So deviating from the script

So deviating from the script

Because the ghost in my machine will not let me send this to the police…probably because it will result in me being murdered and the ghost in the machine is supposed to hide me at all costs, which is murdering me.

So I just made a file…and it shows some surprising things. I am not going to give that to you, however, because I’m done giving you so many fucking leads you are either brain dead, or in cahoots with one of my fan clubs…either or…

Have you done anything about my six missing bars of silver…that were stolen by Jamie Schneider?

Have you done anything about my home being robbed…not that time, this time…two days ago when I was out of town…

Are you aware of the ADC hack into my system? Are you aware of the tunnel being built under my home?

Are you aware that the insurance brokers of grande cache, namely flo Alden, her daughter, and the current owner of western financial, cashed in our corporate insurance policies that by their very nature demanded a four million dollar payout in 2007 and another in 2008 and that my mother and I never received them…

Are you aware that a local group kept my father alive for ten years after his death and negated me totally, in order to maintain a criminal enterprise that had been stealing from me since I was sixteen years old.

Were you aware that that theft was initiated by a former police officer, a lawyer, a development officer, an insurance broker, and a teachers swinging group here in grande cache?

Were you aware that the slander and merciless treatment I have received for the past fifteen years was deliberately staged, false, and has rendered me a slave?

Were you aware that they had microphones in my home in my childrens bedrooms?

Were you aware that I have the worst paternity theft issue in Canadian history and that it was cemented as such by the actions of police officers?

Were you aware that my broken ribs were not caused by my “accident,” that the charges brought were false, that the insurance providers falsified the claims and they used my mothers insurance; because mine was full comprehensive with partial payment of loss, a completely clean driving record and was insured to drive the ford ranger that was listed as a Ford F-150 and put against my mothers insurance…

Were you aware that my medical records have been doctored and they are blank from December 12,2017 the day after constable smith threatened to kill me in an out of control rage, in front of the entire detachment…

Were you aware that someone poured wine over my corpse in my house, the corpse discovered by my daughter:

Were you aware that I died again that night after the doctors laughed and sneered and I not give me any medication…despite being unable to stand straight, slurring me speech and incoherent…because of what constable smith said to the doctors about me?

Were you aware of the criminal offences listed in the above?

Were you aware of the systematic rape and pillage of my families money? In an organized systematic looting carried out after a fat fucking pig of a lawyer falsified my corporate returns…

Were you aware that I have caught them all? And that I have the entire case prepared…but not one cop will give me the time of day…because you listen only to organized criminals, mercenaries, and the IRA.

Were you aware that grande cache has issues with its population?

IRA, ISIS, and the FLQ and AIM all have representatives in the community gunning for me?

Were you aware of the infrastructure in my backyard and what it contains?

Were you aware of the fact that the registrars office, which is in a bank, is compromised…and that no information in or out of grande cache is not being stolen?

Were you aware that the powers that be have allowed this crime to perpetuate because they want me to make it public using local resources and that local resources are either asleep at the wheel, part of the criminal groups, or are lacking in their knowledge base of what constitutes a criminal offense?

Were you aware that keeping a dead man alive, and transferring his debt to his living son and then negating his existence, for ten years is a crime of the highest order, abuse of the highest order, and that carrying it out by subverting the registry, the banks, the insurances, and every other financial instrument…is a death penalty offense…did Canada abolish the death penalty just for this? I wonder.

Were you aware that I have been forced to make 242 illegal payments to Atb and that my mortgage has legally been cleared since August 31, 2002.

Were you aware of the combination of prescription and pacemaker were so neglectful to my fathers health they killed him…and that it was at the height of a five hundred mjllion dollar lawsuit into those faulty pacemakers that had been identified years before and were still in use for Indians and my father here in grande cache?

Were you aware that the towns engineer installed 1200 defective furnaces and then did nothing about them?

Were you aware of who actually owns this place?

Were you aware of the file I just made, showing my crypto currency exchange being robbed by ADC and awn and that it had all my contacts; and your email was on it.

Were you aware that being ignorant of cyber crime is allowing for the destruction of the constitution of Canada. Were you aware that they can get anything they like? And now they have your enail.

Were you aware of Louie’s little side project at the bighorn? Have you ever wondered why he never leaves his little world?

Were you aware that the trees planted on the soccer field in 1988-89 were run over the night they were finished, by the kid who had planted them. Were you aware that one of those same trees was planted in the middle of an unused trail that is completely grown over….but is actually engineered and passes by an old homestead: and that I have known about it since I was six?

Were you aware that I found ashes buried underneath the roots of said tree, and that I tried to tell you…

Were you aware that I have been subjected to so much cruelty and abuse it has given me a disability and that it is further exacerbated by being forced to work for far less than minimum wage, and to pay for the right to deliver packages to the same groups who robbed me, saddled me with my fathers debt, and watched me and my entire family for years…and were so out off by our improvident happiness that they deliberately abducted my daughter…and that the RCMP refused service and the courts refused to hear me…for a month, while those same judges were spouting off about human rights and how they need to be protected: and were giving a terrorist 10 million dollars for his rights being abused after he murdered two American soldiers…

Were you aware of things like human rights?

I get nervous talking to you, start fumbling and twitching…it is because I am afraid you are going to kill me…every time I see a cop I think it is my time to die…and not one person has done a single fucking thing about any of it…because they all turn to the practical voice of the administration…who have been stealing from the citizens of grande cache for fifty years.

Were you aware of the websites I built?
The trap I laid?
The capture I made?

You have an audience Michel. Be a cop…not a complicit criminal. I don’t want to die…and I want my fucking money back…because I earned it.

I am not some twitchy junky with conspiracy theories…I am a ceo who has had his corporation stolen, his family killed, his life turned to scorched earth. All for being a right bastard and suing my daughters mother; because of the paternity theft and denial of my daughters identity…by her sociopath mother, who did it for money. She was paid…it was staged…because of the land deal the feds are making with the quarter breed squatters for their lands…that do not belong to either party…but are controlled by the application of making this a military jurisdiction…which is fine by me, because it puts summary execution back on the table for when I prove military strategies and murderous application of software designed for military use were used and left in my wifi system, and that anyone deploying said advanced persistent threat made themselves combatants n the war on terrorism in the process.

Were you aware the size and scope of the medical malpractice can break the Medicare system?

Were you aware I can break two banks with my forged documents, falsified paperwork, and their true locations…

Were you aware of the thousands and thousands of forged cheques in my possession that prove it out?

Were you aware of the repossession of my rental property and the 77.000.00 CAD that vanished but was owed to me?

Were you aware the atb foreclosed on a mortgage that was not in arrears and only late on a payment?
And was a false mortgage in the first place.

Were you aware of the economic land value of the town of grande cache?

Were you aware that I own the land legitimately…by virtues of blood, payment, and clauses in the March 30, 1759 agreement between the US and Russia, and that that deal is now open for renovation due to those clauses being fucked with.

Were you aware that the Indians making their land claim were camp followers who squatted on mining sites and claimed them as their own and that their disabilities, FASD, and other medical issues stem from chemical poisoning g and not from alchohol abuse.

Were you aware of the 1934 buffalo nickel story in grande cache, and it’s connection to a massive counterfeiting g operation in the states?

I could continue, the secrets are easy to ferret out for me…it is all about context, and that is where my own mistakes tripped up the system in place. I am always late, because my mind is scattered, from being forced, with no authority, to care for my mother, while the accountant and lawyer and doctor said she was fine and robbed us blind.

Were you aware that this town spouts off non stop about bullshit lies in history, but never talks about true tragedies? Doesn’t that make you think?

Do whatever you like but;
If you hand me to the doctors I will be injected with a drug that stimulates my fear response and makes me see demons, and that I was forcibly injected with 800% of the recommended dosage, for thirteen months and that was due to doctor negligence because of the slander of the police officers…and that he needs to cover it up, so will murder me if he gets a chance.

That if you put me in jail, the Indians will kill me, and that my relationship to them is one of extortion?

That if you let this out in the public, one of them will kill me; the orgy swingers that is, because fucked if a cult will be exposed and shame it’s adherents, we need to protect the reputation of its 92 year old pederast figurehead, because he brought them into the fold with sexual torture and abuse, when they were children.

Were you awAre that trees do not grow ashes for roots…and that there was a horrific “crime,” 30 years ago that no one speaks of; but go on and on about the bullshit tragedy and terrible accident that killed a young hockey star: who had been speeding through town, drunk and was careening down Shand so fast that if the lamppost hadn’t stopped the truck, it would have smashed into the trailer it was beside and killed its occupants…that when I drove by the next morning the accident scene was littered with empty beer bottles…and that he was killed by his friend, the drunk driver, who he was happily drinking with…and that the tragedy is the lies they all created to protect themselves from the culpability of the entire town knowing they were screaming through it, shit faced, for hours…and that they settled on a plan…to blame the drugs that Coleman had got from me weeks before: drugs that Coleman supplied me with, by booking me up with his brother, who was selling for the town CAOs son, and that the profiles built on us in high school were based on the same lies Ben g told repeatedly because police offered everyone they caught the opportunity to blame me.
Were you aware that 30 years is life in prison for proving conspiracy to commit crime…and that I am only two months away from twenty years of surveillance…and that it makes this whole sorid affair something for the history books.

Were you aware that my DNA and my daughters DNA were sent on a fax cover sheet that included my credit card information, pin # and from the unsecured number at the doctors office, on April 10,2006 and that my life has been a nightmare since.

Check my DNA. My country knows it, they withhold it from me so they can prance around and pretend I am insane while they beggar me…

Were you aware?

Were you aware that I am only going to keep doing this until the banks pull back their surveillance and give me my accesses back with a free and clear phone. Or I will start making NFTs out of the documents in my possession. Because they owe me so much money, they want me dead…and that this is the only way I see that can have a chance for me and my daughter to survive, that this is a multi generational murder plot, that could start wars? And that I am trying to prevent it by settling, because I am a fucking businessman and my fan clubs are all amateurs in that regard. They do not know the first thing about representations and making them, preferring instead to sneer and talk about their roles…that they have corrupted so completely that they have destroyed their corporations…because not one freaking agreement made by them can stand up to any scrutiny…due to the black magic written into the paper…trying to kill me and drive me insane. And that it is in every advertisement they make…because they want to steal all the wealth in the world, because they believe it will bring about hell on earth and thus give them revenge for having their race tortured so…and that crimes buried never stay buried and secrets never stay hidden. It was part of gods plan when he developed this world…that I believe needs to be revisited…or else the end that the powers think is happening will come to pass. And that I am weakened by being so alone in the face of this, without my child in my life, because I am holding the. At bay…because of the compact with the land…that not one party to any of this has referenced, despite every party speaking to it as if it is their fundamental driver. It is not. Any reasonable or true investigation into my history will show, that despite being crippled with so much abuse and crime…I lived to the compact my entire life, I have the worlds largest single sourced carbon capture in the history of individual personal accomplishment and it was done through 27 years of manual labour, in a business bought for me when I was sixteen years old, and crippled with crime within its first month by corrupt officials…

I plan on putting my carbon offsets for sale. The Canadian government might like to pretend it controls things like carbon capture through its taxation system, and that is fine…it puts a value on my capture…which I will sell in certificates to any company or individual who needs to offset carbon…for market value…need a few kHz to balance out your proposal…just go to my Shopify site…they’ll be there…because I can’t use my wix site, because it is compromised and everytime I do something that losses off my minders they send denials from my credit card that that site is finished, because they think I have only got the one shop set up…not three.

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