The conclusion is ripping.

So…after three years of planning, an investigation into mine own records and by placing the records into the context of my life; I believe I can safely say and do whatever I like; because everyone but me knows my identity, or believes they know my identity, because it has been bought and sold, along with every piece of dirt they could collect on me, to deflect any body looking in their direction; which is what the locals have apparently done completely because I am a voiceless ghost, can affect no change to my circumstance, and am surrounded by ancestral enemies, as I sits astride the most paranormal location on earth, where the stories come to life and I am displayed like a prize chicken by the authorities, trying to draw out terrorists that are in the community, that every single idiot mother fucker in town thinks they are insulated and immune from, who are so ignorant of their own freaking world that they countenance broad daylight murder and abuse of children in their record, because they all think they carry a mask of invulnerability granted to them by their instinct, insight, and their so very educated and cultured ways, and they know just who to blame, because they rely on the gossip mongers to deliver their news, and base their decisions on who picked their keys out of the hat at the Friday night orgy because they think that sexual driven abuse is the key to being a member of the elite society, who they believe have the power of life and death, because they have remained completely off the radar for decades of depraved theft and criminal conspiracy, that they keep going through a secret that binds them all together in a shared knowledge that makes them special…at least that is what I think about a group of guys who used to drink women insensible and then gang rape them as their first sexual experience outside of what the priest initiated in them when they were children, and when one of them worked up the nerve to confess to a priest outside the community; they turned on their friend, murdered him, dismembered him, burned him, buried him, and planted a tree over him… in the middle of an unused trail, next to an old homestead, that has black exposed wiring sticking out of the ground, and is mentioned nowhere that any local understands because the gang leaders altered the maps to the town, so long ago that they think the guy who has fucking well been screaming at the moon about it for months, is just the fucking drug addled idiot every one says he is. My friend being incapable of seeing the picture right in front of his face from the hypnotic suggestions that have rendered his brain mush, has really pissed me off, my other so called friend whispering over my head at his wife, the former coworker smiling nervously. Fuck your bullshit lives, not one of you has uttered a word in five years to me…fucking assholes…did it ever once cross your minds that there was something else going on right in front of your stupid fucking ignorant eyes…you fucking assholes…how many attempted murder attempts do I have to suffer before one of you stupid fucking morons in this town wakes up and smells the coffee..there is a cult here operating right in front of you: every single one of you have compromised phones, internet, bank accounts, registrars…all of it. When they want to fuck your life, they fuck your life….It wasn’t hard to put together actually…you just have to look at Saturday nights in grande cache: who does what…and then follow the juiciest tidbit to its source…the truth always puts itself into the real world, no matter how hard you bury it: and just because a priest violated you when you were a child, or a priest indoctrinated you into militancy through propaganda and lies, or just because your god is better than my god, and just because you are all victims of the same conspiracy and plot: your banks engineered the word that turned you all into demonspawn: your banks…who are engineering an economic collapse followed by famine as we speak, just like they did in Ireland, just like they did in the Ukraine, just like they did when they fomented World War One, just like they did when they suckered the imperial powers into destroying the worlds wealth supplies in the prosecution of a war based on lies; just like they are everywhere every day sowing violence and harm…rewriting history, getting you to believe only one voice, one history, one that attacks the pillars of the past and thus, breaks the compact that you all have forgotten.

The response in North America when the Indians were wiped out by white settlers is missing a huge part of its story; the European white settlers were slaves for one, and were defending themselves; from a psychotic mass event that drove the survivors of the small pox plague into a mass crazed group of flesh eating zombies right out of 28 days later…the small pox wiped out the Indians….the Europeans have take. The hit and accepted the blame, because they felt sorry for them…because they lost 95% of their population at once…and did not know what it did to the survivors: the affects still present today…because it breeds, it passes down to the children, as part of their legacy…the worst events make it even worse for the survivors, Mother Nature doesn’t have the human compassion it takes to change a situation; the residential schools were to protect against it: and by it, you know what it is…it is the dancing plague…which is your player character in this game, cashing out and letting one of the demons from the void slip in and take you: which is what your divine faiths are all about, all of you: your working for Satan to bring about the end of the world and create a flesh eating paradise for which to bring an end to the experiment to bring back life to an overrun and dead universe…to try for life: because in the natural, fractal, order of things everything has an equal, opposite, force and it needs to be accommodated and you are so terrified of being sent back to the abyss where your dreams take you at night, that you lose sight of the fact that in the fairytales it is always a bad idea to trap the good prince and separate him from his true calling in life…and he takes offense to being sidelined in such an injurious position of demeaning abuse: so he gets to be the one that tells every single one of you poisonous fucks: our biorhythms. It’s our biorhythms….they stop, the nuclear bombs that literally carpet this place: go off and blow you fuckers right back to the void where you came from, and your experiment with life might be over but your void is shut off forever: the problem is: you did it in such a way, that you bring the rest of the world with it, from the severity of the crimes you all perpetuated against me and my family…he was disgusted with all of your dishonesty and lies; and gets great amusement from every person who disbelieves a man he has cursed to always speak the truth, admit to all faults, is humble, friendly, smart and loves his daughter with all his heart…and just like the Pharisees of the Bible and the tests god sent to his chosen people, every one failed again…just like they always do because they alienated him to the point that he is willing to give up if someone doesn’t start helping alleviate the burden of being the only fucking person on earth who seems to give a shit about the giant fucking wormhole on the side of the fucking mountain that is pouring shadows into the world for decades: the world is about to change very radically…and you have no choice, because it appears there are only a few who have awakened…history is there to be learned from, not manipulated and turned to whatever floats the imaginations of young people, who lack anything resembling proper manners, speak rudely and think they know everything and have reneged on a deal made 263 years ago and landing on the 1333 year of the King of Briton stepping aside in order to focus and train his descendant…for every single generation of secrecy since and is about to show the world why fathers are fathers and they had better shut the fuck up in their high houses while law gets rewritten because you evolve, or you die…and it seems that this is going to be one giant show;

Richard.IV Cadwalladr Rex

Elizabeth II. Kattelynn Rex

18:30 Friday; June the 24th in the Common calendar: two thousand and twenty two Ado Domini.

53.53.05/6 c 119.8.1

Witnessed by the universal judges of time: that which spins the strings,

Acceptable story and original only in the sense that it has never been told by its source before; and we appreciate it greatly…you truly had no idea of any of it;

What am I not seeing?

You are living through earths evolution, you woke up and the first thing you did when you went berserk was attack the demon with every ounce of your being…you had prepared months in advance…because you saw it then but the event was so traumatic it erased itself from your memory completely: the reason for the compact and the cessation of the war: neither side wants to end the universe and we certainly do not want the mayfly’s messing up the place like they did last time they got it into their heads to terraform the other planets. You used to travel to hundreds of worlds through the strings, hundreds, though it has always been only a few; but you ruled without thought and tried to impose your wills. Every time one of you achieves the power; it ultimately gets twisted around even if it takes generations: so we created a game with you poor survivors and put you to work cleaning and grooming and this time you were asleep to your senses, so that you would not see the dreadful reality of what the worlds minds create in the dimensions that surround it, and you awoke to the worst it has been in 4500 years, and you fought it every step of the way…because you have been conditioned for a thousand years to be a voice of peaceful transition, so that we can calm down your world, before it truly releases the demon at its centre and we should really do something about relocating you lot; because your town is too small for your house, let alone your kingdom and you are the title holder…you kept trying to get people to see even if you knew it would fail, because you wouldn’t give up on your daughter, and you never will…congratulations on that: it is deserving of praise.

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