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I donate the contents of the paper and data to open, at no time have I ever relinquished my rights to my business, my personal data, or my business data: nor do I condone the actions of the TELUS integrated services unit and their horrically abusive interdiction on my life…my DNA was worse than rape. All intellectual property rights, patents, and properties defining as real estate…cash and cash equivalents? I hand to my daughter Katelynn L H Thompson and the curse right back at the family that has lumbered me with it for twelve years past my ownership date, making me a slave in the entirety of the word. My mother Karen Mae Thompson, is of unsound mind, her care will be carried out utilizing some of the 3000000000 billion or so that TELUS owes Dunelm Realty Ltd. I expect full cooperation from all aspects of society in my expectations today, or I will drop the Sun, the moon, the light and the dark, above and below, and to the dead also…especially the dead. Take heed of my words, this is the day humanity steps up to the plate, if you do not…I let the void win. 47 years I have been a slave kept in ignorance, access to none of the funds that are mine by right…right that supercedes all claims that exist by a thousand years or more….I hold dominion over the center and cooperation is key. You do it, or I fail to rekindle the sun. I will be telling a story at my home, at the center of time tonight…and then I shall face the dark, and fight til the last breath in my body. My bank is holding me hostage, my accounts are controlled, and my access is meant to bankrupt so the work of the adversary. I have made 242 payments into a savings plan, in addition to my savings of 327 cad per week in royalties from being at the center of the giant array that pollutes the fact that I am over a mass grave, caged to fight for the end of time.

Richard VI King and dominion of …the center boundary, may godhave mwcy on my soul

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