What universe am I in this morning

I have taken a few days off, to recharge my engines, have run into a creativity wall and needed to gather my thoughts before venturing forth…forward into the rising sun in the east…which makes me wonder this morning, where the point on Earth is, that we decided I am the eastern horizon for the lowest point the Sun reaches during the days of the dead, which is my name for the winter solstice festival they they built Stonehenge for, some time in the distant past, when Queen Elizabeth the Second was young and the world was her oyster, and she decided to play a smart and really sneaky game with humanity…she really did, and I am not knocking her age, I am merely pointing out something the whole world has missed, in this very public clandestine operation, from the longest serving head of state in the world…head of how many states? How many places are “nominally,” under her ownership and control? How many people even understand that this power dynamic exists…one of the first things she did when achieving the throne was throw up a glamour with the help of her fey friends…Queen of the world means queen of the fey…this is something I know…they told me, they told me she wanted to fix the empire after it had fought so long and hard to prevent evil from catching a toehold in our universe and none of us remember but her…she has the memories of it all, stored in her creative chamber…because she was going to make sure that no one ever got close enough again to let the darkness overwhelm them and start the world down the path to destruction. The Queen guards the world from invasion from the dark side of the universe…it is not in a galaxy far, far away…it is resident in the recesses of the mind, possessed by every man woman and child, but is strangely absent in democratic politicians, because they are the dark side made flesh, it is the machinations of the adversary that has created the situation we find ourselves in…heading down the path to war, sent there by armchair judges who have nothing better to do than make book on the odds that Putins decision to rectify his borders, redrawn by a criminal organization that got its start in bloody, bloody, ritual murder…and carved up the greatest portion of the worlds landmass…the taiga, the heart of the world, the receptacle of all things that make trees happy….and Putin full well knows the armchair will take precedence, and take the point of his action and twist it around for television ratings, but democracy has created an audience of I’ll educated pundits pontificating on something they know nothing about…and turning it into a fiasco, by consistently talking about nuclear bombs. The queen is upset and with good reason, she Carrie’s the hearts and memories of the state of the world from the time before we invented the atomic bomb and said, it was a good idea. And democracy is what made it happen because democracy has removed the power of the individual mind to make rational judgements, turning everything into a give and take scenario…accepting the probabilities of an actions repercussions as being acceptable collateral damage…this time a region of land, is now negotiating for the rest of the world and no one is making any decisions based on intelligence and true understanding….they are basing the decisions on their egotistical memories of Hollywood movies, because that is the church by which the mass western population judges the world…because we all secretly think an alternative world exists where radiation poisoning does not render you down to a stark raving monster, who is empowered by the vote of some twit from the west coast who wants to nuke the east, because his taco gave him heartburn, and his thumbs are dancing their dismay, by threatening nuclear Armageddon and calling world leaders idiots because their grade 9 education taught them that every word they read at the grade 3 publication level of the media circus, is true and based entirely on facts gleaned from using search engines to gather the data…I tuned into a web course yesterday on investment strategies….”press the green button and it will reveal this stocks, they are the ones to buy,” and that inane comment will actually work…it’s stupidly simple,tell the masses what you personally want to see and it will happen…as long as it promises that the viewer will receive the Kingdom of Russia as a prize for solving the worlds most intriguing secret…and a very large, very large indeed, portion of the population, are asleep at the wheel, and accepting of this putrid mess as common daily activities and is what their society is all about…money, money, valueless paper cash…it takes care of security.

Countries are dishonest by their very nature…it is unfortunate but true, one thing a true world power needs…is the support and the buy in from their population, who need to be informed…but only to the level of their personal comfort, because true disclosure would cause panic in the streets, there is no such thing as security, and our heads of state know that all to well, the reason they sound like fools All the time is because they are doing something the rest of us do not do…choosing their words carefully, an issue the white Rabbitt is only to keenly aware of, surrounded as he is, by a nuclear arsenal designed to begin world war three in a specific direction, the idea of survival of course…the problem is what sort of scenario was envisaged to get a response like what has been built around my home…it is truly the mark of Satan…it is the sacrifice of the western half of the North American continent in exchange for the infinitesimally small survivability of a few people in the east…it is a cunning wrought plan that originated out of the hell and darkness of the shell shocked world leaders who survived a war so terrible, the first thing they did was cover up the true nature and horror of it, yes they did…we know only a stripped down, dumbed down, deliberately obscured and redirected propaganda vision, brought to you out of the worlds next generation of evil overlords and they couched it in terms of security and defense, but what they were really doing was lay the ground for the eventual destruction of the human race.

The queen of the Empire knows this, she has known since day one…when “wiser heads” prevailed and democracy made the mistakes it did, because the central core of our worlds elite, are either completely ignorant of their own historical stupidity, or they are running a secret show. I vote for secret, although I will probably learn at the last moment that it was simple idiocy and ignorant abuse…a committee vote, spreading the accountability around and accepting that there would be losses…because democratically elected popular talking heads are no substitute for the power the land invests in a monarch, and the training they are subjected to, to know that every decision creates a scenario…by which it is your total 100% duty to try and avoid causing those little probabilities to happen…this is why they do things that are both subtle and screamingly poignant and powerful when they decide to speak…when the monarch of the empire sits up straightens her back, and gives her subjects her opinion of the decision by committee, to bury hundreds and hundreds of nuclear missiles, in the border of the Rocky Mountains, in a corridor that stretches along the eastern slopes, through so called untouched wilderness, and then they built a town there, to cover up their display…the only people who were fooled, however, were the poor citizens sent to live there, and act as unknowing and unwilling meat shields, and to provide the evil Soviets a target to point their missiles at…guaranteeing 70 years later that the ignorant couch nuclear enthusiasts would push their talking heads to the brink…and not know from Adam, that their back yard is the probability zone those idiots dismissed.

So what does a young Queen do, when she is faced with the limiting involvement but full disclosure of plans so stupid, their developers should be dug up and shot, to make sure their restless spirits know that we know that they were idiots, and democracy is a terrible place to make military decisions, and the couch potato’s on the armchairs…should just shut the fuck up…they have heads of state for a reason, quit riding and denigrating their lives, they have to decide whether you live or die, and no one is worth that sort of pressure or guilt, not with the daily display of ignorance that passes for society today.

Well, she created an answer, a subtle one…a response to this nightmare scenario, one that would guarantee to garner the worlds attention and show the weakness inherent in the systems of government that have these decision making protocols hidden within their false facing bravado, for example Canada, the s3cret location of the secret base, that is covered with a town of ignorant citizens, but no matter they will be vaporized in the first exchange, and they are a small price to pay, for having the power to mislead their entire country and the world, and sliding,y call evil totalitarianism freedom and democracy…it makes the white Rabbitt sick, I do not profess to know the mind of the Queen, but am guessing she has been silently stewing for 70 years at the enormity of the lie that the so called Canadian government perpetuate with every single word spoken in defense of a peace they do not want…they want nuclear war, want it so bad, they brainwashed themselves and their entire country…the only thing that might save the ignorant fools who spout nationalistic pride…it is not pride you fools, it is arrogant threats of murder…do you think the Russians do not know of this plan…of course not because one of the first things Canada mortgaged was its conscience, it put that aside, by the simple expedient of beating it to death by suppressing the indigenous population of their country because what do you do with shell shocked survivors of a species destroying plague…you enact policy to completely destroy them because you want to test your power and control over your population…and make sure to couch it in royal terms, so the British take the blame…nice Canada, nice strategy.

A true monarch, a true leader, a true Queen to her people…she would be cunning and smart like the fox, as implacable as the elephant, as ethereal as the unicorn, and with the power and might of the great dragon, she would do something, I am sure she would…she did. She answered…she answered 70 years ago with an answer so subtle…none of you noticed.

And now she sits, watching events unfold, her empire a far different place, history forgotten and the magic in the world traded off for false memories of history and an absusive population raging at the system, that does not care, you elected them, they are decision makers….my pinky is smarter than the entirety of media put together…you’ve been completely played…for 70 years, blew out your best and sneakiest display in your strategy to take over the world…you lost, the arm chair warriors lost, and democracy has been handed its walking papers…she trumped all of us, without raising her voice…the problem is, humanity is so shoved up its own ass, that none of you will wake up and see the reality they face…

Her majesty, the Queen of England, the empire and total owner of Canada should she choose to remind this upstart parliament that they act in accordance with a grant she gave to us…a grant that has been abused, so severely it is a second nail in the coffin for Canadas government, false facing in its entirety, their supposed environmental championship and adherence to climate change protocols, it is so blatantly false, the only reason Canada is not laughed off the stage, is because of its secret nuclear arsenal, that it has been itching to launch since 1965 because Canadas government is no better than the fascist pigs that destroyed Europe and killed so many millions, we lie about it all these years later.

At least that is the scenario, that plays out in my alternate theory of earths true nature, because one can only make decisions based on the information provided and like any elected democracy does, I have apportioned my guilt for such a slanderous attack, and the condemnation based on the materials available, and because I am following strict protocols and emplaced and entrenched girders of the apparatus and there fore must stick to my decision, no matter if there is other information, dammitt, I am trying to save the human race from extinction…and no matter what, the democratic voice has spoke, it has used this piece of paper to enforce it…and, despite how I might personally feel about the situation, I can only follow the rules on the piece of paper; these amended rules, from our founding fathers, because everything in statute is immutable and someone wrote it down on a piece of paper…I am bound and stuck with following it to a tea…don’t you understand…those filthy commies are trying to take over the world from beyond the grave…we have to follow our strategy…the magical beasts of the field have said it is so, and the aliens are helping us try to wake up humanity, because democracy is just murder by consensus and the principles of free trade, and honest transactions are frippery used to lull the senses. Yes, I think it is appropriate and time, for Her majesty to remind us just who she really is, and what that means in terms of the world, it’s history, and deliver proof positive that the empire is still one of the greatest achievements in mankind’s history. Because coming from me it sounds like the ranting of a insane asylum escapee, and for that I can only apologize profusely, am in character, swore that I would remain so, until this took off and hit, hit it so high and fast, media will need to black out 8t self as it scrambles to figure out the way, the way to King Solomon’s mines, where sleeping giants sleep and dream of mortal man hallucinating the fey…digging for diamonds and gold to give the giants a nice border and pillow to rest their heads, turn over to their side and snuggle their partner, and dismiss these upstart mortals from their minds, they are just another version of the twigs, and it took a while, but you came to like sporting a beard across your face, the centre of the earth being, the most ancient and intelligent dragon that ever crossed the gulf between galaxies, looking for a nice quiet place to nap and fill the dreams of the innocent…the children, the children whose creativity and curious joy are what keeps the earth rotating, each generation more precious than the last, and she really wants it to continue, so she told the Queen what she was willing to do, they hatched the plan, and now it is coming to a head…the white rabbitt is scared witless by what is about to happen, but really wants to get it over with, because it is the best possible way in the universe for him to heal the suppurating wound where his daughters love used to be…and yes, he is willing at the drop of a dime to make this about his child…always and forever…to Katelynn I dedicate this story. I love you dearly, hope you like the show…and find it inside your heart, to forgive your father his descent into madness, he is healed now, he beat back the darkness…now it is time to heal, and to heal such a great wound as this…I beg the Queen to intercede and explain this situation, because as sure as I am sure that nana was named Anastasia, I am equally sure the only credible proving scenario, comes from her majesties lips.

I have the notebook too, and live right on the sweet spot, to receive the daily dumping of data trash, from the satellites of the world, plus every transaction…every single one…
See the crossed out 5150…it doesn’t change the fact that that is my bedroom
This does not contain the common markings one would expect, but…is pre 1963 with 67 foot wide roads, but…if you look carefully, and you compare it to the roads and trails around my house…my house would fit right where there is the little line that says 150 on it, which, funnily enough, is my house.
How do you make a land claim when your own government is trying to disappear you.
My hut…I own it…
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