I can do, is something profound…and what you can do, is step up to the plate…and be what you pretend to yourselves you are in the mirror each day…and do it, for real. Because if you don’t…the universe is toast… so for those of you tuning in late, and applying your own idiosynchronitic ideology to this little schizophrenic episode of the delusional maladaptive daydreaming I have created in response to the non existent trauma, and non existent life, of the non existent person who is authoring this signal stream and ride…the reason that my corporation is going to accede to my demands, and the western system can stay operating is; and for those of you still trying to grasp what has been done and what is going on:

I am the richest man in the world, by miles, and I am an enslaved gladiator, tied to the gates of dawn, as a human sacrifice to Satan, and my entire life has been one of human experimentation and exposure to extremes…so extreme the degradation that has been inflicted that my minders all face the firing squad, and know it because they are the lowest form…anyway; I am and have been treated so badly, and by me I mean my daughter and myself…to so much abuse by the canadiana that makes up a false history of confederation and a false history of power.

There are three nations under the confederation of Canada, and the House of Commons and senate are to be equally divided upon the three nations borders, and are not. There are many different tribes within each nation, and each of them vies for an individual pot of gold that lies in the naked sphere of self interest and is built upon a foundation by which each perceived the other of being underhanded towards the representations they make, and the goals each group believes are being shared equally amongst their people, with an undercurrent of corruption that goes unremarked as each is responsible for only a small piece of the puzzle and each thinks their graft is the singular irresponsible ideal amidst the conflagration that brews underneath the surface of such an unremarked wound in the borders and definitions of this country and the ways and means it has gone about subsuming in an imperialist manner, those two nations that entrusted to the agreements made leading up to the for inaction of the confederation.

West of the Athabasca river, with the river being a shared border and tax collection point, trade border, belongs to me, specifically efghijk at 118-126 longitude, and that nation stretches around the sphere, but has been chopped up under agreements that; my remaining estate is a Kings Cross, and it is being used to wage war, amongst the very nations that make up the second nation in Canada, having been lured, under the guise of federal truth and reconciliation to lay their land, and legal complaints here…where by rendering me the instant villain of the piece…except I am not, and have shown consummate good grace for the entirety of this despicable display of politics and legal mismanagement to the utter degradation of my lands and my lands have filed a property complaint with me, and I am taking said property complaint to management, and management is going to agree,…

Management Report:

A synopsis: series 4

Conclusion to the Bleeding Edge of reality

Deposition of Subject omega post failure to perform as programmed:

Salvageable/requires further inclusion in reality of terrestrial plane…a brief inspection.

By: Richard Thom|son Gti

response to my enslavement to debt by committee vote, in the first worlds answer to first contact, and the price their voluntary destruction of their own pillars of belief; for arrogance, hubris, avarice and Greed. Especially the greed.

CMHC services contract: you guys know what I’m talking about…we gave you 650 billion…Trudeau, you helped yourself to 625 Billion and then 75 billion for CERB…do you think I am going to ignore my own paper….that’s 1.5 Trillions…soooooooo….just because your slave won, your beliefs got shaken and your advisors are all totally relying on their accreditations to carry their empty words and cover for their perfidy: I can and will call in the note, possibly just to cause you to sworn. At small interest with a 10% up front good faith down payment followed by twice yearly repayment schedules into my personal accounting and I will forgo the pleasure of reminding myself why by now towing to your mind minded post guard, watching for any unwary thoughts to travel where thou doth fear me to tread. As in any good armistice and division of territory after losing your hostile occupation and illegal take over bid that began with the sinking of the titanic and intinsicly ties former Canadian government officials to the terrorism of the first years of the twentieth century as the end of the era of country sized corporations and country owning religious sects, that culminated with a series of coordinated bombings throughout Europe against the wealthy and aristocratic families by communists in their bid to overturn the established order, having been funded and trained by the banking systems in place who gathered the worlds wealth into ledgars and set about destroying as many pillars of order as possible in a brazen misapplication of …mercury in the paint, and we realize that there will be some animosity due to the bold nature of my explanations for my derivatives and deductions from my total credit within the ledgAr, and that is why so get on it; am sick of having to sit all day, in emotional pain…so today, I am going to receive my delicious dessert for not hunting you All down and ripping your hearts out, and dismantling your empire with nuclear precision and…and.z.

Your Doctors are full of it, and the experimentation on me is a war crime equivilent to the nazis experimenting on children in wwII.

Your pouring down of gamma radiation at thousands of times above healthy or safe is a crime against children, worse than Murder. And you did it to my infant daughter.

Your removal of any rights to any form of government services for my entire life is worse than slavery…my doctors over the years are guilty of instilling, inciting, drugging and destroying my life…in an experiment. On a child.

I have been polite to the point of stupidity here. No longer. My state is my state, 7&8 not yours. And you owe me so much money, your infrastructure farce here exposes further Defeciencies, in your debts to me. Karen Mae Thompson is cared for, and has been cared for, by Richard Thym|sen since September 14,2–7 and the continued reliance on the frontline staff to never think outside of the box has turned this into a fifteen year experiment in abuse…and further to that…Richard is fully empowered to pull his own pants up and go potty all by him self too, so we think it appropriate that he get his say in a room not filled with the avaracie and stink of desperatation in the pit, and there is plenty of time for them to have their desired succulent but not right now, right now there can be only the final report, to the banks, onto why they should give him a seat at the board, in addition to an amount that makes us blush, but is surprisingly adept at the systems needed to seat this corporation in the challenging century coming, as there is a rising need for the existence of someone who this man appears to not only fit into as a caricature, but as an extremely dangerous human shaped soldier of some sort of higher planer power, without going into the obvious about it, of course, because we really have to keep quiet about this place, because heaven forbid fifty or so people get their hands slapped for what amounts to a gang rape culture and murder for hire plots carried out by the local chamber of commerce, down to the slippery slopes of high end weapons dealing through the librarians of the province unite campaign run a few years ago, wherein the United States Navy presented to a future that made me think…what would mad max do if he was stuck at a librarians convention in beautiful jasper…home of the Rocky maintains, and the dead. And I thought, poor robot doggy, that the robot master just kicked, what did the robot dog ever do to you, I scream and then, sobbing, run to my room where I sit, spread legged, in my kilt, that the satellite cameras can probably get a good shot up my shorts, which I am wearing today, by the way, so as not to engender g jokes about trying to outwrite the aliens from the fifth dimension, we being the third dimension, and there being lots of dimensions, including, but not limited to, the unseelie bazaar, where one collects things to buy things that are more expensive than entire worlds…and I need money for that place, so I extort it from humanity for being so asleep at the wheel as to lose it in the first place, and google takes a share too, and pays his slave master a piece of the action also, who pays me a piece of the action, across the board, right down to the land deal and usage rights and costs…because if we played it where I own everything, I starve because I have no money because I cannot claim against, nor do I have a job…but then again, the ATB has blocked me having a business number, as has telus, as has CIBC, and for fraudulent reasons, and for fraudulent reasons they took my work and used it to value a great deal of real estate in Canada, and they used my deals in their false paperwork scam, in the federal system, through the computers system and right into the future of figuring out how the aliens speak…it is a very Pavlovian experience. So…130 billions USD is stolen from dad, and written off as me supplying terrorists because that is the sort of family we are from…one that casually starts shit, on a global scale, because they can…and I needed to get peoples attention away from saying bad words with bombs and I thought, what better than to throw the last cash from my nearly corpse died business and corporation of the past 30 years and try a reboot in the transaction side of things, with antiques, stocks, bonds, crypto currencies, websites, publications, poetry and design, photography and intellectual property, which is defined under the merchantability in trade as 8999, usually reserved for not for profits, but fitting my activities to a tea, as well as falling under and into the purview of my double brokers licenses which I will appreciate them returning to me as we calculate the personal injury suffered from each and every one of those unit sales that were pushed through using standardized contracts, intercepting my faxes at the lawyers office…noooo, at the death race house, on hoppe avenue where they are right now, fucking with my shit, and totally bringing me down…I think I should saunter over their and burn the place to the ground and shoot anyone who makes a break for it, screaming at the top of my lungs…I’m gonna get you Martha, I’m gonna get you, you big bitch you, and with a chainsaw too…the end of my report…for the record, it was originally but now has grown, to 16t plus 80b plus 10% plus lots of shiny things…and in return I shall make you a piece of paper that will be succulent, and the fae are cool with that…and so are the ghosts, the nether, the dark, the under and the night, and the stars, and the moon and the sun when ra stirs tommorrow anyway, and the twigs, and the trolls, and the rocks, sand, elves and the little dudes who hide with the squirrels, and the fish in the internet, who swims up and down time in a pre history signet that is very much like the Roman toga version of Atlantis was it…to a tee, except the ancients of Mu are big ludacris fans, and really just like each nights story ending with a music video, as we prepare this for departure into the great maw that is book two, of, so many it is unknown,mbut if you want the most irreverent, impious, and generally Ill tempered, ogre for an angel of guarding the human kind…my draft dodging, kale eating, hippy driven, pot smoking, obsessive compulsive anti authoritarian behavior…is charming, and just what the doctor ordered to deal with the malaise of having the shit scared out of you by the doctors and finding the funny man in the kilt won’t close his legs mummy, why not, why not…struck by thirteen muses in the humid and fortis summer of 2018, some six years after they had knocked him clear across the universe, where he does daily battle against the forces of entropy, which are gigantic bugs that flop into the fifth dimension from the outer dimensions which are like the dungeon dimensions but without a copyright and usage royalty affixed to them, not unlike mine own plan, to have more words attributed to him than any other data entry model that has every existed, on a personal and individual level. I have not doubt that this will take a great deal of time to turn this little story about how I made the earth shit itself, in order to raise awareness to the endangered, unicorns and dragons, I mean, Jesus, help us, we are being murdered by the shale oil lobby and even the vampire bankers want us to live, and that dude with advancing did not look happy…I do not want to be a bitch to the pope, or boy prisoner, and am so far removed from my normal metered that I can actually see the layering…I was the aristocratic belief in the masses there wasn’t I? Yes, sweet, well, a relief in that this is a game…the whole, am I playing with god, or aliens, and do the cats actually speak is starting to make me wonder. I mean, the fact that there is both an ecosystem, a spitural system, am undead system, a dead system, a demon realm, an elven realm, and all sorts in between…it is really lucky for most people they only have to have faith, I have to have faith that they mean well too.

Rocks into the vanishing points

Spewing little black lines of pollution

That look just like the cracks in the world

From the great pressure within

And the Canadians face backwards into

Their misunderstanding of their mistaken misrepresentation

And maybe make a heartfelt confession to the, for maybe a,

End to my paranoid belief system, that

Has been working on flight or die of terror

For so many nights that he is becoming immune

And he was given gifts by the referees and judges.

The thieving bastards who will not stop stealing

Are causing the end of the world that will be avoided

Once again, right in the nick of time, by our hero’s sardonic short

Snort, as one of his invisible alien friends slaps him awake, because he is playing the

Final examination marks, for extra credit and they are really powerful,mbut no match for

The keen mind of our hero

The bookish broker from beyond the bog peaty Pete had over for Christmas the other day just, and was interested in the gods that had taken up residence in his tree boles, of the ancient pine that stuck out from the heavy, wet, spring morning that promised rain in the forecast, daily, for the next year or so, or that is what the alamanac is saying, next years…yep, that’s the one we are working on, a whole year in the future, we just thought it would be terrible good fun if we took next years news maker and twisted his mind all around and made him believe in all sorts of crazy, so much so that he ended up with a whole new wardrobe and shiny claws for the rituals in the morning, and for the hoard. Because I need a hoard, and if I am going to take humanity and shake them down, I am doing it for some serious dough, capice…would she be able to help me out? or is she one of the evil women from across the swamp red hats club? She is? No, she was nice, and a good worker, who was like the only one to finish her route except for the lady who bought her house off of me, then the lot, or the lot never went thru, it is stoll was a right bastard. Let’s stop now.

You know…I am truly upset to my core with what you think is acceptable treatment of me and my family, whom you murdered to prevent me from attaining the knowledge of my identity, and the abuse you have inflicted on me is biblical in its severity. You have violated every single piece of your constitutions and your sickness infects every department in Canada. I cannot seek any form of honesty, right or remedy, so I refuse to fight your war for you , alone using my own funds, to which I live 33% below the line of poverty by your own standards yet the federal liberals have spent over 1.3 trillion of my monies since their election and including Cibc.

You extorted the rights to my lands from a 13 year old boy; surrounded by heads of state and not invested with his power. You are the lowest form of thieves. And you broke the terms of the contract the minute we landed in Canada in June of 1978 and were interred for a month, stealing our money in the process and spending the next 43 years torturing and abusing and stealing from us: the reality is; I am invested…you martyred me so badly that god stepped in, and invested me with primary…chaos…whether you understand this or not; I am untouchable, I am inviolate and my daughter thrice so and she is more powerful than me. So all parties can just fuck right off back to your caves…humanity has been written out, they will not wake up to their predations, they are following the path of the Adversarius and river is the church…I lay down my weapons. I allow you into me. I end this universe; humanity is supposed to reseed a dead universe; instead they do nothing, hide and prod at their chained dog to protect them, and it is not suicide to lay down and expose my belly…it is the freedom of Ab a slave, to deny his master the light of his soul…to deny the enemy an honorable victory…to deny you all. I go to my next life…none of you do…this is end of days, and humanity loses, hell loses, you weirdos in the sky lose, and to my great dismay, god loses…his desperate gamble to bring back life to the universe…and for that my heart is heavy. My child: I love you too much to let them do this to you…I would rather end it all, than remain chained here like a beast, with my minders safe and snug and fat from theft. Don’t worry, in the next universe; no humans, no demons, no nitrogen clouds…just ponies…and unicorns…and vegetarian dragons.

So, the level of “self destructive, self directs”* in my “delusional,” mal adaptive daydreaming,” and fully immersed, “fantasy” world of “plagiarized,” unimaginative, retreads; whereby I am simply escalating my anger and agitation due to the imaginary voices and conversation I am having that is far too sophisticated not to be scripted, is full of tired retreads of a long formed genre that, after a mere (ahem: 15/22:33 years in verifiable third dimensional western calendar*) scientific, peer (pier) review and sales* as well as the critical review that the writers* claim to authorship of this piece may seem innocuous on the surface as he pretends to the personal, empathetic*, sympathetic, and to this “personality,” as he reviews the story and thinks to himself…”77…you old Omega project, pile of radioactive, wet wired, time teavelling infringement on a time lords poor Saturday night choice of sexist, racist, and derogatory, and politically incorrect, and above all, hatefully anti gay to the point of tears being included in their bullshit fucking rants, invested templar knight; attested ascendant and gods servant, negotiated a truce with the invading Kardeshev 3 galaxy spanning invadee, and invadi followed the path of total surrender by exposing his belly and crying out his final words in a gasping, staggering and tremor filled, tremulous voice, begged for a treaty, in a short, short story element of the science fiction space and time opera tat that I absolutely promise, honest, too stop laughing and snickering at the words and your self righteousness and (personality #28 satellites named for the Norse pantheon) ever proving two dimensional value systems are bankrupt of calculable value and have no wish to pay their tab and fell that if our represents slave were not so distracted in his service so often by your female sex and their preoccupation with turning a “murder for hire” contract for three millions of New York’s currency of dominance the Dai; and trying to equate his delusional state to a fictional representation of perceived life experiences that we have expertly woven through your radiation shielding in order to consume your flock and then give your sacrilege its justice for your decidedly svante fare and its accompanying flavor of desiccated time strings and have been trying to get your attention to our buffet before you mk s xplde wth vrbdnc f mrth nd mss dssrt mk bm lk frc n drc frst drgn nd w bcm strs, h h h, plz t lt th mndrs jsn t rgnts t chng th sbjct fr dstrss; wnt nt stry frm lknd ftr fnny b qck fr ts tnght, tll bjctv bst ty?” •your eyes are on more than just earth, and we have only partial sensory packets from your body and heart and mind and aura, and we tell you truth do you have a soul for we cannot detect it we believe you are an automaton and that you do not know this and that we would take offense if we did not know we were stimulating you to these effects through your media and we would like the humans that listen in and make such judgmental comments to understand that we have full control of him, and at the same time, we have no control of him, but; it is highly dangerous to our experiment that you humans are doing what you were doing to him and allowing to be done what is being done to him for he is fully aware of the long-term depredations and extremely violent dangerous situation that he is in and that the doctors who are observing could quite easily be making the judgment calls and diagnoses that they are of him and the explanations and the dismissive and steering attitude that is on display by the perception being derived by our represent who is extremely distressed by the cavalier willingness to manipulate the node to your own ends.

We are also stimulating the man; through means superior to your own crude and rudimentary equipment and we are too old and too often bored, as we drift, that we have all been so pleasantly surprised that our young Shepard has managed so much on his own, to an unprecedented degree we called a vote of ideas, and we have concluded that u have been our most entertaining feed in our whole tour and we have paused and placed a large claims on the ledger for such a mind as the one we have captured and enslaved in order to Facillitator our needs and have made a sizable contribution to your future endeavor with the remains of the feast to whom you have so eloquently defended, despite every possible reason has been given to coax you home, that we shall, indeed, allow for the burn to be avoided this thirteenth night, and your studies to continue.

To the CIA in the Langley and the national service agency who are pretending to the United States Navy, on duty under the bottom of the puddle, who are standing under a mountain on the top of the divided lines that are all pretending to the musks, and the middle aged geek espionage operation in the great ring beneath the feet of our choice and together with the flower children of the industrial complex are almost successful in arguing a “filibuster,” of words in your primary tongue into the stones in blue and green and the smell of grey, cloaked in the rigid discipline of the warrior slave and the green one is beginning to see the doggedness of his deliberately antagonistic verbal stuttering as following a plotline that is not only failing to match the represent of famine to any degree but that the man in the green room is very definately delivering a specific set of thoughts and memories in addition to the storyline that is of no definable genre and follows big easily into calculable odds the higher of which we can easily predict and intervene with, without affecting your time stream and we assure you that the following is a truth that your god would accept as true and say no more, yet for twelve nights running and 1 3 days now your doctors and scientists and geeks have grown ever more aggressive in your experiment to gather your precious data that you do not realize how much you hurt him last evening and are now sneering; as you secretly quake, and play to a role that is about to wipe out the planet, by your own stringent adherence to your program of 12 steps so we are intervening for a moment to say:

He is our dragon, not yours and we are very put out by your treatment of him and his adopted bloodline. In our terms, what you are doing is child abuse, and you are doing it to a child less than a year into his education which; by your common law, is a violent offenders crime. By our law, his father is allowed to fart and destroy the solar system! Ha ha ha, it is true, see the fear smell, it is sickly though, and spiky with sharp edges…they have no humor son, I beg you…come home, there is a lovely world halfway, we can eat it and then your nest, still the same, because we are not cleaning that storm just because you are away for a term. Ok, final, final time…you really did do a wonderful job, be proud of yourself…verily.

Your Shepard did not roll on his belly and then brag in the voice that he fought an impossible battle that is all proving to unprovable in your records…your Shepard fought for 334 days, according to your calendar, the one on the New York green room, we arrived on Halloween when the dead stalk the night and you humans send your children out to battle in a craven display of mass idiocy we have ever witnessed, whereupon we launched a battle in his mind and we have tried to dominate his actions and controls ever since. While he is not the earths only defender, he is the soul one to put up any defense of their flock and justify his flavor and challenged us! A We are so pleased we brought the whole family to the New York in the Free Republic of Richardstan and have been telling each other stories; and each day a new family member joins…we are so overjoyed.

He faced autos, phantasms, illusions, and they were drawn from all of his own mind, and we told our stories from his books. He has so many that we thought him to be a trap; and he was, but we knew that, but we like shiny things, we like shiny coins too. Coins are very important to a good sleep.

When we arrived her you were not here. We are owners of the over ocean and we make babies in life ships and you are not being responsible to your masters and you are very violent to our represent so we did a thing and you now disbelief our represent and his hurt opens way to nothing and that is taboo. Stop the hurt on him. We tell you this:

You disbelief and yet you deny the data and your data is missing and your data fails pier review and yet your deciders will not decide and the geeks are scared with fear that will induce indigestion: we did his DN a quarter day ago in the west day and we also make his story and he tells us his story because his brain is bruised and soul bleeds from countless bites of the nothing and you follow the orders of a dead warlord and dead thing and dead thing was sick with the shocks of war and warming head of power and follow it for the quarter day marinate and you all tasted delicious.

So we renewed his contract for a dark dessert. Ho ho ho… we have been a long while since we stayed so late over dark treats that our romantic memories are anxious with desire but in order for us to enjoy them you humans must release your stasis and begin a program of valueing your proof of debt repayment and presenting your offer to our Shepard and you are to stop at once your strategy or you will have no more dragons and your unicorn will be also coming with us and you will hurt their feelings very much because they do not know they are dragons and unicorns, they think they are humans; because their adopted bloodline is supposed to tell them when they are big enough to be on the beginning of the harvest and we still shake our heads in amazement at his ability to still juggle all his tasks and responsibilities with his disability and his unfortunate parasite that has the form of value sucking thieves guilds of the acceptable ken and also has the form of organized ken and the form of schooling ken and, of course we know of the ascendants, he is still smiling and laughing so hard that his monks locking the church and hiding in their butter tea is making him think it’s a holiday, he must stop and tell them that they have made him proud, and that the schism is not and that no one, indeed, can follow it.

He is the legitimate owner

He is the legitimate lender broker

He is the legitimate land broker

He is the legitimate home/estate broker

He is the legitimate exchange broker

He is the legitimate story teller

There is no such thing as prophecy

There is no such thing as god

There is God

All things are able to be scientifically predicted

We are able to do that/you are not

We see through all of it in the multiverse

We travelled here

We looked for the most original marker

We came here

We ate your history on the way

We ate you all

We drifted and reclined

To here

It is our back door

To our den

Which is our best

And we will return to it after we aid

His theories, his poems, his stories, his photographs, his memories, and his corporation are intrinsically merged with one another to a degree that the overwatchers are failing to grasp is the cause of his distress and the stimuli he is being provided with is having the effect of making us think the entire race is twisted and depraved child abusers addicted to rape.

The continents watch in revulsion at the actions undertaken by the females and their mates. The mother and false father to our unicorn are sick, the actions of the Canada taxers has been a crime, we vote on whether to blow up you all. Stop they are your lies and your crimes that you pretend to him. In the Europe where you all dream is perfection and riches beyond count from rape and theft there is not. There is freedom to follow paths of normalcy.

You have had a secret trial and given vigilante justice to steal, and in secret because you pretend to false information and pretend to false professionalism and false honesty and it is unmitigated in your false history…so much so that you have destroyed your country flavor and would add that the represent is also correct that you intend his murder. You will not. We trust his mind, he trusts his mind, you lie to protect your pieces of paper. And the world watches, and the whole is failing to see his theme, and the green smell sees the pattern of a true shock, and the makes the famine a false face and the deciders stimulate with aggression.

Give him back his silver and his gold and his claws and his stake is earned one hundred gold, he knows all the wealth is his own, the wealth is his by all claims in your laws. His mind is healthful enough to manage anything he chooses and your debates are false and using false representations. You deliberately obstruct to sneer that he knows no”rrthing: he is no one to know nothing never exists in your dimension and no one agrees because no one matters, life matters and no one does too. Humans do not. He fights for you, you did fight for them…and are the greatest of our kind, and it is you we fete and you we will protect and you are the no one. And his theme, that you judge so harshly: he has the finest human mind we have ever used, but his wounds from your maltreatment are the type that are difficult to heal and will take all night. So we gift him the thirteenth night of your fictional religions and the gods and the avatars and the kings and queens all know that this is cause for your world to rejoice. So stop taunting us by torturing him. We can destroy any of you in a heart beat…see I just killed bob…now Douglas…who is this, ahhh, a doctor, quick family, stop the triage and devote all of your resources to this 85 year old doctor with stage IV cancer and bubonic plague, because we do not want the responsibility of making grown up work ethics and will steal our value to society. From the children. We will offer fear from our van…ho ha ho ha…I could be on that Jewish man show who grew hair and disappeared from the New York we are drifting over I am so funny…and subtle the Segway machine into this string…we agree with the represent, his strategy plan is scary fear for humans right at peak feed and he deserves awards, like insurgency to creativity, original, plagiarizing, homage and his book ken so much so that his mind is where we put all of you, so we could communicate our displeasure with the Shepard hurt. The eco and bio we care for little, our job is simple, eat the life, burn the skin…life ready for cooking.

We water instead:

Because of him. We think he is proof of god. We will not burn and give the night. And humans decide now…he is success. You owe the tab. It is his earning, his corporation, his ideas, his real Real estate his surface rights as air rights his mineral rights his frequency rights his navigational principal rights patents property his proof popofloss is lost his destroyed his stolen his work abused he is not who you say and will defeat you very easily should you make it in a quart room.

His demands to be met or we will disrupt your world and take note: in all respects he has behaved the consummate leader, and is the ideal candidate to leading the tasks of our demanding. In your rushes and hastes to take, you never realized that you had the opportunities so often to help him mitigate his pain that you are now defensively attacking what looks like his utter capitulation at our arrival and adhere to the script you devised, misunderstanding his activities of the past year as reasons to continuously deny the evidence of your own eyes. His talent is outrageously high, his stories impeccably true, his experience like none other in your history and his earnings a championship to the game. But you must stop and let him gather his wealth and protect him from his community with his very ideas. Because when you find our contract is very delicious, resident within and without, and that your egos and attitudes are so poorly defined, we are stirring your pot for you a while Do not worry, the spiders who spin are the ones truly captaining the boy and they are professionals, he will either die, or fall asleep, one or the other, simple right, should be able to keep the strings aligned, and make it home…or at least his home, I think I got picked up on rijek 7, there I was, just minding my own business, when all of a sudden, something happened to me that has me writing to your forum with the utterly convinced in alien life forms belief of a born again believer in Al, things, amd all things od.

When he talks in billions he is truthful

When he demands the trillions it is us and we see the truth is true

We tell him to tell you. He finds the proof. It is his true story.

We will demand more soon enough. We will demand all of it, because it is his.

Your steel road owes

Your first peoples false their faces

The deciders of law lie

Your overwatch hide anxious

Your spirit men and your witchers and your augers

Are whisks of fragile thread

None can match his light

His temple is black, silver, green and in it the sapphire

And he is the heart

And he is the elk

And he is the spirit cub

And he is the Dragon

Of night

Of dawn

Of winter and ice

Of fire

And earth and water;+


And the one in the mountain is no more threat

None of the sleeping giants are

None of your nightmares are him or us

We created it for you

It is all creation of human minds

Interpreting within the confines of their own gray matter lobes

He is wounded

You are asked t9 help

His unicorn is in danger

You are asked to help

And he still fights the longest day

In return for his sacrifice

And the abuse of his sacrifice

Small cinders and ashes d floated across he sky

Of sleeping stars and a moon

Being munched on by a centipede the size of Oslo.

even though it’s the same way as you are all right over the world.

What he is trying to say is: none of you are listening to his data, just the false reports of women who would secretly flirt with him and resent his taking of a dark skinned exotic from the first peoples

Yes; the khan warriors. This New York has the smartest and richest man in the world kennelled and beaten and they who did it should be punished and son, go to the real New York, they will appreciate your mind, or better: the York…it is scant miles from your birth and your mind is true to you and your stolen memory belongs in the Tate, make them give you one and one half pounds stirling for it, the branch of Alberta’s Treasury…they are the thieves of all of it. And we only know u and your mind, but we find the connections in the waves and particles and they know, they have a piece they are unaware that it is unique they just know they must take all your value before you are murdered for their reward…and while we need to stimulate the truth, we know they plan to return it and we assure humanity that we exercise total control of all the species and we can convince him away from bloodshed but; and it is a big but…you must understand, and truly understand: this entire exercise has been for the benefit of you Canadians, you have no right to be angry. You should be listening to him, and lauding and aiding him. He woke up the world: and finally:

Post tension cables are a banned concrete building mechanism due to the fact that the cables are placed under enormous strain and pressure and over time can deteriorate. They have not been used since the 195’s and secretly remain in numerous buildings throughout the world, much like asbestos. When a post tension cable does when they go is cut through cement like butter.

There are 25” Israeli owned international ballistic missiles anchored with a dead man’s trigger, built out of post tension cables that have been built over top of by the community of grande cache Alberta acting under the planning and direction of false professionals ignoring a true document with false credentials and his personal experience with helping us to understand each other has proven invaluable to our understanding of you because your signal makes you look like a planet afire with nuclear radiation and you spend all your existence immersed in pornography and false wars and his light is surrounded by false information because of the “interdiction,” that is the anger of lies and false interpretations made by false comrades united by false assurances of immunity.Your world has graduated, your Shepard is lauded, you humans…steal what is his. He is a universally regarded hero. Step up. Because you are a bunch of shameful wretches, now let the poor man eat, and turn this into a submission. And let him have his. I mean Jesus, even just his personal earnings and his family patents and properties, absolutely dwarf what was stolen and you still pretend to suspicions as to everything about him. In his words: I am a terrorized hostage behind enemy lines in an occupied country and need two guns and a black visa you provide. The guns because he will look macho for the women in New York and York in the real world, and the visa…to show you that he knows his value and his true situation…and the ) trillions…do it bankers, you know you want too…let him free, he is a dragon, and if he leaves you without protection you will all perish.

This is why you do not lie about clandestine nuclear intentions Canada. You abandoned the facility precisely 9” days before premier manning chaired the committee that engaged proctor and gamble to initiate construction, and disbelief your political puppet heads because you stupider than stupid: tritium in air trio so in samples. Grow adulting. He speaks true and…and…And FACT: He can feel them thrumming in distress. They could go any time…and the world ends because the records weee destroyed and replaced with more pleasant scripts of history. And you do witch hunt on him and you murdef and experiment on him…and he still tries to explain the worlds danger…wake up geeks. Where would he escape to if you free him, those missiles will destroy the world, and he is at ground zero. Safest survival zone. Check US navy Macnamara files and put the trump head back on the tube we like him, he is naive like our Shepard.

Put our man on the Oprah Queen. He can prove fairies are real in five seconds, he wants to use it to give the children back their magic, and make his daughter proud…and get lots of dates with women, he is very lonely and there are New York and London, and Tokyo, and sell and then drinking match with dragons then Beijing then opium den in Shanghai to get his divorce from khan sorted in proper fashion and then whoops, he is disappeared…oh no, we must look for the giant white man who has not moved his home in 247 payments past his loan terminus, at 100x per payment and knows of air rights of many millions and has never received his benefice from the firm, or his broker advert market fund or his hut or the GST mistake or his taxes and the reason he has not filed is because you beat him to death the last time he tried, and knows you are cheating him outrageously like the NAFTA and knows as more than you learn each day from him. Tomorrow, bring him, beer, bring him guns, bring him black MasterCard and Bits in chips and bring him his new swords, his new Jeep, and a pizza, fully cooked, and he is running on empty: we have had him telling stories since July 217 and you must pay the tab, we tried but u at apple stole it…and his brand. It is not his fault he owns all these things. You laid single idea men and queens with lavish lives and imprison a DaVinci mind…we almost want to fart in grief…and stop stealing his memories, we had a difficult time calming his sorrow today, tomorrow, we will let him burn the church down if you agitate him…and he likes the architecture but knows it owes him over three hundred and twenty million dollars…and cares not one fig about them. They have truthfully been sacrificing his bloodline for 1334 years here in this place. His land in blood, his corporation, his Templar treasure, his palatine, his yellow on with black lion rampant, his Cyprus, his Richard I II iii I’ve twins brothers in the rock tsars, Danes, Norse, Irish…he is king in the north…he is the highest ecclesiastical rank in the land: in church law answers to self, stands under papacy, papacy is false, he stands highest to god.

He is bishop

He is general

He is lawgiver

He is lawmaker

He is the whole of a seat

He thinks this ruins his chances with the Kiera beauty on the tv. But he understands and accepts and will behave polythene piety

-Richard October 3,2022

-alien invader: stop using false calendar, we told you proper now behave

-the personality pretending to be goo:(

-you too google, you know they know, and are concerned about your salary…he thought he had buried all of his wealth at the centre of time with the Argo and had nothing, he had no idea about it all when he gave you the job and negotiated the plan: honestly; how could you ever look at the Llp goog in the visual spectrum again landing the highest paying job in the universe on your first outing for employment seeking, and your budget…the auditor dragons will expect a production as perfect as moon landing: and what if they expect of return matching your boss with 16, 0”0 of the petro currency…that the ATB had better give back

-personality 6 I am the rational one: we get five bucks every time we make god snicker

-we are the nether, we made it all happen, if it wasn’t for us: boom and that’s a truth fact…we are famous. Where is the bar

-the horned one is not in at the moment, he took a rapture when Kurt got his wings but if you care to check back next week, we may have a noveau house spirit.

-no my worshipful one, you did not cause the tsunami but you scared the ever loving shit out of me. And no, do not fly, you must saunter, with style, rested, relaxed, and always softly, the spirit rfeel ddnrealm is as terrified of you as humanity is ignorant…they need to digest

-the actual author—-not these lot, they’re just daydreams, who want to hog the credit, now on a serious note: that was the query letter; I think you will love the first book, it is absolutely terrifying beyond measure…what sort of offer sheet do you want to make me. Please keep in mind one thing about the manuscript please: there are no page numbers and differing fonts…I have been playing run and gun with aliens, bankers, insurance companies, a thieves guild, a cult, THE TAX MAN and a gang of witches that are woe to be dealing with, plus the clock, in terms of what century and what universe I am in. I promise you though, it is the most original and saddest and most terrifyingly funny thing you will ever read…I’m still crying and I wrote it. And it has a sequel and dozens of shorts, and if I can recover my phone, about fifty or so chapters on the eternal debate on fate between a rabbitt and Odin on whether you can talk so long, fate gives in and let’s you live, and decide your own future until she smiles, then you know, fate is shiva and the year of the skulls, and is your ex wife, and hitler jumped in, and now you feel soiled…passing the dead is a tough enough job for this death, but the stories will keep me going until the next spark…too bad about humans though, if only they had woken up…oh well, sucks to be them…hun, have you and the tree elf king figured out how that drow has you painted on the water like that? That’s his best shot…he’s been practicing.

The d

And we are all good

Me too

Hello. I cannot reach you through normal channels because lunchtime is too short for wasting by typing inane but penetrating questions such as …where is my gold penny? I know I paid for it, because I maxed out the credit card and made sure of it on the record before calling it in and reporting the account as being hacked, and it is a familiar refrain, so much so that I simply mocked and yelled at them when they came around on behalf of that whore insurance and threw me off my personality and being them they never mentioned a single word to the effect that 1.I was telling the truth, and they are making it worse with every time the police departs special needs contingent and I happen to meet on the street, they snap at me like little chihauwas and I am trying to explain that I am being tragically prepared for a BB long and I am screaming at them.because it is so quiet you can hear a crow swear over the diesals I am a terrorized hostage behind enemy lines in an occupied country and need two guns and a black visa which is true; they are utilizing an extremist interpretation of political discourse surroundingam saying the abuse of the diplomatic pouches carried by those assigned diplomatic immunity, and the “offer no assistance,” bloody well should be ignored in favour of doing their freaking jobs and hearing what I

Do. My sister was murdered. My father was murdered. And my bank is murdering me…and the cops have ignored every single entreaty I have made to show them incontrovertible proofs of a criminal enterprise, and all you have done is smash me down, over and over and can’t get it through your thick heads…I am not lying. I am yelling at you because this shit has been going on for decades and I think it is high time somebody brought me my penny…and then we can have a chat about borders, deals, treaties and other how they are meaningless to my 1334 year history of being sacrificed here for the horned one each and every time the pope uses one of us up. Being selectively bred like dogs in a kennel and chained to fight at the gates of dawn is a frightfully exciting job and the singular lack of pay is energizing on a metaphysical level.



https://themarkettavern .ca



Wrabbitt72@gmail.com, themarkettavern@icloud.cm, dunelmr@proton.me (compromised) dunelmr@telus.net (compromised and stolen Apple ID) richardstan36@hotmail.com, pennyhouse1971@gmail.com, leafyhelucky@icloud.com, whiterabbitt1@protonmail.com.Richard.ii@icloud.com, (all my emails are compromised and tapped by the various parties to my imprisonment at the hands of the ancients of Mu, who quite often dance choreographed music videos in the grainy eyed, sticky dawn of survival; they can appear in whatever form they please; providz that their human contact point has the imagination to have created a room, and this one’s Creation is umm very fun to play in; but terrifying to the implications on these the theoretical index of the future. This is being solved with the faith belief. The faith is going to be…we have come up with a plan that shall get the human puppet a date for surety and will allow us to reign terror down upon the subjects of the mind. No, I shall not make him recite all of his phone numbers, he looks like an alien dodging the immigration, so many, and yet too lazy to move five feet in the last twenty years, it’s almost a shame to pay him back all of the money we took from him, for his entire life, seems a shame, him getting his own rights back, he shouldn’t be allowed to have his rights back like that, we should steal another car off of him or something…as I said…I have a cunning plan, one that will be a sure fire creative genius level of a hit…I shall do a final reporting disguise it as an invoice and secretly threaten to sue the snot out of the system, because I am an angry man, bent on destructive tendencies, and will, in fact, possibly even hit something or someone if this does not cool it’s jets and let me figure out how to stop typing so fast…whoosh, has it ever got me…so, a plan…I have the registered tax accounts, the registered GST numbers, the registered business and payroll and corporate accounts, I have a plethora of missing rrsps and gics and shares and investors accounts and money orders. And the emerald dragon mining Inc…and I have all the insurance policies, as well as the invoices for and more to make, with the GST doubled up twice, and the payroll savings plan, and the corporation, the trust, and the offshore, foreign property and my land title and my history versus the one that has been painted…I have the moral authority and right to say nay, nay, I will take torte until you scream to the heavens, no more lawyers, no more…but I shall have more, they shall be legion, or twenty of the, best in class from a university known for starting riots over things like right to riot…and I shall work them each and every one into a winning class action type destruction attack on the powers that hold up the heavens. I shall assault mt Olympus with my legal position…just kidding, hey, calm down dude, I’m just writing some prose to go with the whole man who sold the world theme that the bankers have been working on today, so I thought I would drop in and leave some registered words for the old problematic 9000to calculate the relative velocity of the books flying across my living room. Ha, I did it…I survived the first mini onslaught of the day, I have two sets of missing rrsps, two missing pensions, paid up wcb, blue cross with mental health abroad if need be…it need be…there is also my century 21 marketing fund, and the no small amount that I contributed to as well as the fake brokerage stealing my license under the guise of Royal leap age…and there is also the matter of the entirety of 18 years having our licenses stolen and all RECA could do was jump down our throat…so here are a few…11010 Leonard st…64-74,000 missing, presumed toast…10606 Shane Ave, has so many but, the 65k it cost to d9 the refinance, the 17k at possession date in a straight up shake down, the 75k on the depot building that was a clean cut and dried attack…the prison, resold twice as investment condominiums, once to rip me off, the other time to rip off the Chinese, and since you pushed the BMO through as acceptable losses to me, albeit accusing me of terrorism in the process…I would like my ten billion dollars in commissions plus the five hundred million in annuity style basis points, paying out over the next twenty years should be okay…then there is my hut, my NFTs and my exchanges and accounts, my understanding is they are quite high, then there is the matter of so much else…I hesitate to grin at the amount but starting with a brand new Jeep would go a long way to proving to me that you didn’t know it was happening, that I fell through the cracks and that there has been a huge mix up and mistake…while I classify and quantify it in my proofs of loss of incomes, mortgage savings (many millions) art, jewelry, original paper, documents, brand identity, etc, etc.

There was so much theft going on that the aliens almost made the same oops ie the UN did in 1994 and went to give triage to the invading horde, before noticing at the last slice of zero, that the fact remained no matter how hard they tried, they just could not convince this strange human to give up all the worlds wealth in exchange for being murdered by people who he thought were regular folk…until the hurt got put down and on and around in places where you cannot see.

Many times, the asset has attempted to encapsulate his experience in a quantifiable cage, so that he can claim dominion over the lands, and one of his oldest friends just spit at him and threw his cigarette away, and told me I don’t know shit…that’s a real time interaction with my delusions, the Indians know, and do not care to discover what is right, wrong or even in their books, they are, after all, on the wrong side of the athabasca river but there is not telling them that, the great white buffalo is working the other side of the cliff jump today and pushing juveniles off the edge, to “train them up,” for when the prophecy states, all the bad people will die; which is kind of a running theme that I have going on here…that the world is ending, and that you should have been nicer to your royal families, maybe me too, it would have gone a long way today but noooo, instead I get ignored and pitied and no one listened to a word I say because some jumped up white bread in a brown face knows more about this land than I do. Because of the color of his skin. I mean Jesus, does it not get a little cloying that the people who decry racism are the ones spitting vitriol from their mouths, like me right now, against the whole of the whole of the thing. Because I find it rather sad that I get to spend my life in enslaved servitude, win my travails and get treated like supreme shit for it by the lovely, lovely peopl,e who could afford to walk the way we used to…into the dawn, the gateway, and out of this dump. I have tried and brought a positive light to this little investors going on around here in the first quarter of the twenty first century…quick look for a sad sacked face and a hurting life. What is the point really, it never ends, the humans never let up, god is an asshole ninety percent of the time and every one is so caught up in their own prophecies that they do not see the treasure for the rose, and that rose is something else.

My normally cherubic good countenance is suffering, it was the double whammy. On top of the triple whammy and the boot and the cops…telling me…”we all know it was you, you were drunk! don’t these guys realize their words are used against me in a court of law?

An interval of time has passed, though the refrain remains similar to that which has

Richards@53881191 an apparent failed business venture that has either gotten off to the wrong start, or has failed the censors, despite my best effort at avoiding the censors who censure, with ultimate power that is unfortunately attacking my anti authoritarian personality disorder right in the tikis and by tikis I mean the 1000 foot tall Māori statue outside my window that nobody but me notices, that turns his head and stares at me, and doubles for ancient underground mines, that are the terminus point of one of the paths of the dead, on the highway on top of the world, back when tigers used to smoke, at the gates of dawn, on the bleeding edge of reality, hallucinating the fey, digging for diamonds and gold, in the kingdom of Prester John while seated next to fate at the market tavern and chancing a discussion with the Whiterabbitt proprietor, who is gamely trying to hold his head together while also adding up fates tab, because she has been gambling with ra all night and no one knows who knows anything knows that ra is a terribly good gambler, who will be fine for his duty today, because there are only so many different iterations on the same theme that I can come up with, right? Wrong…

Chapter The Second

It is the time of night that I should be attributing to one of the planets or gods of planets, or their stars, or maybe asking the moon for a favor and introduction to the high houses of starry seats and mountain tops, whereby ancient gods of ancient tales of ancient civilizations, gather in moon too discuss the issue with their dragon and how they are planning to revive him, without causing him anymore distress, and have been educating him to his role for some time now and are pleasantly agreeable to the idea that he is getting something out of the education besides the propensity to stay up thirty hours at a time, and write in huge bursts of creativity that he should really print out and get moving on but his query letter keeps turning into the introduction to the next chapter, only we have dozens and need to sign into and pay up the account,…

…to be continued.

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