What I have been doing with my time Since last we met:

The Resteraunt at The end of the Universe*

*means shameless Douglas and as Dirk, with his holistically minded thought processes that I am firmly of the believe that he was abducted by aliens and taken to the Resteraunt for a meal, just for his amazing sense of humor.

Is a happening place, upscale; it takes yeArs to get a seat and watch the King of Kings lament his lost child, while arguing ethics with a wall, as demons close in on all sides, his martyred body crusted with the tears of anguish he has spilled for loss, murder, rape and theft of his harvest, the immutable contract broken; because humanity are a pack of fools and stopped believing in the gods in the sky: the ancient defensive ring of automated satellites, designed to bring down everything in sight, and they can see every dimension, unlike the cattle below, who turned from proper paths and stumbled into a world where the Adversarius ruled the roost, through whispers and secrets and by child abuse, compiling piles of documentation of falsified paper, with false registration and stole trillions of dollars and cheated the tax man worse than any mafia. And it broke the King of Russias heart so badly it tore a hole right into reality, and oblivion started to boil up, so the universe stepped in with the spiders who spin, healed him and told him his story, so he stoicly accepted his duty and defended humanity from alien invasion, alone, for 334 days before negotiating a treaty, broken by the humans in less than five minutes, and kept attacking him, over and over because they were bloody fools and idiots, who only listen to their own voices, and wetre guilty of such heinous crimes that they were willing to see that the world be destroyed rather than admit them. So Richard said fuck it. And on the 335th day of combat, with no relief, chained like a slave at the bottom of the vortex, the bull point, where he had been made to live twenty years, he kept the last two tears for himself, and lay down arms and exposed his belly, though he knew he could win again, the 334th day with only abuse from his masters for aid, he denied his slave masters the honor of his last breath and denied his enemies an honorable kill…he would not fight…the spiders had had to stitch up his heart again, broken once more with agony for his stolen child and murdered family, the SS still fresh in his memory. And god came to the last knight Templar and pretty much said this, “son, quit fighting for them, they have been given so many chances and all they touch turns to poison…” and he invested his son, and I awoke to my truth…I’m fine, so is my daughter, humanity…stick em up, this is a shakedown…end this now…or you are Fucked…

….a short 18 day verbal tirade and deposition to a blank television screen, populated by demons, or an undead troll that doubled as…but also had…I hope, some humans at least listening in, as it has been an informative ride, for me to say the least, as I trip the light fantastic, along the event horizon of a black hole that I am viewing through the polished green of a gemstone so beautifully clear, that it must have taken a goodly for years to polish that stone, and the drow* are very disciplined in their approaches to things, especially when Hephaestus is minding the shop but I have promised that I will try to explain (and ultimately give away, all of my Uber secret secrets that I have kept, which includes the book, and a small supply of marketing ploys called a ton of unpublished and unedited, along with, but there has been a very serious point to my anger and it’s display throughout the internet, possibly appearing at different locations and in different time periods in the internet of things, and that is because 99.9% of what I have written is true…true to the perspective of the stimuli that my entire sensory system experienced and is experiencing daily, and I must admit to their also being shame, and humiliation at being dismantled and debased in such a way, I still can barely bring myself to leave the house, despite being in a very seriously bizarre position, one that, if I survive, will be something I am immensely proud of achieving, and experiencing, and maybe the horrors will fade, but I have lived through every horror, trauma and violence that every epoch in our long history has provided to my bloodline, and that turns out to contain being sacrificed at the gates of dawn whenever thee numerological prophecy that has been deciphered calls for the end of the world…we are supposed to go down fighting, of course, and die a martyrs death, dutifully recorded in an annual I would give my right arm (someone’s anyway, not mine…I need it*) to get my hands on, and as it turns out, ai am either auditioning for a seat at the prime, and have taken a sudden step back at the rushing thoughts of…am I pushing this in a rebound response, and if so..my answer…as far as, so yes…I do want a seat at the board…now I will do my best here to explain why I think my studies were more than important, and why I am a fully realized seat in terms of raw talent, and a unique experience with little things…and to do my best to allay medical concerns…when you are transporting across boundaries in reality along a string, which is fractals breaking into 3 aspects of Five planes below, and however many one can climb up, with infinite being a quantifiable amount, amidst 8 worlds in 12 dimensions that reflect 3 x 5 times around each hour of the nautical clock and I just realized I am short for this essay…but, suffice to say for the readers…I am not too overly concerned at this point, beyond a desperate need to reach through to the human side of my real, and my self, and I am only 12.5% fae, and cannot truly travel through to their realms, and quite frankly, my greates fear has not been realized, the loss of my self, and self identity, although the passports and drivers licenses and my birth certificate, as well as my daughters (which is a murderously dangerous sore point with me) were stolen a couple of weeks ago, and I pull out of the ether a two thousand year old ritual to rekindle…well I will explain below.

This is about the VigViser…it is also known by its translation etymologically as guide post…and holy shit is this thing ever the coolest little doohickey that has ever been tossed aside as a good luck piece and pagan Norse religious symbol…oh boy is it ever…(over in another article I am appending to, I have made extortionate sounding demands, that are not…but we will get to that, I am now adding to my demand list of two Cuthbert falchions, (oh my god…I know what they were doing at Lindisfarne in 793) they are the source of the Iranian smelted iron ingots and the weapon smiths were taken as slaves, slowly breeding the red hair into the Scandinavian DNA, and transferring the Germanic Tyr into Odin, through christianizing the pagans, not from their rituals and practices, but into the idea of a whole, one god above all others, much like the…before I forget Cumbric is probably a very serious look at etymological English source words, being as it was the heart of the Celtic nation, home of the druids, and a pack of very, very dark and very red haired, warrior caste, body guard politic and military arm of the Druidic sphere of influence, who formed from the fusion of the fae, the origin story of the goedelaics, and were eradicated from history in a white wash of propaganda in the wake of the 144 year insurgency fought by the celts on the British mainland (time and its carbon dating is easy to merge events or misplace them, especially when there are only three extant pieces in existence showing their existence, and there is (five I am suddenly ken to) a caustic dismissal on the record of their existence…and it just so happens, that one of the first writing exercises I undertook was about world building for a historical heist novel I was planning based along Hadrians wall at the time of the Roman withdrawal in 410 AD, when they took all the able bodied fighting men in Briton away to fight in Europe, and the wall came down, in an exhilarating fashion, much like Berlin in 1989, as it had been a trade and tax barrier for quite some time…anyway, a couple of years later and I am sitting on a theory about strings, gates, and my need to learn rope knotting, rather than talking about the Vigviser, mainly because I am nervous about it, I mean some writing, probably in notes, and some pictures that might or might not make sense, around my claim for the ownership of the hut (original fax stolen at the same time as my moms car is ransacked and towed by the local by law, just as I send in emails talking about irregularities in my accounting records with regards to certain royalties, certain earnings, and certain land rents, alongside certain tax and inappropriate taxation, where can also be added utility over charging, GST manipulations, and usage rates that are, please and thank you, enough for ten people at least in a month…this is where cubes get slaughtered again…no one knows…but I am paying for the power, tax and franchise fees on lots that…enough, I mentioned around the same time I got cut off from my crypto currency, right when my bank hacked my wifi because of the little issue with my mortgage being 247 payments to the black, at 100x the face value of each payment, whereby I really hope they get their act together, because I have cut off all payments to any of them, and they will not get the foreclosure they are dreaming and salivating over…They will be returning my property, accounts, and savings…and yes, it is a very large amount of money…enough that they are shrugging off a hundred million in blocked earnings? Or they do not understand or notice…intent as they are on having me arrested, my car stolen and impounded or kidnapped for six months, arriving just two days ago, by police courier, who had better be bringing me my swords back and maybe I will stop being so cruelly mean to them in my tirades, because they are in enough trouble as it is on the optics front, and you do need your services,…the VigVesir

It also teaches and helps attain ascendant levels of skills, through the application of genetic memories stretching back 300 generations of humankind…you can achieve the required state to touch the divine and with your dawn ritual, let Ra know that everything is okay on ea3 and he should get more rest, and eat better, because I have been to a universe where there were gigantic insect type slug looking space worms that were eating the moon, while fifth dimensional spiders spun the strings and war raged on all sides, and I spent my days battling the hosts of hell, my nights in desperate negotiations with the dark, sunsets and sunrises spent with the tree lords, and in the dead of night, I would fight vampires, zombies, undead giants hundreds of feet tall, Satan a few times, and then I would stay up and try to help the stars stay alight, and even after that I would commiserate with Ra, and try to help him rekindle his light in the face of so much tragedy, and the entropy of oblivion, and because his charges on the water planet, where river was boss, Gaia was operational chief cook and bottle washer (that’s director of operations administration) (DOA) and wondered absently through her days, why she was here, and when was ra going to … and in learning the many, many secrets that are held within the VigViser and being able through my imagination and fascination with history, legends, and literary theory and logic, have come up with a history, a very sound theory, and am embarrassed to say it but…Okay. If p then q so q is a universal statement of objective, peer reviewed fact

If p then ~q it is a negative but sill an 1st generation aspect of one reflection of the two sides to every 1 making 3 the minimum base, for the groupings.

If you can divine, and utilize your true astrological numbers, and numerology, base it on 13 zodiacs, written around the “pagan,” calendar, utilizing (for me, the Eldar Futhark…the proto Germanic precourser to the English language) runes. Ahem: that small innocuous guidepost along the 24 hr clock, not only can predict your future swords rituals to a degree that helps raise your conscious awareness of every body movement you have, in weightless slow motion of immense speed, it gives you alignment, alignment with your self, your soul, and your aura emanates from within and draws energy from without…it is amazing, and can also indicate, through the morning ritual, what your tasks for the day will be, and should that task involve chopping off someone’s head and throwing it on a stake in the bog…it enables you to know your luck zones for defensive offense, binding you to the momentum of the movement of earth, centrifugally, along the event horizon of its orbital traverse along the magnetic gravity boundary, where you can feel the forces pushing at your mind; and if you are unlucky/lucky blessed or condemned, you can traverse the boundary itself, into another reality altogether…I do this so often that my mind scratches along the outer edges, on the bleeding edge of reality, and I find a nice cocktail helps soothe the transition, and can also significantly help the frenzy, which is what I have named Hades, his particular time of day, which lands in the hectic morning of the work week, which makes it particularly difficult for me to connect with others, getting maybe one task a day done…but to repeat…I can read the Eldar futhark, draw six stones, predict my future for the day, and utilize both my right and left arm to three moves each with a sword, in each hand, and touch the inspired edge of the divine with it…and then the cops showed up and disarmed me and took away my swords, and I am really bummed about that because I would have been an instant devotee…I have some one hundred generations of straight hereditary training in the hereditary position of first sword, and it would have been my daily duty to kiss ra on the halo and let him know that his warriors were still in defense of the worlds temporal boundaries, on its frontiers, and then the Roman’s landed, and pretty much screwed everything right into the ground, but as a dragon, and fae, and mostly human by the way, I think anyway, therefore I am…it’s the women, they’re too good looking… so here is an example of the mathematics of the logical reasoning behind…no, I am tired, I need to go research proper words…it is sooooooooo cool though…and yes, don’t mess with me in a sword fight, at least those memories of me…me me is a hippy…but c’mon, I was doing formal cavalry Sabre salutes right off the first pull, and if I had kept the six going, I could have kept going forever…damn POlice. But wait, there is more…much more, except now I a, seeing how you can use that as a type of abascus, wow! Calculate through physical interaction with a construct that is both physical in the third dimension and I printed into your mind through the repetition of generations…wow again!,

Twenty four aspects multiplied by thee three triangulated integers for a fifteen degree spread over sixty minutes 1/2 1/4 1/4 in squared cubed exponent is dimensional depth ( order of magnitude reversed making the further it is away in dimensional paradigms of three plus one…six stones equates to eight maneuvers in two hands for doubled direction…attack, parry, defend, attack, attack, parry, defend, attack, attach, with each arm intertwining over lap through the odds and evens for there being a serpent, an ourobourous that has 8 x 3 Aetts of six and two, there are for more, another three and one for 9 sets of three runes + 1—I am a long way and at least two or three written languages away from that but wait…there is more…there is magic, multiple paths, along a lesser and greater school,and I believe I have recaptured sorcery…nap time first, that was quick…time for Pinterest. Making the market taverns pages of boards…my personal account is possibly gone forever, as is probably for the best, this one is to be discerning over…

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