So here is a little Odd bit from the center of time,,:

On January 28 1992 I was registered and a 16-year-old employee to 550414 Alberta Ltd. And BLZ 995 99 6 payroll at Edmonton tax services, and I have been getting screwed around by that same office ever since, with it being my sole contact for all things tax and revenue since…and they play pathetic games with me, every time, so that I am thrown off my game and hilarity ensues. Being generated by them…and black marks to the entirety of the Albertan system, and condemn every aspect of their experimentation…I think because none of the principals informed their replacements that there was a reason for the issue…so they dismiss, dismay and rewrite any code or record that spews forth that supports the idea that I am being murdered by the system itself, in a murderous cycle of billing, and application of work to rule lack of training and knowledge in the field of, that requires…phone numbers, and addresses and verbal confirmations over the phone…and I haven’t fucking moved in twenty years…(if you have not noticed I have a disability…it is a recognized symptomatic response to severe post traumatic stress disorder…swearing, verbosity and an inability to maintain equilibrium in the face of these many, many years of deliberately abusive interactions) and so what if it embarrasses politicians and indigenous bands who are so caught up kissing each other’s asses that it is imperceptibly passed over that their lies and abuses are reflected in the population as a whole, and I am being tortured to insane levels of abuse by people who are now thinking I am an alien, AI or program for them to challenge themselves against the truth of their own history.

I haven’t paid my mortgage or utilities this month…because I could spend all my money every si gps month staying afloat in this virus…or I could finally get through to one of these morons to the fact that their computer systems are compromised at the top level of admin access and that the malware is jumping through every account that I have, and each group it touches on responds with violent abuse to ever having to accept that they made a mistake and were listening to the wrong voice…not mine younot mine. This is actually causing me no end of grief as I feel the fingers of death closing in, and cannot make up the deficiencies…despite that, my mortgage company was used horrendously fifteen years ago by a local group, who, without any knowledge of the corporation, created and sold units through my computerized uniform code of accounts…and have been mocking me since, because I was a victim, and being a victim in Alberta means, open season on abuse. I have investigated on my own, for three years, and have brought incontrovertible proof to the local police department and the best I have received from them has been the sullen return of my Jeep, stolen in April and kept as a joke between the insurance companies and the police who I feel like . I am a terrorized hostage behind enemy lines in an occupied country and need saving from the occupation forces, namely the gestapo. Throw in 44 years of human experimentation, rape, theft, and non stop discrimination for my entire life, up to and including being totally interdicted by feminists who are empowering themselves destroying the one.l.THE ONE, fucking man who never did, never would, and never will which is a far cry from what women have subjected me to with their little coven. I call them a coven because fat, ignorant, useless, abusive,sociopathic, thieves in possession of overwhelming perogative to judge me. No judge (who cares, they refuse me every single…like who would actually sign off on this sort of evil, and consider themselves anything but the paradigm of the antichrist themselves. That is what is going on here right. The anti christ is alive and well, and he has taken the one who could defeat him and sacrificed his bloodline…for over thirteen hundred years.

Here is one for you free of charge: (disclaimer: there is no privacy policy on this website, because of Canadas bill C9, wherein anyone who clicks on my page, is instantly invaded and all their data stolen. The white paper on this is that I am a terrorist money laundering thief. In actuality, I am I am a terrorized hostage behind enemy lines in an occupied country and need two guns and a black visa (black visas are cool…they will provide you an out, a new identity, a new everything…up to and including armed retrieval…so get on it…it’s not like I am not the wealthiest hostage on earth…forced to pay at 100x the cost for everything, in order to keep the Canadians happy because they were all such big boys once and made their country proud…so have acted like overwhelmingly arrogant pieces of shit since.

Bill C9 is a draconian control measure that has all two government apparatuses creaming themselves as they try to steal it, but cannot…and will fail, along with the Vatican in their rape, murder, and total destruction of my life, up to and including the FACT that there is a mentally I’ll Indian who is tasked with murdering my daughter when I am gone…nice god, real fucking nice…I am going to rip your fucking head off —-there is not one fucking thing on earth that will stop me, and if you lot up in space are going to do so…you had better have your best fucking defence going cause I will rip this universe apart if you lay a hanD on m…what does T mean, what does M mean, what does C mean…am sick and tired to all hells of trying to decipher, read, interpret, channel, and connect with my reality when every dead person in the last 2000 years (more) is taking my mind for a joy ride.

To the doctors: I do drugs entirely because of you and the police, and the government, and the victim services, and the hospitals and the false arrests, drugging and abuse that drove me suicidal…so fu ck you and your bloody haughty objective diagnosis, you do not know a freaking thing about what I am going through, or what it takes to cope when your mi d fills with grief like it happened yesterday, whenever you remember a shame filled incident where you were demeaned, bullied, ripped off and otherwise treated like a pile of shit…I HAVE NEVER FUCKINGDONE ANYTHINGTO DESERVE THIS. You have enslaved me at the gates of dawn, fed me a lifetime diet of shit and abuse, and if I could, I would drag the queen back from heaven and beat the ever loving shit out of the bitch. It is her handwriting that sold me…so screw you greasy mobsters, soldiers, doctors, and whomever else is trying to figure out what is going thru my head in your sick a little dehumanizing experiment.

Langley: listen up fucktards. Come clean, and let them know you juiced the shit out of my genetics with your MK u,tra mission statement.

To the sissies…come fucking clean yo your leader, he is in possession of damning evidence and needs the fucking truth…and quit pointing shit at me, you suck balls

Do you want me to type what I know, as ignorant as it is, due to your dissembling and feeding me information from guess who…the dead mother fuckers who did this to me…who are begging me to not blame you idiots. Because you did not know…because you erase the records and replace them with bullshit whenever you elect a new pussy to a position…by pussy I mean wimp.

To the folks at WordPress and their feminist attack on my site: READ my fucking stories and read the court documents that the Albertans are trying to hide. I proved I was the victim of rape fifteen fucking years ago…my child’s mother is a freaking sociopath. Her step father is a freaking psychopath…diagnosed…and they deliberately stole my sperm, to have a child that they could use to extort money from me, but I fucked up their plan by suing them first…and they have tortured me since…and since every bogus vbullshit lying judge in Alberta has totally fucked me over for money…every single one…I find it extremely enlightening that you feel justified in questioning my morals, ethics, and standards and business practices. The reason I haven’t filed my taxes is because the towns accountant got her husband to have a go around and a juiced up cop beat me to death…for I am a terrorized hostage behind enemy lines in an occupied country and need two guns and a black visa sakes…do something besides act like stupid dumb idiots.

Now I feel better…do you want me to publish this to a site, that is totally colluding with authorities who are totally abusing and destroying their constitutions….hmmmm? Because I want a 25k refund…now…and eat my shorts. I am preparing my tax return, a novel, my freaking experiment, and my data, and I care to tell you all…not only have you been breaking universal laws…your emancipation and fem8nism…has led you to violate Geneva conventions on war…nice eh…true too. But who cares right, the fate of the world hangs in the balance. You know, I was being really respectful of the queen, but now, now I am so disgusted with all of you I could just …let the demons win. The ones in my mind (listen up loudly doctors) that are REAL. As are the aliens, the fairies and the very serious issue that the world faces, is you are surveillance and monitoring your defenders and letting us die, because you are so freaking uppity in your ideology that even the pope would crucify Jesus if he showed up at the Vatican to protect his precious pile of cash, and his precious pile of position.

You have no choice.l.gods walk amongst you and have since day one. Your problem is your innate evil. Because you are all evil when you become a committed. Just like in Rwanda in 94…doctors without borders right…do you even give aid to the hungry? Forty years since you forced that photographer to kill himself because he galvanized a world…and you have done diddly squat…absolutely nothing…because you what? Are experimenting on the psychic mis as a of death and despair? Because you enjoy starving people to death. It is not like there is not a demon amongst you right now…I am trying to figure out which one of you assholes is the bad guy. I know it is not me…apart from it being me threatening you lot with extermination unlesss you return to me my corporation, it’s assets and a shit ton of cash, because you could end hunger tomorrow, only it would give the third world commercial and economic power…so fuc k them rifght…they’re darkies, we can’t have darkies because Churchill said so…and gerrymandered Asia to foment unrest.

Did it never occur to you that the strategists and military commanders after the war were just as fucked in the head as hitler? What were they after? TELL ME DAMMIT I am your only freaking protection. And I am sick and tired of being dribbled codes, and bullshit from the ghost in the machine. I want answers, and I am willing to sit on what I know until it ends…and up yours to boot.

Oh, and yeah…I figured it out the other night and have notes to the effect. But will not and will not ever disclose, without first getting an honest to goodness reaction from one of you. And to be stripped of any means of self defence…up yours, pistols two. With a thousand rounds of ammo…a bucket load of cash, go,d and tradable jewels…and a passport with diplomatic immunity…British…because when I am done, I am going on a road trip. And you are going to let me defend myself, or kill anyone who I judge to be an imminent threat to my security or the security of my daughter who…is already got a good old AIM inspired kill order on her…as well as her step father planning a murder suicide because the mother is sleeping around with the former sergeant…whose son is the one who stole my Jeep…hence the six months of abuse I just suffered at their hands…hmmm, what do I say next

I own 119…you owe me land rent…and you are all guilty of creating armegeddon…you…you…you, not I I am guilty of be8ng too nice and willing to bend over backwards to get a deal in place, but damned if I will trade my soul for the bullshit on offer from my third dimensional reality…that’s three…the on,y one you twits see in, and get it through those skulls of yours…there are twelve in the human mind…13 is outside, and I would really appreciate it if I got some support here…because if I go down as your human sacrifice, you really do not want me in a bad mood…big time…

Disclaimer: this article is the pure reaction to being on the bleeding edge front,one for over a year with non stop negative stimulation from idiot doctors and idiot politicians and idiot soldiers who do not believe a word I say, and are so thick they do not realize a gift horse when they see it. And an apology to some…I am not a misogynist pig, there was an incident when I was deputy mayor whereby I resigned rather that smash my mayors face in with my name plate. She was corrupt, living on the take…and as a matter of fact, I am still paying that cunts water bill and franchise taxation fee, because her husband was a dirty piece of shit development officer and my town, under its new government is labelling the landowner as non compliant to cover up the fact that the mayor and the mayors girlfriend were so deep into it with the lawyer, that they bought fake tits for the secretary and made her the development officer…there is not one word of a lie in that previous statement…fake tits, fake directors, fake skills and fake know,edge, to the point that the engineers are selling fake maps to a fake government in a fake portion of Canada that is mine, and has been my cost for my entire life, and has had so many parasites stealing from me, that you bankrupted me, because I have never…not ever, received any of my benefice and any of the Mu,tiplies and have been doing it in poverty since the Alberta judicial system aided and abetted in the cover up of my sisters murder and fathers…and I know flat out where a few of those pigs live…and one of them…I could smash flat with my anger in less than three hours….that piece of whit. Up yours…I am so sick of this shit. Don’t you just enjoy it…I guess to the dead, any emotion is better than a doctors mental state. They are so used to demons, and find it refreshing that there is a human test subject this time, instead of…the last time you ran this, you nuked the area to sanitize it. And if you expect me to believe that you are not going to murder me and still expect me to play to your experiment based on threats to my child and to bullshit promises. You can take your idiotic and ignorant abuse someplace where it will be appreciated by the monsters who dine on your forsaken souls. I mean, Jesus Christ almighty, I bless you all and forgive you all your sins and trespasses against me, so long as karma is paying attention to my one sided dialogue to a fake WordPress site, that publishes whatever it seems as most distressing to me, the subject, and has rendered me voiceless…hence the antagonism…you stupid stupid stupid assholes


The way they play it, I get dragged from my home and institutionalized and no one ever sees the documented proof I have of my business accounts and my payroll accounts and my mortgage and my fathers, and the estate of David s thompson that is being dismantled by thieves who have stolen my daughters passport and birth certificate along with ransacking my mothers car, stealing the keys and having it towed by idiots…I get infuriated talking about the fact that the pigs/police have refused me service for so long they think it is funny that not one of them is following their oaths of service. Nor is a s8ngle corporation involved, nor government, nor anyone for that matter not playing a short card, hidden with short term gains on their black lines; and the greed is palpable, along with the sweaty Adrenalin of poisonous hatred, being the flavor I woke up with in the back of my mouth this morning, and not much has done much to remove that foul taste from my memory. And memory is what it all comes down to, memory that works, memory that just slots incidents away, and memory in the field of response; response to memory, response to repetition, response to Pavlovian training, that results in the quagmire that my mind is in, with relationships very strongly constructed in the negative response to stimuli tangent, wherein my emotions are turbulently rehashing every possible moment in an every to…to believe that people are not the right bastards that I am making them out to be, and they respond with ho hums, and ah has and the game looks for another entry point into my mind, which is well defended by real time, real world events, and historical evidence that flies right in the face of believing that humans are anything but their biblical caricatures. And the aliens only care in as much as they are shamefaced at torturing the individual so much with his own memory, that has humans literally shitting the bed in all respects when it comes to living up to the ideals that they sponsor amongst their offspring, and totally ignore the FACT that this is running through an actual human being, that has been woken to his potential…and is being systematically ruined by the stimuli that no one admits to being a part of, yet are intrinsically intertwined with the storyline…so how about you lot just I am a terrorized hostage behind enemy lines in an occupied country and need two guns and a black visa off…I hadn’t even begun to swear and you threw that out…now you electrocute my finger, and still you think this is angame

I had to leave that in there; as a reminder of just how wonky it feels to have your brain squishing against your other side in existential sludge in in the grey matter and goo. But I thought, yes, do not censor the precious word, instead seek to have it fornicate with another word and make up a scream, don’t worry Vesuvius it’s just a shadow dragon oozing out of the blackness of the corner, and the infrasound is going crazy and there is definitely some goings on here; it is the fuckening.

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