12 days To go

Until I officially have to open this shop, that is the original date I chose when I began with my cunning passive income plan, that is ready to go now, full of little bugs and glitches but the bones are there…and there is a growing amount of content to keep people occupied…there is even a game of sorts, that of trying to find on the different locations that house different parts of the overarching story that is contained within the book I am constructing out of over 139 separate files, that all talked about the same things, with terrifying finality in terms of endings, so much so that ai have adopted the approach of …”and they lived happily ever after,” my new and fervent prayer that I begin whenever fate arrives at the tavern to whet her lips and make the rabbitt shake with that animal instinct that is just screaming predator and prey, and being a rabbitt, there is not much history of being the predator but there is a lot of history of getting action and breeding indiscriminately so there are some pluses I guess, depending on viewpoints of course, and mine is somewhat different than fates. Not that it changes the outcome any, fate being fate; that was one of the first notions I was disabused of when I found myself in this alternate universe; fate is real, fate is fixed, and if you get caught up in fate as events unfold, all you can truly do is try to enjoy the experience as much as possible; there is no other choice; your moves have been fixed, your psyche programmed through a lifetime of self hypnosis; no matter what you think your conscious mind can do to alter the situation, was firmly planned and included in fates dissertation on the foibles of the average male human. Fate is nicer to women; she discriminates, something to do with birth…that I do not get or understand; so she is exasperated with me at the best of times; I just hope she plays fair. The first time this happened and the stories began, my poor house was almost destroyed, smashed beyond recognition. That is why there is a no disturbance sign on the door…it’s for the frost giants. They here Loki is in residence and have shown up in the valley below to bellow his name and call for his liver on a plate. I really must gather and read those Norse myths; figure out what the trickster is up too…seems he is far more present in the world than is cohorts. This might have to do with the belief pouring into him from a generation hopped up on superhero stories. Works for me.

So there is a darkness vs dark vs not so dark vs shadow vs light contest going on within these pages and sites. It is up to you, the reader to decide how you wish to proceed in discovering whether or not I am telling the truth; what is it that I am trying to say and where is the button that says sign up for a copy of the book the author says this site is about, yet has not provided any stories.

That is because I have 139 files to work through. I did not realize it at the time, but I just kept plonking away at the idea…and now I wish to provide the highest and best possible display venue for my debut…but the whole point of the exercise from my point of view is for you to have to make the conscious decision on whether or not I am telling the truth…on any of it, some of it, all of it or none of it…And you also have to make a decision based on the nature of the pictures and their running theme…are you choosing light, does the dark appeal, what gets your creative juices flowing…or are you shut off, locked tight in an unassailable tower of objective rational thought; that does not fly here at the edge, rational thought will get you a nickel burger in a dust bowl but it will sure will get you some attention here, are you sure you want the kind I mean?

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