Monday, sometime after dawn, but before…

Today’s affirmations and vows will be brought to you by my future sponsorship and endorsement deal London Pride, because I drank my last Guinness yesterday and feel I need some healthy Carbs for breakfast..sacrilege I know, but it is either that or a fired egg butty, because I tuned out my doctors sometime ago and am healthier by far for the switch.

Today I affirm that I will have a look and see if this site is one? Two? Published? Opening soon? Private or visible, am not too sure of any of it, but am sure the site is populating with intended content, and is posting to the Facebook market tavern; which is being tended by the white Rabbitt in lieu of you ever getting any of this out to my adoring public who do not know me from Adam but positivity is the key and outlandish statements in support of outlandish ideas is the sort of mind I would like to be.

Fate has dished out a doozy, eastern philosophizing the whole time, while she over drank the bar and ran up a tab a mile long; but she is always timely with her debts and never lets it raise too high, the future was her play last night, and I watched it unfold like it was a science fiction movie, big budget and out of sight.

It requires, hard work and dedication, focus and a zen like attitude; but for the future she laid out before me, I think it worth the effort to guide myself directly into that path and embrace the knowledge that fate decreed it so, have some compassion for yourself, and let the universe flow.

Starting as soon as I finish petting the cat, and why won’t this blog post let me post a feel good image to go along with my feel good Monday morning to make up for having my jeep stolen: it was the universes opposite and proportional response to me launching this website at 3:00 am half built but ready to go.

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