A timeline of my last three years research: the main project. All of this is secondary to organizing this little gem. Hey I minded my p’s and q’s.

So as an aside to my main storyline, I throw out this little tidbit: this birth certificate arrived at my office December 24,2009. It took from March 3,2006 to November 9,2009 to get my name and some paternity rights to parent my daughter. It is and was easily the worst paternity fraud case in Canadian history because I followed every single rule and law and process to a tea…and was shit on for the entire time and the following 12 years were horrendous abuse that I received non stop using my daughter as a weapon, culminating in abducting her from school one day during lunch…sending me a ransom demand: “do this or else,” and it was entirely the fault of the court of queens bench for refusing to read any of my affidavits and when forced to recognize my rights as a father, did so by making me follow suicidal court orders that followed no fiscal responsibility whatever, and used the resources of 3 peoples livelihood to justify the extreme nature of the agreements, that were violated each and every time, within 24 hrs of being signed. No court ever told her no; so the mother thinks she’s justified in saying and doing whatever she likes, and the fucking abuse has never stopped, never been recognized as an issue and is completely ignored by my doctors who told me I was lying when I said I was the father of my child…which further compounds the issue because the doctors haven’t listened to a word I have said since a female doctor called me a liar for admitting to her, in confidence, that I thought my sperm had been stolen; she responded by slandering me in my medical notes and since then have been consistently drugged whenever the effects of the abuse manifest, making it worse and worse every time…it is simple really; someone needs to kick these fuckers in the teeth, because no one person should go through one day of my life, let alone 16 years of this same garbage. I haven’t seen my daughter in months. She will not talk to me. It is called parental alienation and it’s in my affidavits from the first court application…two weeks after the birth because she didn’t tell me the child was born, because I had already delivered to her the demand for DNA which she had refused; from the day she found out she was pregnant. Walked into my office and told me I wasn’t the father and to get out of her life:::so say one: August 1,2005. I can’t remember the day my father died right in front of me. I get confused around my sisters death, years, dates and events…they all happened during the paternity fraud…and vital statistics fucked that up too. No one bothered to verify a single thing my completely impacted mother did. The doctors, the lawyers, the accountants, all of them said she was fine; she was not, is not and is now in an unrecognized poor state, she had the same doctor who slandered me and refused any paperwork to the effect that would enable me power of attorney over her affairs, that I have been held liable for for 15 years, to the total destruction of my life’s work…that appears to have never been registered in my name, nor my shares ever updated to the names corporation: my 2004 best year ever, has not been filed with registries, 2007 was done in 2008 with regards to my sister, and dads clearance certificate lists his 40 percent ownership which was, again, not true. If anyone had bothered to listen to a word I said, this would not have happened this way. And was there wrongdoing: I cannot definitively say because I lack the professional qualifications to audit the seemingly shit show of paperwork the professionals provided, addressed to me…once a year, months after I needed it for a uniform code of accounts my recycling regulators bullied me for each year…the regulators intractable, the accountants equally so, not recognizing the undertaking the other regulators forced me into within a day of dads death, when one of my fan club called and said I was operating an illegal brokerage. All I ever received from both regulators were attacks over the deaths of my family and to be run like a slave dancing to their tunes, to which there was always another threat, and in it mixed throughout, is my mothers totally non comprehending behaviour that antagonized the populace to such a point that I would be harassed in my home, on the street, wherever I went. For ten years; and through it all I raised Katelynn like a champion. And learned through all the abuse to accept whatever hate people threw at me. I was consistently told it was none of my business; until millions of dollars were squandered, and then the vultures dove in.

There are issues with the CIBC, missing stock accounts, gics and an account I received the same blank statement from for over 30 years, that read on the back was costing $10 per month, never once disclosing that fact to me: or a GIC I renewed right before my court odyssey started: the issue lies with the manager, refusing to acknowledge my rights to my real estate trust accounts, nor to my bottle depot cheque account, it’s daily operating that I utilized some many thousands of times; she refused when I was complaining of their being compromised transactions, inappropriate NSF charges, going into the business account for my mothers personal debts to which there is a whole level of professional misconduct, swept under the table by getting a mentally incapacitated senior to sign off on an agreement to never sue them…she then had to drop the sale price of the home she lost by an additional $17,000 on possession date based on a bogus appraisal from the buyers bank, weeks after the mortgage was approved and set up; I was refused entry and access to any part of the deal; just like the refinance; and I am still the most qualified person to speak on the subject of mortgages in Grande Cache; at least the above board and true ones, not the under the table ones like the ones attached to my warehouse for 26 years, 12 of them clear title and two of them married which begs the question to the CIBc, Where is my homestead, my utility rights of way, and the fatalities earned…it’s not like they were hidden all that well…simply put, the lawyers were failing to disclose the nature of the properties; and there is no way he didn’t know, he did it, all part of the show I guess.

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