So this is my mortgage, and these are the true utility maps of grande cache. Ingeneously hidden; but there is a big problem. I own section G. West of the Athabaskan river as a crown grant, hidden as me, a bastard son of Phillip and there is no way I will ever call that man anything. I am a hostage on the eastern slopes, denied all rights, robbed, beaten and stolen from every day it seems. 8 of 6 to the international dateline and they have set me up to take a huge fall, criminal fraud. I am completely innocent but the cibc bank has been laundering money for the ira and Montreal mob through my town; which I own and have never

Received a dime for. And in fact live far below the poverty line as the slander my name in order to steal the land…I am 100>% certain gg that I need help to extract me and my infjrm mother asapzzz…dad and penny were murdered. The ira was behind 911, truth. They were after money. It was a robbery. My mother is a butler, it has taken me years to investigate this…the cops are totally ignorant of this.

Ps: the pipeline is a nuclear power line. From the hidden nuclear field in wilmore wilderness park. Canada has used my land terribly, in my name. I am Richard Gordon Thomson and I swear by my murdered family, that I tell the truth: am not insane, and guilty of no crime save self defense. Tonight…the buy their own bullshit.

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