To whom This concerns

To whom This concerns

Presenting an alternative earth, aether punk, dystopian future; where technology is intelligent, the gods are remnants of a previous earth society and the fey only went next door when they departed the mortal realms so many centuries ago.

It is a cybercrime story that explores the mental health aspect of the future of cyber warfare that is right up close and personal, the alternative earth is only fifteen minutes away from the doomsday clock ticking over, and each and every slice of time is pregnant with the possibilities of everything you can imagine coming to life before your very eyes.

It is a journey through an impossible scenario in life that drives him insane and the subsequent fractured timeline attests to his inner conflict as he comes to terms with understanding that what had pushed him over the edge into breakdown was a psychotic delusion and devotes his time to rehabilitating his broken memories and trying to piece back together a shattered soul. Devoted to understanding the traumas that had pushed his research into the science of trauma and a radical healing approach was taken for his pervasive depression and severe symptoms of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder that will just not go away and the doctors, themselves are caricatures of extremes with hyper exaggerated behaviors based around adherence to process as a decision making vehicle, placing the protagonist in a desperate situation as the drugs he is forced to inject begin to take on sinister side effects.

He begins a slow process after an idea strikes him listening to street hustlers pitching a PTSD cure all process, that he recognizes, at least in form, and to drive the demons from his mind. He begins to write; creatively, and in keeping with studied form he wrote what came to mind, to practice, at first cramped, scrawled and hardly legible until eventually smoothing out and his insane ramblings begin to take on a structure and a form, an understandable one, and he revisits what it was that drove him so far into a berserk rage that the 10th century definition fit the experience, that required years of unsupervised rehab to defeat:

No one that is known, who lives amongst the trees.

Way up high where the snow capped mountains lie.

There is plenty of room to contemplate,

On the most important philosophical debate.

Whether or not fate cheats on first dates.

When she sits down across from you on a stool,

With a skull full of dice, and eyes like ice.

You had better hope she likes you…

How does that sound for a query letter? I’ve put a bunch of supporting content in this site, along with links to others, quite a few if truth be told, as each is mainly carrying a different part of the story…it is quite large, I needed a bit of canvas to work from. Enter, enjoy, find the threads to all the different parts, the ones that belong, don’t belong and the mysterious ones that won’t go away.

I want an agent, one with some chops…I know it is just my debut novel; but I really nailed it…it’s the most terrifying story you will ever read…and I need it quick…I am possibly one or two steps away from doctors with needles, authorities with questions, bankers with their banks up, and big pharma behind the whole thing…that’s the greatest part of this story…it’s a truth hidden in a truth and wrapped around the biggest secret in history…and the whole thing is the figment of a man’s imagination, as he works through his past and discovers that not only is everything possible in every universe you can think of; but those quirks put down to the longest of odds of happening and thus define quantum physics…those quirks happen right next to you when a spider sits down beside you, hacks into your mind and turns all your memories inside out, upside down, and rebuilds you from the base up…because when a heart tears a hole in the universe a mile wide…the universe hears, and it sends its best triage units the pure tears of love can afford.

Welcome to the market tavern, yes, yes, I am totally stealing the market tavern from the town centre of my hometown, it’s my right, I am not there, wish I was, and wonderland is not there either…it migrated with its Uncrowned prince, second born, patriarch of three bloodlines father to the last unicorn on earth…she needs protecting, yes there is a sequel.

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