And then there were none:

This has been a very trying time, and have let myself become insolent with exhaustion and a sense of sickness in my stomach, the universe is trying desperately to break through the barrier between this earth, Primary 1, and wake its residents up to their actions, because there is little time to put the politics of wealth and power and their trappings to the problem at hand: that being the dirty great monster at the centre of the earth, that is surrounded in a planet rugby tackle, of stone behemoths that spend their conscious days, floating through the slipstream high above us, at the last line of atmosphere, before the vacuum of space takes over, and they are old, ancient, but soldiers on a battlefield, and they are short a commanding officer, whose duties fall to the humans due to the compact between the ancient celts and the sprites of the seelie and unseelie court, so far back into the past, that it could be a distant future we have yet to see, or another alternative earth, from which I can survive, if I can deduce the underlying law that is not a law and different each and every time I tread the path, always different, and never verifying, always different and never revealing itself, always and always…for time uncountable by our day long lives in the precession, where we are viewed with detached bemusement who wonder at our industriousness and hive making qualities; but wonder how a poor mortal man, ended up holding the note for everything…true love, of a father to his precious daughter, and the pain created when it was torn apart by vicious cruelty, and avarice in place of law and order, and by right of blood, for my people sacrificed upon the word in horrifying numbers, for ten thousand years of guarding the boundary, that humanity has grown to believe is just a fairy tale. They are right. It is a fairy tale, and as anyone with any knowledge whatever of the fairy realms, is to be taken with deadly seriousness, and its moral lesson imparted, so that you know the proper rules and behaviors of your relationships and interactions in the world of your physical existence, and where mine sits, there also sits the worlds biggest secret, the worlds worst criminal offense, the worlds greatest war, and the worlds greatest paternity theft, all sitting on the shoulders of the shell shocked patriarch of two bloodlines, three in short order, and he needs triage before the third dragon arrives, they come with one heck of a punch.

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