Monday Morning anti blues

Whoever invented the seven day week has got to be roasting next to the adversary in a red coal lined fire pit. Because he, or she, or possibly a god so who knows, invented Monday at the same time, and that, that is why our calendar counts wrong and our years are mixed up…especially where leap years are concerned. Just look back from the years 45 BCE to 9AD, they rearranged the leap years and had them every three 11 times then none for 11 years then adopted the Gregorian calendar that was not put in place for hundreds more years but captures time accurately, because it is the same as the calendar the Roman’s we’re using prior to Caesar messing with it…right…we have an eight day week right? So the math all adds up, we take a day from the week and add one day every four years to make up for …that makes sense to me…if the eighth day was anything like a Monday, or maybe it was sandwiched in between Monday and Tuesday, but was so obnoxious about going to work, Caesar said, not this boyo, not this time…I am getting rid of Monsday and that way, we will all live happily ever after…it is worth noting, motwithstanding my absurdity that those years with the leap year every three…had the most effect on the development of civilization than any other epoch combined, we still live with the effect of those years, 2000 years later.

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