My Bayeaux

This is a layered pdf: In it you will find my answer to the Psychomancy and the battle between wills that has gone on for five years in my home, under the watchful gaze of the worlds leading clandestine units; who are all wondering how it is that I can see them, but cannot seem to capture or interact with their actions.

It is because I am reacting in my future to events that occurred in my past, as my unconscious reveals to me the true events surrounding my life; because it was a disgusting display and abuse and sickened even the dark powers that be; because they did it to a child and they never let up once, not once on the slander, the abuse and the denial of rights, they didn’t even bat an eye when my child was abducted; because they are, one and all, in thrall to self serving laziness at all costs, and never did much beyond complain about how much work they were doing, that it interferes with their 18 holes on Wednesday afternoon, at their privately funded clubhouse that they tolerated other people at only because they had no choice, they were using tax dollars to fund the entire operation and in that it shows the business acumen of our so called leaders: they couldn’t turn one single piece of paper around, without ruining any savings or profitability to the endeavour because they had never learned the value of production, or of what work ethic is, had grown up pandering to a distant oversight that did nothing to return the billions and billions the region offered up in incomes. And monkey see, monkey doo…

You are a tenant: a renter, you pay your rent, you pay your bills…and then one day, you are given a 24 hr eviction for non payment of rent: you head to the managers office, only to be told they are taking care of it, that the on-site manager ran off with the cash she was receiving; and everybody calm down…but you are smarter than the average person renting in that rundown neighbourhood on the north side…you are privy to inside information…you weren’t paying in cash…and your cheques were being cashed…and an on-site manager can only get away with a couple of months worth of theft; unless, and this is the problem: it is being skimmed right up to the top of the food chain; and therein lies a dilemma I face: and my town does to, though they do not know it: the fact that I had nothing to do with the systems in place in my corporation; and the fact that my word has been deliberately smeared to prevent me ever being taken seriously; because it would be a threat to peoples homes if I were to be heard…because the townsfolk would revolt if they knew the truth…my neighbours, seniors, the ones past the run down abandoned wrecks on either side of me; that I own the land on…have been voraciously robbing from me, the town, the utilities companies, the insurance companies, the banks, the phone companies…in a cooperative shared pool of income that their children believe is their just right and entitlement: and it is entirely based on the most evil type of parasitic abuse on the planet…the slow poison of the hand that feeds you, and kicking it to death to hide the millions and millions these people spent of stolen funds…that they lorded over their neighbours by pretending it was their successful business acumen which was only to steal the identities and the licenses of a family of immigrants; because they were too stupid to pass the courses necessary…because their entire training was hobo style, oral, and based on singular interpretation of an agreement that was neither singular, nor open for reinterpretation by anyone, not the country it is under, and not the generations of people who simply dismiss the clauses as languished from another time: because the signatories were designing a place for what I like to term as The Horde…and they’ve arrived, and they are holding the signatories responsible for the shit show that has been made of what was supposed to be a glorious thing, a positive thing, and an event that would launch humanity to the next level: because we have no choice; it’s so or die time now people…live your best life; and follow the laws and rules of your people…those ancestors most of you are denying, are calling for their sue.

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