My very tired Blog post, it is destined to create a stir like no other…especially when you start looking at all the links

My very tired Blog post, it is destined to create a stir like no other…especially when you start looking at all the links

I hope this gets thru, and does not sound so insane you stop listening. I have just sent this to the rcmp and to the cbc.
I have been trying fo so long to get someone to look at this, and I tried and tried to work with the corporations that I believe are compromised in their security protocols…I am tired, and have been really vilified for my actions, I apologize for the abrasive tongue, but so many years of being dismissed and called a liar…has me tired to my very bones, and I really miss my daughter…and this bullshit has caused a real issue to occur…one that I think trumps anything else going on in the world…call me selfish, but she is my little girl, and what has happened has been the worst possible crime that I can think of…and I’m just touching the surface…I am now moving this over to a short story platform…it is for horror, a contest…I have better, but it is a novella, and one chapter in my book…. I have sent a bunch of emails, to one degree or another, screaming at the moon because my little online issue with malicious code is criminally offensive, and I believe poses a threat to my daughters safety.

Currently: the silver I believe Jamie Schneider stole has not reappeared…it is five ten oz bars, with tracking in them I believe…although at this point I also believe I will find them someplace on my property, because my phone turned up on the passenger side of my mothers car…but the fact remains…I have been dealing with the ghost in the machine for going on five years now, and it is in my bank accounts and my credit cards, and registries and I have the paper ready to show it, the missing investment account, the fact that my mortgage paid out twenty years ago, the flip and mortgage frauds, the identity layering, and the corporate income tax returns from the CRA that show a massive amount of assets being run through my corporation…so much so, that they make the property management fraud and development and subdivision fraud…look like someone playing at being a criminal, because it is a pittance compared to the extra provincial limited partnership, the trust, the extraordinary items, the farm land, and most of all…the fact that my lawyers and accountants all address any correspondence to my mother…who is mindless, and my registry has been altered without my say so, on two separate well as changing my name, my mothers marriage status, and my fathers clearance (a government stamped registered document…) is as fake as the death certificate that I have that is stamped the true copy of the original, and is not the one we used to declare dad dead everywhere in 2008…as for the fraud…it is either local (and the trailer court ownership attests to this…or is using subverted local wifi to do so) the CRA is looking for 380 billion in untaxed monies floating around offfshore…I think I have found a good chunk of it…and I can prove it if I could file my t2 tax return…which blows up my hardware…every time I try. I was sued by my accountants for a bill, that I not only paid out in court, but had paid in 2016 when 8t happened in the first place.

I have been told…that there is a group who are going into the phone towers in the back alleys and accessing phone lines and banking information somehow…I don’t know how, or I would be in the back right now, tearing it open to remove whatever is causing my location to not exist…speaking of not existing…I have had identity problems since the 1990’s and all anyone says is it was a mistake let me fix it…and it happens so often that when the consumer proposal agent told me it was because of my common name, I believed her…and then they did everything the opposite of a consumer proposal and gutted me going after the title to my warehouse and houses…and my penchant for always being late…has ultimately caught it out…if you’re not willing to look at this…at least direct me to your cyber criminal department…the numbers are huge…and I would appreciate it if I didn’t have to scream so loudly and get treated so poorly…I do know what I am talking about I was a double broker…there weren’t that many of us…though I totally admit to missing the economic land incomes on my properties…but they are a pittance of fraud against the backdrop of my be8ng unable to access the trust…the limited partnership…the extra provincial corporation…the offshore, the extrodinary items…etc….etc…I think this has the cummupence of an international accounting firm…or someone digs up the memo I missed and fills me in on my income tax returns, my stock accounts, and those of my father…I have the lawyers letters intersecting with the accountants, and the registry, and what they reported and what I have…are two different things.

Finally: no 9ne is picking up on the international attention that that terrorist got when he was awarded ten million dollars for kill us soldiers in Afghanistan in the wake of 2001…while he was being given the money, the Canadian court system came under scrutiny for espousing that they owe all Canadians the rights afforded to them in their citizenship…and right next door was me…being denied even the right to speak to my daughters abduction…to which I had been refused help by the police and the social services, and the school simply said whoops…and it took a month before a judge told a law class auditing that no one had read a single affidavit I had sent or used…in ten years…he was the tenth judge…and while Canada may have turned the other way while I was being sadistically abused for twelve years, and leading to my disassociation from reality…which was further exacerbated by the police…variously, threatening to kill me, charging me for a hit and run that never happened…hitting me so hard the bruising did not go down for six weeks…arresting me based on an anonymous tip from the bank when I was trying to access accounts that were being messed with…to the fact that my insane berserk rage included four drugs I had no idea I was on, the bruising occurred in the exact same place I broke my ribs, in the hit and run accident that I did not do, the day after smith threatened to kill me in front of the entire detachment… Someone: went into my sealed court records…and according to you my record is clean, and their is no interest in me…so who

  1. Has access to sealed court records a.the police or some other government agency. Or b. Terrorists who discovered the dichotomy between our two cases and thought it would be funny to terrorize the Canadian who is denied all rights…c. Professional grifters. D. Insurance company agents e. Phone company agents… and if it is not you? Who has the ability to access sealed court records…I know…I know this because of the nature of the account mishap when my phones knocked me offline April 10, 2018…which culminated in June of 2019…to which my story radically differs from commonly held opinion…and mine is being backed by registered documents, and the other side…has doctored medical files, dodgy accounts, false registrations and is using the administration side of a corporate access account to manipulate all of my operating systems…and is operating out of ATB asset management in chochrane Alberta…and I can track their actions in my life, back to the 1986 mortgage put on my old warehouse…December 1, or possibly the august one, or the March…I get confused with all the title transfers that happened in 1986, but not the ones that happened in 1976…which would now include as a question…What do political parties have clearance to know that makes them utilize the apparatus and military level cyber strategies in order to burn my life? I’ve written a really cool book….built two websites…and should not be on AISH without two Pennie’s to rub together…am not skiving the government…I a, in a really really poor position, need to get my taxes filed, and need to prove that my daughters second false birth certificate is putting her life at risk…because they will assume her identity to get at the trust…that my dad built in the weeks leading up to his death…that was the result of a faulty pacemaker…this story is so out there you have to take at least part of it seriously…no one would come up with this on their own…and I’ve barely scratched the surface…it all started when my credit card account number, along with PIN number, and my DNA and my daughters DNA profile were sent on a cover sheet from an unsecured fax line in the doctors reception office… I have been investigating this for three years. I do know an awful lot about the real estate in Grande cache, the times I am speaking about, and the connections made with local people…I a, certain am correct, so please take me seriously…I have it piled and ready to go…need somehow to get a hold of one of these principals…without getting injected with the drug of choice of the doctors…who is specifically basing his treatment on the idea that I am a criminal, degenerate, a mischief maker and a serious problem to the fabric of my community…you bet I am…the type that can totally back what I am saying.

Richard Thompson

PS…if this goes through, call or text +1 7807831541 or +17807831502. Am now going to call ATB Security they’ve locked off my account…I called weeks ago and told them there was a problem, all my banks and credit cards, they said there was nothing…there is not nothing…well, I haven’t called ATab security yet…I am posting this to my websites and social media…I would make an NFT but don’t want the marketplace to get side tracked from selling mine artistic renderings…by the way…every word in the above blog post is true…and am in a very precarious position of safety out here on the bleeding edge of reality…have a boo at what you can see…as part of my bug issue, none of my platforms have their transactions running…so cannot deposit any sales if they occur…oh well, keeps the money out of my banks hands…I’ve emptied it…moved to an equally dodgy bank…but went through this three years ago when I barked up this tree…and got my ass royally handed to me…

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