It is time:

That was the friendly reminder I had on my phone when, filled with existential dread, I awoke to the screeching sounds of an accordion being played by an elephant and back up in the form of a murder of crows. Ahhhh, it is morning already; if it is morning, tough to tell up here, what with the sun going backwards in the sky and destiny claiming Ra kicked it when he lost a hand last night.

Fate won again; this time with dramatic fashion, my dopamine levels shooting through with adrenaline as she calmly explains the end of my personal world to me will come in such an unexpected fashion, I will be struck dumb with its overwhelming presence, which tells me I am just around the corner from deaths door. Whenever ai think I may have the upper hand in these games of life and chance, fate steps in and trips destiny because we all know the fix is in. The powers that be always win.

Except this time humanity built a Hail Mary; no returning to the stone age with us. That was gates trump card you see; in her nuclear annihilation scenario, she calmly explained that the last salvo was meant to finish us off, to save us the horrors of surviving in a world where someone with way too much bellicose ego is won’t to say…”Do what I say young man, finish your homework, or it’s straight to bed with no dinner for you, I mean it, don’t press me further or it will be World War III.

This segment brought to you by the news I avoid like the plague. What sort of politician are you and statesman when the first words out of your mouth in the face of tragedy and conflict is a threat to start nuclear Armageddon and kill everyone on the planet if you don’t get what you want…I had no idea we had let the bankers take over the worlds political stage…beyond the rapacious fingers they have sucking at every bodies mortgaged labour: sold for the next generation, to service debt applied by banks all in a glorious descending cycle…to hell we all go.

How is it mathematically possible to mortgage something that has not happened yet; and how do you apply true value to that mortgages labour, at what currency, and time…it is an imaginary construct. And it has all of us ensnared; and by its very nature, is evil.

Much like a childrens classic, I reminisce about things that I have never had. If I held my proper position in the world, as Chairman and general Secretary; I would do things a little different; first I would put the lenders in a zoo, then I would classify them based on the instruments they peddle and would feed them the same growth they sell, just to see how long they could put up with their own products. Not long I would guess.

I spent quite a few years selling real estate to people who were caught up in the glamour of owning a home, and I saw my industry completely change almost overnight with asset paper, sun prime lending and banks throwing money around like it was the worthless piece of paper it is: and if I could go back in time, both personally and professionally, I would make that banker explain every single clause and term using plain, logical language; it would have the effect of cooling real estate markets pretty quick: those life terms they banned hundreds of years ago…don’t bet on it, they probably still have your grandfathers debt on file.

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