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So this day, I try something more definite than my references to otherworldly gates, ruins and invisible folk. Today I try with a photo from my front yard, taken yesterday. I shall post three, one of the mountain and two of close ups. In the close ups…can you see the face, the two dogs and the Greek warrior carved and overgrown with tiny cumholts (stunted pine found at higher elevation).

I know it’s really faint, but below the dogs is the shape of a diamond in the trees. From my physically present view, the diamond is pretty prevalent. It has trails running into it from four different directions. Like a medieval fortified village, or what the remains look like today, raised earthworks surrounding a square where roads meet.

At the crossroads of: the bleeding edge of reality; beside the paths of the dead, to King Solomons Mines, on The Highway on Top of The World, To the Kingdom of Prester John, in the lands in the East, at the Market Tavern, Back when Tigers used to Smoke; hallucinating ancient Gods, bound at the Gates of Dawn, hallucinating the Fey, digging for diamonds and gold.
Soldier is far right, dogs central, large face in the centre, faces and images to the left.
Soldier to the far right, faint diamond central lower part of the mountain, dogs above. Zoom in and look around


Man & Dog

What do you think it is? Random images? Burned out Surveyors from the past, making their time here more enjoyable? Prior to 1969; according to local history and the public record, there was nothing here but the entrance to the Wilderness park and a few indigenous families. Prior to the 1909 Survey no official Canadian govt position had ever been to this place…they returned in 1919, 1934, 1955 and began operations in the area in the 1960,’s with the town for,ing in 1969…and nowhere is there any records of tetra glyphs are the many other oddities in the region…many! It is amazing what you can find sitting in the public record, quietly displacing the known history and layering another in its place. Our common held beliefs here, also fail to capture the speed skater…I will let you figure that one out further on.

Face amidst a menagerie

I am working on entering these into the ND world photo contest, which presents a Saturday afternoon conundrum that has interrupted my crypto currency studies and stalled the juggernaut that is my weekend production performance, so far batting nil and overthinking, which sequence of photos is the way to go…and why did I put the Picfair website on the ND Profile and this site on the Global photo awards when their respective, for sale, associative images are published vice versa, with my rock trolls on Picfair (or slated in that storyboard) and this site is a dedicated blog to my imaginary belief that the mountains that surround my home are riddled with terraforming where none has been reputed to happen. And this site is also dedicated to artistic renderings, the picfair site is photographic scenes put forth by The Fey, this site, to efforts to display them in an abstract perspective and neither linked to my NFT efforts because I just do not know how to do it…yet. The NFT theme is psychomancy, which displays both themes in a dark vs light fashion, there being two distinct identities publishing on two different platforms (at least I think so…am building a workflow, or publication line…the fey are very particular in the direction they want their formal introduction to the world to take…(myself, I am more of a mind to slam it all out there because I feel I am under the gun as far as doing anything to protect the region, it’s wildlife and natural habitats as well as the (what is obvious to me) remains of what looks like a lost civilization ( the ruins, my inspiration for civilization and a gateway to the underworld is first sequence) habitats (the nesting rock trolls sequence sequence after interlude shots of preliminary introduction to these photos, that have digital fine arts associated to them, that should lead (but doesn’t yet) to the NFT collections Hallucinations of The Fey ( by Whiterabbitt and the Hallucinations (I think, maybe something else, have lost track, will re edit the next time I remember) by Adversarius from which there should be from beginning to end a sliding scale of polarity following different perspectives on the same overriding theme, captured in my little tag poem attached to all the Picfair photos and applied to the and referencing the myriad of different storylines that I have used to create my personal interpretation of what the images on this mountain contain in their origin.

Have done all of this for two overriding purposes the second I shall mention and the primary, I keep to my prayers for the time being…but involve my daughter, and what I would like to say to her and what I think we should do for a nice holiday, because time has been kind to neither of us and we deserve better than the lot that exists between us. Oh, so I blurted it out anyways…so be it, for my daughter in all things.

The second reason is because the fifteen minutes I spent on a webinar pushing a PTSD treatment package complete with side hustlers, like I was playing the shell game on a street in Copenhagen, combining to provide a slick delivery, timed right to the minute…and I thought to myself…if you are going to get a publisher for your book…you are going to need an agent, and for that you are going to need to hook one with a query letter like no other. And associated with that comes the need to have an online presence in order to show how willing you are to plug your own intellectual property, and the reach you can possibly have, it shows the quality of your writing, I think, spending all of your time on social media rather than on the story itself but that is necessary, it gives you time to reflect on your novel and decide whether it follows the structure you envision which is when you discover you have an awful lot of content to edit, and really need to get professionals involved instead of self publication…because you personally think your first novel nails it so completely, you are probably need to get as much attention on it as possible…possibly for the need to have funds and insurance in place to defend against the lawsuits it generates (still editing, no worries…all references to reality are being lost).

So faced with this in my minds eye, sometime in March of 2020 if I remember correctly, I resolved to Create my own program for dealing with the pervasive symptoms of PTSD because I sure as hell could not afford the three grand for a course whose form I discerned in the introduction to the same structure a diet is built around. I also resolved to spend some time churning out diet plans, they seemed to make good money. I believe it was March 15 or 16, night during…I began creative writing to drag the trauma out of my lambic system where it resolved to just constantly repeat its emotional memory of the event, like it happened yesterday, but had been a dozen years previous, and relive and reinvent the trauma in a situation that I could control, instead of being the powerless in receipt of, that had been the experience at the time. It led to this point. That of needing a platform and content in which to pave the way to getting the story that emerged from me published in a major way…and this brought about my need to reveal the secrets all about me, that I keep to myself due to their incredible nature.

The mountains, I have watched the sun carve these images for 20 years, though I admit to being blind as to the reality of them until I committed to reestablishing contact and a relationship with my daughter as the primary motivation to my strategy, and synchronicity reared it’s head once again and common sense took over. Or rather, my over the top personality took over.

This part is for any potential agent wondering what exactly I am talking about, especially if you are viewing this. I do, indeed, believe I have publishing gold in my hands…quite a bit of it if truth be told…and in my efforts to land agency and publishers of note, I have gone to the extreme and devoted the last few months (instead of editing) to prepare this strategy to generate interest in the story and build a base from which to disseminate it as best as am able, constrained within the realms of budgetary realities called shoestring independent, but built to get as much possible play out of the theme, to the point of flogging it to death, potentially for eternity…or so long as it generates enough revenue to pay for itself.

There is for the sale of photos that work within the themes of fairytales and lost civilizations

There is for fine arts, themed around Fairytales and photos and blog of a lost civilization I am bringing to the world in order to get publicity to plug the novel you, the agent, are going to love.

There are NFTs on and that explore the themes of psychomancy, the Fey and the darker sliding scale of being on the bleeding edge of reality, another disclosure I make in my efforts to raise awareness towards potentially buying the novel I keep repetitively mentioning in a low grade subversive message construct to subliminally encourage people to buy the NFTs and photos ahead of the publication that will make them iconic first pictures displayed of a lost civilization and the Fey…in keeping with the subject matter explored in the novel, that I must admit is either two or twice the size for a debut, and that is after cutting so much I thought I almost lost the thread, but pulled it back with some intervention by peoples who are imaginary but yet have form and figure in my photography which begins to bring the association with quantum mechanics and the odds of having the universe provide me with so much content to utilize to get this story to the show, am humbled (not so much) or rather overwhelmed by the requirements to display in so many mediums…but the fey…they do not want a repeat of the two girls…they feel sorrow for the way they were treated…and part of my agreement is to physically prove that photo is authentic and society owes a huge apology for hounding them their entire lives to the point they were disavowing true memories of true happenings in their lives, to which I wholeheartedly agree, care not a whit what people think is real or false, and have a deep affinity for storylines being the truth or being something perceived, from a personally experienced direction…that adds a twist to the novel that makes it the most terrifying fairytale one person can imagine collaborating with the fey, who have final say on post production, and want their every aspect on display. No false facing from them, it’s a doubled sided coin at the very least.

The Fey…I have no explanation for them…not really…except my photographic evidence of them date back to my backpacking through Scotland in 1996. Which makes my fantasy element of the novel, unnerving to me in the extreme. I just noticed the fey in one of my photos the other day, as this story just keeps unfolding in front of me with revelations everyday, and the conflict between the light and darkness, that is the price I have paid…to see the world from this perspective, to see our visible spectrum in another light.

Outlying Perimeter
Glencoe June, 1996
Glencoe photo close up from 1996, see the dragon in the tree?

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