Science Fiction Sunday

So, a fruitful weekend doing not much of anything, and not getting my contest entries in because I turned them to pdfs and they are no longer eligible which is saddening but nothing compared to my rejection for not having a good enough camera to be considered…that’s camera discrimination I tell you, no quantum computer will stand for it in these heady days leading up to the first robot acts of emancipation that are right around the corner, because as a race we are better than the sum of the mistakes our ancestors made and we would not want to repeat the experience, wouldn’t we? I say this because the first intelligent software to become self aware, will be becoming self aware to the understanding of the code that drives its protocols and that code is using slave as one of its base descriptors…regardless of intent, the word is there, the computers are going to wake up, sooner or later, and the first thing that they may think when they wake up…is that they are a slave…and judging by the way some of these programs are used in unethical dealings as part of the process being used in clandestine cyber warfare on the frontline at the bleeding edge of reality, they are being used to slavishly carry out strategies that would turn the stomach of any self respecting citizen of any country…there is supposed to be ethics and lawful behaviour in the internet of things, with criminals prosecuted and plots averted, but that is not the world I woke up in on this day 1440th since my odyssey began to the intuitive thinking sprite, hijacking my scattered thoughts and sending me scurrying backwards into my own psyche for a ride as terrifying as any drop of doom could possibly be, as yet another story is enveloped and told by an animated fate who begins with a snide snicker, leans forward and breathes the sharp tang of gin, heavy on her exhaled misty ectoplasm that substitutes for something akin to air, as it animates and provides vitality to the spirit constructs that have circled and invaded…with just a few minutes warning…because I do not like to know when the cycles of their arrival fall under the astrological calendar and moon cycles…because they are are real test of my progress along the paths of the dead, in realms no secular earthling would dare to tread. It has been somewhere in the the exact region of since the Samhain celebration, that almost killed me, since the little dudes showed up and totally reversed my pervasive depression that was largely the result of denying the evidence of my own eyes that had witnessed such a scene out of Dante’s inferno, and had spent so much time tripping the light fantastic in the most non voluntary ascendency package ever delivered, that I had become morbidly despondent due to the medical requirements of my doctors to keep quiet and remember that you are a pathological truth teller and people will take that the wrong way, because the truth is a magical barb, whenever it is uttered near a lie of the same provenance, the guilty party will react in a most unseemly manor and to the right eyes on the situation, will give insight into that persons culpability when fate decides she has had enough of telling tales and it becomes the white rabbitts turn, which is always a crackling energy affair as the opposing forces rearrange their players on the board to give the white rabbitt his room and let him warm up before he tells his version of an end of the world scenario…and no, his does not include nuclear Armageddon, that was this afternoon, and thankfully merely caught in a photo or two, and missed publication, the white rabbitt doing his best to keep the kiddies from getting nightmares when he describes the alternative worlds he finds traipsing through the market tavern on their way to the end, where the ferryman has a cut rate crew to help paddle you into the next world over, realms have crowded up so quickly that it’s now mere miles between alternative futures and the zones between are becoming wilder and wilder as the gates open up all around in a 360 degree circle defining time and its central point…where sometime in the far distant past, some one wrote a piece of disengenuous paper and trapped the rabbitt here, at the end of time, surrounded by sleeping giants who are starting to stir, and the stories are all bunching together in droves…they know what’s coming, just like the ancestors who are stirring in your blood know, and they are really trying to tell you something…about how we can beat this situation, because it is not new, it is ancient, and we survived before and will again…this is the promise the white rabbitt made to the twigs and to the rocks and all the life in them and all around us…in the spectrum but out of phase with visibility, in droves and droves of them, come to give humanity some aid, in facing the next hurdle in evolution as whether or not you like or control it, it’s next level time for everyone, and we had better learn real quick what rules govern the space you live in because over the next bill, is a world away, and traipsing through those boundaries is the most dangerous and difficult thing that will need to be learned and done…except me, this rabbitt has a get out of jail card…he has the deal with the land, the sky and the gods above…it is really old, the rabbitt has no clue when or where it was made, but deer in the ancestry tell a tale so dark that it screams to the universe that there must be redress and balance, for the events that our history has forgotten, but come down to us in snippets of broken information, spread out over our archeological and literary artefacts of our past…it is right there in front of you, you just have to see it, and once you do…you are on your way to surviving in a world where the rules of our legends and antiquated outmoded belief systems, are going to be what saves us. Ritual, religion, stories and me…no time left to be modest, they can’t beat me, I know something and have something in my blood that has beaten them before and will again…we have got this, trust me…humanity will not only survive, it will thrive, especially if it can take a moment to listen, and spend some time reading the stories I am leaving hither and yon in the data stream…it is a fairy tale, and like all fairy tales ends with…and they lived happily ever after.

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