An update for my audience members :

I still cannot register or verify a single iota of a thing but still maintain contact to nothing and no one who is not watching the news today and are instead glued avidly to your tablet watching as ancient history unfolded at the first lap on the first 1/4 during the first third of the first half of the universe whereupon the astute observer would observe that there has been a return to our fair world , sunlight, and Beees. Little black and yellow flying dudes: there was a Movie. They have been implored by yours truly to return to our universe and throw in their lot with humans against the longest night: when the sun went down for the last time and the dead ruled all the dimensions in their stampede to be taken from this over heating and choking planet, caught in the hedonistic throws of a civilizations, careening down the path as it were to be…held only in check by one single human beings actions against the onslaught of utter destruction.

And he survived it all.

Yes…then the Queen, god rest her soul, passed away, after serving the state longer than any before here, consummately…and my day went from morose nit picking to ….the altogether most bizarre and outrageous set of events that have ever happened to me, and as you can probably see from my imagination, that could be some pretty tall telling to top it, but…I came too in the middle of the witching dawn and was thirteen miles from home, in bare feet, dying of exposure, and unable to break the glass on the Cruze…with a five pound rock that I three at least five times as hard as I could…not a scratch, and staggered off to the highway, freezing, wet, and hobbled, to the taunts of the gods in the sky, who were mocking my pathetic performance…then things got decidedly somber…and I am still digesting that…eventually a dude picked me up in his pick up, I knew him, it could only shake my head in utter exhaustion but…and it is a huge but to my campaign for archeology…I found the carved heads of gods in the river where they met, at sundown from the North side, up a few hundred feet…where I met the tree elf king…it was a long night.

Shameless advertising with no contract for but am hoping for foregiveness and ad bucks, because you should see the thirty second shot I ffilmed, it is the Uber Grande Mariner commercial…ultimate, and Heineken would not have the sales in Alberta that it has had, if not for my solid devotion to the sea of green, I am going to do a Guinness one later, and possibly a cannabis commercial…I am cutrently smoking some MK-ultra isn’t that just a funny ha ha.
So you see, a discerning drinker of beer and spirits of the better end of the flavour market, will attract into their lives, through universal affinity for a nice drink…aliens…ha…first contact, told you you guys would want these for your advertising. Wait til next shot.
Your majesty: I greet you…smoke?ndrink? Tell me a story, I will sit.
Ewoks* * please let me use that word George Lucas, I mean…this is the way, pretty please Disney…
A shout out to Steven Erickson and Esslemont…could they have not nailed it, look at the dude on the left…he could make me mince meat in a hearts second, life was tough, rote, ritualized and very, very serious for us a long time ago now.
Dimensional reality shifting at the centre of time has its perks, you get to meet new and exciting people, and after a few hundred nights of terror, it is very pleasing to not have my heart in my chest whenever I meet up with their people, and yes, negotiate on behalf of the entirety of humanity…executive decisions. They are friendly by the way…except in regards to our environmental spectacle.
Feeding time

It is very much like the ocean in the wild. But only as much as one can do, as one needs, and as one is want to do. They think I live in squalid luxury, that I an inept housekeeper, and they could run a hundred miles in the time it takes me to work through one of their logical traps and mind binding spells…I use bull headed news and the gift of gab…and being tough as nails on the bleeding edge…

It never ceases to get me, how familiar they look, like this is what we see in our infancy as the world…or maybe have lived so many lives here I am repeating, dunno…it gets very existentially universal around here a lot.
Wow, every edge of things, every boundary, on one side is one world, on the other an entirely different reality, and they cannot hear each other, so mostly they throw taunts and jibes, even though, through the universal connectness of the trees hive mind, it will come to them that they are brothers, then they will squabble like brothers do…Ents let them, it is no harm and let’s them burn off anxiety, which is massive right now as the clear cuts are taking the place out at a rate that terrifies them…insert: hemp, plant hemp in the clear cuts, start a new industry, hemp Crete…it’s my land, and I like the idea, and switch grass replacing the flora, on the plains, it is what it used to be anyway, and if leeched and pellet used, burns cleaner than natural gas, but it gives horses tummy aches.
Oh my, mantis warrior Rabbitt…, storm trooper well, some hurdling, and is Scottish ton his core. Look at the dude top right, he is so thinking…”not the hurdling again.”
Here…behind and up and at sundown, you find yourself atop a temple, the first of ten that I found, that are all ruins of earthworks, and construction that is some ancient ancient archeological wonder out of this world, and we should be at it…but the aliens and otherworldliness and the fate, they all say be super careful and watch out for ancients, they haven’t left you see, they are just a slip away from your vision.
Future NFT, possible alter it and bring out the invert, the negative, and the chaos …maybe not…look at this one…chills at how close I come to it every day…he was like me, it trained…that was my head gone…I need formal training or I a, a dead goner.
Called the dark elf gate…a passage through time to an age and reality displaced from our own, by only a few degrees of fractal space, which I think means right in front of you, there are gates all over here.

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