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consent to the registration of which was received at Land Titles on was received at Land Titles on



I acknowledge that consenting to the above DRR being registered, may result in my DRR Being Deficient and/or effect my fees.

(Signature of consenting party or solicitor)

Classification: Public

This is a text version of a form I have been trying to send into land titles, in one form or another, since 2018. I even have a notarized copy of one of the forms from back then.

I went to the registries office, and spent a small fortune getting registered documents on my company, and while everyone in town maliciously gossiped about my divorce and blamed it for my actions, which were growing heavily erratic at the time. No one was even remotely close to the truth with any of their rumors and to find myself back in the same position I was in three years ago, with regards to the notes and fi,es telling me a story or woe like no other; the only difference in life is that I am short yet another property and the powers that be are hungry for my home. It is all the stuff registered to the title. It is my mortgage that got paid off in 2002. It is the money market fund, the trust for my daughter and all the missing pieces in my life, and rather than tell me about it…the company hired to protect me from bankruptcy, led the charge in stealing whatever they could get their hands on…and the government joined in. And not once did a single person, in any of the many different parts of this corporation, not once…did anyone disclose to me a single word of any of it. And that is a terrible shame, because now the powers that be have to scramble to pay me back. And so far, have yet to see anyone acting altruistically, and yet every day I wake up, trying to organize my cluttered mind, and begin the day forward facing into the maelstrom that is this situation, and at the same time, get attacked by the same people who put me in this position on in the first place.

I believe there is a reasonable expectation on my part to be treated with honesty, with the respect I deserve for facing through so much institutionalized adversity. For someone to acknowledge that there is something going on. I mean, really, I found it…I know The Who…so, what exactly they want from me I do not know, but what they are doing is human experimentation at its very sadistic, and as far as I am concerned, it is over. The only thing coming out from me now, is invoicing to the various agencies who have ripped me off to the point of ludicrously expecting me to be some sort of invalid and retarded mind. Or the anti christ. Isn’t that what you lot are all concerned about? Read your Bible…bet you none of you have…it is pretty clear to me,…

So I have been dealing with a first contact scenario. Not a tabletop exercise with a guru, but an actual first contact scenario…Gilgamesh and enliki or enkidu, something like that…I re,e,bet reading an excerpt from the story…and seeing the television show where they fly around the universe picking up chicks, logically, and with defererence, because the bard drives it…and I have to admit…they were able to pull that directly from my mind…and I wonder what they think of us overall, with at least 3 full months devoted to trying to communicate with the outside authorities…who know full well what is going on, and have simply turned up the animosity and negativity in my life, like they have some sort of fucked up belief that treating me like shit is the best way for this to be. And I sit, dumbfounded by the fact that the very words and actions of the western world, are nothing but bullshit. They make little effort to maintain the veneer of enlightened attitudes around me, and revert back to the age old traditions of attacking what they do not know. It makes me angry, sad, and disappointed at the same time. I mean really now…why won’t one of you bastards actually break your silence, I know you’re there.

.you’ve been controlling me, my entire, enslaved life…and it’s about time one of you sons of bitches took it for the team, and worked up the courage to face me…bring a suitcase full of cash…and a gun…because I see the pit you’ve laid out for me with the locals, and fucked if I a, going to be one of your brainwashed puppies about it. And you lot…are even stealing the money to fund your experiment from me. Get over it already. I am sick and tired of playing these games and pretending that this is not organized, and you stop pretending you have any legal or even moral ground to stand on…either you are the evil genius behind my incarceration, or you are not…either way…do you want me to burn down the old mayors house… do you want me to kill my daughters step father…do you e pet me to start so something g with the Indians…grow the fuck up, I am not a violent person, just the symptoms from the ptsd, the untreated medical issue I have, that has foregone me being treated with any rights or laws of Canada…so there are none here…right…should I shoot a cop? Lord knows they’ve given me reason? What about infrasound stimulation to drive me round the bend?…just because you are the powers that be, does not make this any less Ilegal..Time to pay up.?you owe, and I’ve made my demands pretty clear. If you want happy face…pay, if you want sad face…pay…if you want violent overthrow of the entire system in favor of anarchy…keep acting like assholes, and see where it ends up getting you.

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