And then there is this little land issue,

So here is a bit of a a Aa timeline for you, on my research into my little land issue;

04/11/1192 why did Richard 1 sell Cyprus for 100,000 gold byzantiums and why did he raise a further 100,000 for his ransom…because of infidelity and paternity fraud. He had to pay the church…the church is a bastard for that and they took the child…you have an awful lot to answer for in the heaven of the North East. The Templars have some explaining to do, with some apologies a thousand years overdue.

Can u see them? In the sky? They’re some sort of parasite or grazing herd…I’d call them aliens…they’re sucking something out of the ground.

The church took the baby, the cuckhold went off and died crusading, the mother? And Richard I buys his way out and goes home…and spends the rest of his life, angry, depressed and making total war on the bastard who so piously ratted out his fellow king; because I will tell you something do free here. There is nothing more painful in the world than paternity theft and it’s everlasting consequences.

Can tell he is walking a beastie and pointing something at me. Because of where he is standing in his world and where I am standing on a boundary, partway living and partway dead, my heart so split the universe heard; and showed me her secrets 9x 99 nights on the tree, surrounded by the 99 sacrifices the gods made to bring life back to a dead universe.

72 ad or thereabouts; Boudicca launches a rebellion in response to the Carvetti peoples being wiped out by the ninth legion in a viscous rape and slaughter that results in one of the earliest white washes in history… and 70,000 Britons, Carvetti, brigantes and woatini deliberately suicide against the Roman forces after destroying the ninth legion and swearing the oath. It was a blood ritual of revenge and sent them all to hell, they knew it, being the heart of the Celtic nation and the hereditary bodyguards of the ancient Druidic culture that focused on the horned one and had evolved into the predominate religion of the Roman Soldiers corps ad the advent of the fundamentalist, and violent rise of Christianity. It surprises me that none have ever tied the ease with which Europeans adored Christianity, the red hair and ruddy faced apostles, Jesus himself, and the fact that the romans were slaughtering celts by the farm, village and town. Whitewashing his tory has been a favourite ‘hole in the annals of the internet, that pull me very hard. There are only 3 extant known remains of the Carvetti, and one of them is the story of Vesuvius and his bitter break up with his wife over the queen of the Brigantes, that spawned a bastard child Me

I know wear the eagle is buried but I am only telling, if it is given over to myself…as a trophy, and reminder, that Rome was not invincible against the vengeance of the Carvetti. This I know to be a truth.

A jokers face no? There is one named for each letter of the ancients alphabets….

In 1603, James I of England, who was James VI of Scotland, took armies from either side of their traditional stomping grounds, and sandwiched the king of the North Between them, and began the first…”clearance,” of unwanted borderlanders, which resulted in…and was justified by…and covered up and erased by…the surviving red haired and ruddy cheeked original Celtic Britons were shipped off as slaves, to the new world. The surviving women and children were scattered, with the wealthiest able to find a home in the Palatine of the Prince Bishop of Durham, a semi independent state within the kingdom of William the conqueror, descendant of Rus,and a man given to strategic fits of generosity where he bestowed large tracts of land in the Palatine on his family and friends and built a clandestine power base, that coupled with the church, became the clearing house and hiding place of surviving scions from Britains turbulent history. James was French, from Vichy I believe, and prior to writing his Bible, or should I say revising, removing the eighth day, amongst other things…James busied himself with a book on fairies and how they were

a pestilence in the south of Scotland and believed in by peasants more so than they believed in their King. And sided with England when crowned definitely removing the title , “ of the land, from his sobriquet. His first act: murder my family…who by then were 77 ears under the Great Curse and excommunicated from Glasgow, and Durham…for witchcraft, and supporting the Protestant reformation, and for being too modest to retTake the crown of Britain that Cadwalladr had abdicated from 1333 years ago this year, and if you know anything about fairytales, like the Omega man, 9 x , you know they just love threes and three threes is very potent indeed.

In the origin story of the borders region,Odin came ashore with Ing and Scottish, an Egyptian Royal pharaoh in exile, and became the forerunners of the men of goddodin, thus ing and Odin become yet another trysting exile to my ancestry, and the western forth, Iona, Lindisfarne…all come after Cuthbert, Oswald, dragons, Arthur, Lancelot, Anerian and the origin of the high heroic tales, that I devoured to some degree as a child.

Screen shot, my little girl, the center of my universe and to her right, that is exactly her pose feeding the cloud, li, and being an ascendant…I am so proud of her. The Templars had just better start coming clean, I know …oh, I see…do not blab the secret lair…okay, help me fix the mess you made of my life waking me up, Aliens are amongst us here on earth… they call themselves humans, and here I thought they were just moving trees, busy like ants and fond of fire.

Sometime in the two year gap that was five years long, in a records as spotty as mine has turned out to be, my father robbed the church Templars of two hundred thousand ounces of gold. He, and his fellow conspirators, were motivated by their family history and national pride. They were caught; but not after they had successfully made it through the Italian alps with the aid of the basques, shipped through the IRA smuggling routes and back into England, through Scotland. Being the Son of Anastasia Romanov, it was considered inappropriate at the time to punish the uncrowned tsar for his “transgression,” in the light of the fact that terrorists were making free with his lands and had murdered fiftyswven million of his people. He was sentenced to achieving a degree of study, something one must attain in order to be sworn into the secrecy of the secret lives of The Templar order. Dad never told me the story…I would have tried to top it, sons and fathers do that. I sufficed by tweaking Putins nose in 1997, In red square, where I shall end this episode of my alternative earth… school

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