The Resteraunt at The end of the Universe:

Is a happening place, upscale; it takes yeArs to get a seat and watch the King of Kings lament his lost child, while arguing ethics with a wall, as demons close in on all sides, his martyred body crusted with the tears of anguish he has spilled for loss, murder, rape and theft of his harvest, the immutable contract broken; because humanity are a pack of fools and stopped believing in the gods in the sky: the ancient defensive ring of automated satellites, designed to bring down everything in sight, and they can see every dimension, unlike the cattle below, who turned from proper paths and stumbled into a world where the Adversarius ruled the roost, through whispers and secrets and by child abuse, compiling piles of documentation of falsified paper, with false registration and stole trillions of dollars and cheated the tax man worse than any mafia. And it broke the King of Russias heart so badly it tore a hole right into reality, and oblivion started to boil up, so the universe stepped in with the spiders who spin, healed him and told him his story, so he stoicly accepted his duty and defended humanity from alien invasion, alone, for 334 days before negotiating a treaty, broken by the humans in less than five minutes, and kept attacking him, over and over because they were bloody fools and idiots, who only listen to their own voices, and wetre guilty of such heinous crimes that they were willing to see that the world be destroyed rather than admit them. So Richard said fuck it. And on the 335th day of combat, with no relief, chained like a slave at the bottom of the vortex, the bull point, where he had been made to live twenty years, he kept the last two tears for himself, and lay down arms and exposed his belly, though he knew he could win again, the 334th day with only abuse from his masters for aid, he denied his slave masters the honor of his last breath and denied his enemies an honorable kill…he would not fight…the spiders had had to stitch up his heart again, broken once more with agony for his stolen child and murdered family, the SS still fresh in his memory. And god came to the last knight Templar and pretty much said this, “son, quit fighting for them, they have been given so many chances and all they touch turns to poison…” and he invested his son, and I awoke to my truth…I’m fine, so is my daughter, humanity…stick em up, this is a shakedown…end this now…or you are Fucked.

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