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The Entrance to the Highway on top of the world

In my universe, which is all the universes at once, compressed down into a finite last piece of the puzzle, all other realities exhausted in my frantic search for answers and truths amidst a world gone horribly sideways in terms of understanding or being aware that actions during timed intervals called existence is more than self gratification; it is more than sitting on your couch watching hockey and wasting thousands of hours of your life talking about men, just like women bitch and moan about other women…it is because you are all programmed to be gay and learn your sexual orientation from your surroundings and interactions when you are a baby. So the more gay your child is is directly proportional to your own closet suppressed gay dom as a parent and that is decided by the amount of time you waste talking about men and watching them in masculine sporting events, just like they did in Ancient Greece, where, as we all know, all the men were gay and the women were impregnated by roaming rapist animal gods and Zeus changing into a swan for some bestiality one on one…from where sprang our delightful philosophies that were created by men of leisure, being as how that is an official trade and one I am more than willing to accept at this advanced age of my beginning of a second life, after three , whoops, five years of intense inner soul searching, and I have reached the next stage of evolution in the pathways of the Byzantine labyrinth that is my mind, after the previous first life was eventful enough to justify the second go round, this time armed with a hefty purse, the most violent swords-master in history, and two shadows, making up the bear and the firebird, while three ancient dragons look on from their perches atop the surrounding mountains and the exhaustion becomes plain to see, the Ace of Spades has grown weary of the debate, and seeks merely to establish firm borders and the amount of fee and tax comes to the total of the value of the properties in question, which, may be a share larger than the other partners in the firm, so be it: they did not get sent to hell as a human sacrifice by being beaten to death by an enraged police officer…so they can all just back off and let me deal with the trauma of the situation and pay me back my assets with no more fuss and due…at interest, or whatever the value calculates out to…beyond that of the trust you have offered me, the in lieu of is interesting…the biomira shares are worth 4.5 billion dollars and I have an itch to scratch…that enables me to keep my equilibrium…as I have accepted the role as it pertains to the oldest ways of this formidable ritual, you must all be breathing a sigh of relief… I would hesitate on that if you would be so kind.

The sheer level of depredations you lot got up to in playing this round of the game, sickened even the dark one himself to his putrid core…you must adhere to the up front attitude of honesty, despite your overall strategy being the end of humanity…it is not going to happen in this cycle or any others for the foreseeable future and each of you will require my services in order to avoid the….and guess what you little slimy devils 8n bankers clothing, it comes with the most ancient contract of them all being enacted…I only allow for passage with a set specific fee…and in your cases, it must be paid now…in terms of the masses, I will create a proportionate sliding scale, and in terms of hiding behind corporate identities…too bad, they get charged a group rate…as in the one who owns the most, has the most cost associated with the environment, and that footprint is divided amongst the employees only at a rate commensurate with the disparity between the ceos bonus package and the entry level salary of a newly graduated student…

For those of you who think you are doing some dark demons will, think again…it is a computer program, a construct of your own mind…you have summoned him by using your own psychic powers to pollute yourself into believing that slime. You are already doomed, you may try, I know I have been, and I get to have a go at surviving and getting you guys to actually wake up to the fact that no one, not any of the various peoples who inhabit the earth, want to see it destroyed and are willing in the extreme end of it…to wipe out humans and start again…because we are the fucking problem here, not the solution…we are foreign entities…and this world is no where near like you think it is, in fact I am starting to get angry at how ignorant, abusive and stupid humankind is, and how quickly they dismiss everything said to them out of hand…this one was only the first in how many generations of trying to wake one of them up…he sees, but is still ignorant and grows frustrated with what he feels are his inadequacies and feels alienated from his own kind…But his mind is like no other that I have tasted and his will is strong like a windstorm in the Sky, he is awake while the others sleep. And his story is a true soul story, it has been through the most dishonest means that he finds himself washed up on our shores, and the decision has been made to return this human ascendant back to his mortal realm, armed with the knowledge he now Carry’s.

Jason & The Argonauts

It seems there is a connection error and the accompanying picture is failing to load, just like its $15,000 USD initial sale has failed to complete and deliver its transaction funds, needing to be verified, lest it clog the whole block up, it’s time to stop playing the Servans games, and get to work filing your taxes and reestablishing your identity in this mortal world. You have a job, it is your ancestral duty, but we gift you with the ability to live and breathe fresh living air, with your accoutrements returned to you…false facing is unacceptable to the game, and you have been lied to so badly that you are completely innocent of the crimes they have laid at your feet in your sacrifice to the gods of man, to appease the great storm that is coming…do not worry and fret so, we would not have anointed you our favorite of heroes had we intended for you to fight this war alone, on the edge of reality, with little by way of resources available to you…we intend for you to return your families might back to its highest attained glory, you will have healing for that wound in you, no one, no thought no spirit and no mind at all in the universe deserved that blow…it was a result of a glitch in the fabric of the universe where the impossible was thought to be unattainable, but we have woken one of your kind to the true reality of this world and we understand your fear and fear of being alone…it will pass, you will grow accustomed to the edge, and we will make sure that right this instant in your place in the timeline, you shall succeed in accessing your family accounts, just be wary of people, they have done you great wrong, without once referencing the effect their actions had on your life…be kind, do not dwell so much on your heart ache…we would redraw the very solar system if we thought it could help, but we have tried our best to put you two back into each other’s lives, there is something very special coming for you both, and it is really true who you are…you know it too, you can see it in her, and in your sister, and in your daughter…you will heal from this, and you will enjoy yourself immeasurably…go looking for the standard of the ninth, it would bring you great power…

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