The things a person sees and does

The eyes: it is in the eyes that one gets a taste of the infinite that the mind is programmed to achieve. We are artificial, we must be, put here some time in the distant past, to unravel the question of this place…it sure is not what we think it is; there is a parallel universe running right up beside you and traveling down the ancient key lines of old. Til they gather like the ancient adage says, where all roads lead to. They lead to a little red and white home on a plateau, surrounded by the funniest and queerest stories that a person could ever be privileged to know. From the stories told by the old librarian, who collected maps of everywhere in the world and gathered them in a cavernous room, the off limits side of the library, that is where I learned the secret that I have kept for forty years, and despite speaking honesty each and every day of my life, I became branded an outcast and a teller of lies, ostracized from my own community, where once I had been a leader. It is my ego and my Id at a standstill in their private unconscious war between the part of me that knows the secret, and the part of me that hid it away, in a place where no one would think to look…it is hidden, not only in my name, but hidden also in the weapons cache that surrounds my sleepy mountain home, in preparation for doomsday. There is a nuclear first attack range, peppering the line of longitude that my house centers on. There are diamonds of stretched post tension cables, that act as a trigger system, it sets all of them off: it is a dead man’s trigger. Revenge from the side that got hit the first, or first strike designed to initiate the location where the damned soviets will come from…and they have hidden the perfect lure, bait, and at the same time untouchable item right in the centre, and have controlled his life, through psychological suppression, hypnotic suggestion and the many different types of post hypnotic drugs and their side effects, multiplied through his entire life, a side experiment to the grande show. They stole the little princess, they murdered her family and they stole her away, then pretended to give her over to the western powers, where she was hidden away. Three generations they have hidden us, lying the entire time. The soviets are dead and gone, so they say, but their plot lives on, and the plot of the soviets is to destroy the land of mother Russia, at all costs..and if they destroy the King of Russia, they will have their victory, and salvation should they lose, it is a dastardly plan by all means, except they have been played like they were doing the playing, and for the past four years, while I blundered about mentally ill, I have actually been thinking, an awful, awful lot…about how laws should be made and interpreted, how they should be applied, who has the right to judge, and who says who lives. And as the King of Russia, I declare myself the head of my free republic of Richards tan, which lives on in signals from one end of the spectrum to the other, through every boundary possible and covering all humanity. I am the King of The World and I say let there be forgiveness and peace, for all to live in the kingdom of heaven, let us find ourselves at last.

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