That only took a few months:

Feel free to pay me: next I will get the actual products to be available for download and shipping: hopefully this goes smoother, I may have a dozen PayPal accounts in various stages of construction, my woo commerce site is still on the fritz, my Wix site is roaming the internet unfettered, my is in danger, and my WordPress site is at least two: Facebook has provided a pile of really good instructions; but I don’t remember where I put its latest password…yay

One thought on “That only took a few months:

  1. I found comments and replies, will wonders never cease. Technology and its mysteries are almost like a hidden wizard dictating the actionable events of a storyline in predicative sense and while I do not wish to spoil the show for those spiders who are spinning at the other end of the string; it looks like the good guys win…that’s me…and the rest of world gets to discover that there are, in fact, numerous intelligent species on earth and they are right now going through your underwear drawer and pillaging the last beer from the fridge.

    For the record and for the perpetrators: when you find a pile of odd shaped tapestry type legal documents buried in Alberta land titles and they hilariously end with a book of spells and an agreement between Templar knights and the fae…Leave them alone. Seriously. You do not want a pissed of fairie in your face. And you really do not want to make the mistake of disparaging the manliness of a leprechaun…I will mess you up something fierce…then screw your wife.

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