My nouveau Brand Identity. It is for wotcha, the added blonng that the bling hangs from like jewelry. I have spent many a moon incanting and s crying to discover the 18 runes of Odin. This is one of them. I honestly have no idea what it does, but rest assured…my day will tell me the answer, one way or the other…with one way heavily favoured, one way chosen, and one path back to my world and the universe I grew up in. My sojourn has finally found a path out of this maze. If I have done it, I may have set a new record for the fey…four years as opposed to seven, I should get an honorary degree, I just hope, though, that I wake up in a reality that does not have nuclear missiles parked a few miles from me, pointed at Russia to 8n cite them 8nt9 an attack to keep the bombs away from the eastern seaboard, that has me in an alternate earth, where the drug addicted shell shocked soldiers of a mass extermination of peoples over many years, created the ultimate doomsday survival strategy…because sure as fuck, there is no place for that monstrosity in my world, not at all. And to think they built a town over it all.

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