Sundays I really Miss

One of the things that really blows about living on a boundary between realms is registrations. You never know which realm you are in, or even which country you are located in, witching this reality…if this is the reality that is getting my blog postings, that is unclear at this point, there may be up to three different blogs on the go, depends on which screen pops up. The site, itself, is still obscured by the “opening Soon” screen and my deadline for that is today…great…because I just noticed.

Paypal is not set up, visibility is still private, my cart has never been published and I am only on step two to set up the business, that particular screen disappearing from view around the first day I upgraded for the fourth time to finally achieve…not the seamless merger of a blog and shop together, but a shop selling blogs and products someplace else in the ether; which got me thinking about all these pages and such, links to other sites, other places I have products for sale, links to NFTs and those are really cool…but hey, let’s start with paypal, because the mailer chimp won’t open and I can’t disable pop ups in my windows because the tab does not offer that direction, I have never found the tab..I think it’s fake…to convince you to spend time disabling pop up windows that write to your address no matter if you allow it or not…uh ohh digressing, a korred must be nearby, those little kobolds are a handful, I could…no…focus…pull it back…don’t let him derail you, it could mean disaster.

Okay then, so paypal: needs a business account; which I just shut down because all of its registrations glitched but managed to get a normal account set up; that is no good, because it needs a business upgrade…so I fill it all in…it will not upgrade, it will not do anything, it will not leave the screen…why? Oh, I see…it will not accept my phone number, it is unacceptable to my Canadian country code…this is strange…I am in Canada, this is my Canadian telephone number…it won’t work…neither will my second line…so am stymied…no wait, I was just offered a business upgrade to my phone, but will that make my Canadian number Canadian? Or do I get a new number, the ninth in four years…that’s normal right?

I mean everybody has their phone accounts glitch, disappear, get shut down, get sold on…get hacked…get hacked again…get really hacked and watch all your hardware melt…watch it come in through your text messaging and blow up your business wifi…I mean this happens to everybody, the police thought it was just normal operating and that I should get new hardware and accounts, so I did, twice…and now this phone number will not work..

Did you see how I escalated the situation dramatically and managed to push blame onto someone else? I am the master of deflecting responsibility; and making a mountain out of a molehill…

What I should really do is go back in the paypal screen and probably correct the country I chose as my residence, but that would be no fun now would it…but I still want a new I phone 13 pro with no money down on a significant percentage off a business line: which sounds just gravy…so must be loaded…and the phone numbers are glitched…this is not the first time I have been denied registration to financial apps and exchanges…they say I have a VOIP number, which I personally understand to mean I am paying $85/month for an internet line that costs $30 a year to exist…now would my phone company do something cheap and underhanded like that…yes…they would…they and theirs go back a ways with me and mine…there is a little issue on my part, and they pretend I don’t exist except to sell me product that is compromised the second I turn it on…location, location, location…

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