The Skinny of it.

So, as one of a family of four, plus my daughter, Buddhas chosen one, I feel it may be time to put my cards on the table and list my grievances against the people, those people who are so enamored of pestering me might and day with their wit heroes. I admit I wish them to cease on an almost biblical level, because they show absolutely no behavior worthy of being called civilized and human; and because I am a gentleman of the chivalric code, I will refrain from pointing out the sexist discrimination that favors the belief that women are excused the rules of war, because of their suppssed what? What makes women believe they are above the law when it comes to terrorism and robbery being mixed together, is it because they are the fairer sex? Weaker sex? Or is it because they believe thAt womens perogative places them outside the rules I created…for a fucking reason you witching hags. Now read this story and then give your heads a shake, and pull back, you’re treading in territory that is not meant for mortal man or woman to cross, and if you missed it, this time round the bankers and the lawyers and the accounting firms of hell, are not even close in the running.

Today marks the three hundred and thirty third consecutive day in a row that I have battled the realms morning, noon and night. And who once again The bankers aren’t allowed to. Is it against the law to place the debt on you and clean your soul; it’s against the law they don’t hold themselves too, yet scream to the highest heavens that their contracts and law are sound, that they have historical precedent; that you are bound to them for your lives, and those lives will be their servants in death; in the hell created by man in the third century, when antiquity fell and one person in two fell to the wayside, bloated, withered and covered with flies.

You don’t belong to them at all, none of you do; every piece of paper signed, is a farce of biblical proportions, defined by fractional economics; that have created a pile of wealth so enormous that any fall to greed at the sight of it and by passing the torch each generation some is lost to knowledge and some to the dumbing down of each generation, whom are pumped up on national ideology, and given debt at the earliest opportunity; not realizing that every dime is being counted against the debts of your forebearers, the debts accrued in breaking those commandments of Moses; which, in truth, were a simplified version of Hammurabi’s code, the oldest known stone inscribed codex, that had hundreds of laws; all based around three things: family, property and Torte: to all crimes against one’s family and against one’s property (The true path) there is a price: and no one person can be made to carry the debts of their ancestors, or their properties because they are already in debt to their forefathers: for their forefathers stumbling steps from barbaric bloodshed, to civilization: and we have yet to achieve that which we were placed here for.

And dead mans debt is the same. Georgette, I see your hand in tonight’s latest attempt on my mind, fuck right off, right now, with your demons and groupies, and I free those dead debtors in your thrall, because a dead man carrying a dead man’s debt is something you do not understand at all.

Kudos to you and your professional education, it taught you some secreta, that you believe gives you power and control, while you are, in fact, doing nothing but proving yourself too bankrupt of understanding to be allowed near magic…plus, you stole monies from me in your false attack on my estate, real attack, false debt and it is only the beliefs of the debtors you control, that they owe, that gives you anything at all. And I free those poor men, give them gods grace, and remonstrate with you at some length.

One need only accept one thing about these cheques: we did not write them; they are forgeries, and the cheques that the companies received instead were 1/10th the amount: and the companies get to realize that there has been some serious I’ll doings, by the banks that burned us August 15, 1978 and what was supposed to be a bidet hole, became a 44 year odyssey through Dante’s inferno; he escaped from this place, I know it.

Some years ago, not too to long, but long enough for you to believe yourself free and clear of any backlash, you interrupted my studies, with a baseless debt attack, and forced me, ignorant in the knowledge of my estate to provide you with entertainment that you and your witchy hags thought great fun. And now I have drawn you back, to explain some things about the rules of engagement, financial comportment and addition and substitution Al mathematics and service.

First off, I have never seen a receipt, nor did I ever see any service, substitutions or otherwise, not from you, the courts, Sonam, or any one else for that matter, so in return for the attentions you delivered unto me, I offer up this truth on the Irish Potato famine that is not in the history books but; when taken with the mountains of proof I have on your little corporate behaviors, will go a long way to explaining to the IRA that they got ass fucked by you and your bank for exposing themselves in their eagerness to get at the family blamed for the fiasco.

You see; it was not the Butler of Ireland with his government policies that starved three million Irish to death, it was the failure of the banking institution to deliver truthful and timely reports to the powers that be, that there was a ledger in place, whereby the poor of Ireland were being charged to keep their parents souls in heaven, and their grand parents too. The 100 year mortgage document is easily deciphered, if you can read the double speak like a banker suppposedly does; and there is the second point I make, bankers neither read their contracts,nor understand them, bankers for poor people anyway; they are merely told it is standard practice and you must sign it or no lending and debt for you. And that is why you gave them up to me; to backstab your Allie’s at the CIBC…did you finish laundering the money from 911? And now wish to keep their share? Georgette Briscoe of CIBC debt management services did you think I bought my ticket out of a Cracker Jack box? The fact that I completed my mortgage brokers course in a single day, is because I am smarter than you in absolutely any way, better looking too, and for the record, being poor is not a disgrace, what is a disgrace is what you and the Alberta government made my father sign in 1961, in France, when he was just 13 years old…for your bullshit protection. All the mineral, surface and air rights for a dollar, with promises to be fair and just to the land, and on top of that, we pay 100x the amount of our cheques, through the Calgary processing centre, which your people fuck up the forging on, the falsehood that keeps my identity a secret, and since you have no honor and not one iota of an honest bone in your body, I will quickly explain the lawsuit I will launch next week; do not think for a second you can beat me, your enthralled soldiers are hiding under my Balzac, and your hags whimper all at the words I type because you know something; your lies are coming undone, and I can smash your bank to smithereens…in about five minutes flat. I do not need a lawyer, I am better than any I have met. I will get a student at law, so that process is met…I will speak to your crimes at length. In civil court; where I Sue you for trust account violations…starting for a poor man’s $19,000.00 and a starting date of July 26, 1978… yes it has been ghijk more than ten years since that crime happened, but the deal continues to this day; so it’s forty 44 years of living off the proceeds of crime…and that makes you an international celebrity. Or will. Along with the fact that you and your bank practice black magic, which is where I go back to mortgage documents and put two and two together and place the banks securely in front of Sinn Feinstein eyes…the banks were using black magic in Ireland and engineered the plague, just like they did in Russia in 1924 with the grain for gold embargo…yes georgette, I am that bright, as well as holder of the oldest contract in the world. And I charge a steep fee for utilizing my services, one that any poor man can afford, but bankers, they pay the price…or it’s no gods grace for you.

Now I know that you all think in terms of powers in hell, and your elevated status from the souls you hold in debt…let me finish you ancient beast…I am invested, a Templar Knight, as well as being War, and Death, until my daughter comes of age…and I know more than you do about everything, because of the price I efghijk 47-77-119-126 and if I don’t get satisfaction in just a few minutes I will post this…and then you’re fucked sideways…check out my sites and the offense page for you, it should give you an idea of what to expect…where was I…there is no hell, and gods grace is for everyone who accepts the divine in their lives, but; there is the matter of my price efghj west of the athabasca to the international dateline and to the North Pole etc…I’m deadly serious, the cost of your crimes, is the breaking of Canada as a state, this place is bought and paid for, and I am it’s dragon, and the fey, dark and light, fell and fright, in the air and below the ground…moved here in 1836 and are filing a grievance with the pope also. What did you people honestly think was going to happen for fucking with fairyland this way…do you not know your fairytales, all fey are welcome here, poor and rich, I have a state for you. There is a reason and it’s a really really good one, that we hid here in 1978, I just wish you hadn’t murdered my sister and father, because I will have to filibuster. You found a deal in Alberta land titles, that was for the fairies of the world…and being the force for evil that you are, thought, who the fuck signs over the best part of Canada to fairies and expects it to be taken seriously, oh ho look here it’s a magic spell, hahaha…holy shit it works, let’s kill the owners and take this land… close am I? Anyway, I am almost done here georgette and once we post this it will be in the permanent record and then it’s just a matter of time…killing you softly as it were, but am loaded with magic from this little story, too much; I fel drunk with its smell.

The price is steep: 6 trillion USD, that which you have hidden in BTC and ETC, naive and young they are, they do not understand the glitch, it is hidden there, the code attached to my name holding it down; the burning of its value to take from regular joe and the wealthy now investing, my death will break it open; not this time boyo. Mine to do what I wish with, and don’t worry about the amount, there is five hundred trillion in currencies, stocks and debt, and another five hundred trillion in gold, and a world wide famine in the offing. And to think; I beat you with only 27,000 CAD…and made 100 million; that you simply blocked me from attaining…so I guess I am just going to post this with a disclaimer; I am not responsible for any paranormal activity arising tonight and also; do not pay your bills, I’m wiping them clean, and someone bring me a Guinness and some grass, I’ve spent all my money, and had my phones and vehicles stolen and am way too tired to play any more. I love you with all my heart Katelynn, and would never do anything to bring harm to you: the aliens know it…humanity; you’re surrounded, stick em up.

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