The Sunday Reader

I have sent a lament to the support staff at WordPress begging for their aid during this time of mounting confusion, although maybe starting to come together, in a haphazard fashion.

There is a plethora of things to do, to link them all together, and populate with decent content, that will keep people amused for a time before they feel their purses grow heavy, and tip the publican at the bar, by buying one of his pieces for sale. Monies to a good cause of course, frivolous spending, on things that will make more things that I will publish for general consumption by the masses, who are starved for something fresh and new, so thought about it and came up with this idea, in an effort to improve moral, because there is more to our world that meets the eye, and we should embrace it. I do worry, however, that the response will be typical to my region…shoot, bury it and do not ask questions.

I have six pages for this site but none that connect to the other, although I did manage to link Facebook, LinkedIn, and twitter, which is something good for today, although would like some more movement forward, on the shop parts of this display. There are three, maybe more, I am not certain, there is a site I paid for, where I cannot get the check out working, but it is armed and ready, so maybe it will join the party also.

I have published my first run of NFTs to the blockchain, they are good but we’re practice to understand the process, I have another run prepared that will be significantly more involved than The Rams Cross appears.

I have edited a couple of short stories to add to my vocal platform. There is a running theme there also, but it does seem kind of grim, no matter that they are meant to amuse and were exercises. After all, the reason behind this is to set up a profile for me to push my awesome novel, that I am stalled in editing, because my computer rearranged the files, and I think the new layout may be a better storyline to follow. That book is rather large for a first timer, so I may cut it severely, and keep good parts for a sequel, rather than let the editors get them. ooohhhh, Am jumping the gun here…missed a whole bunch of steps, and revealed the plot of the story, long before it gestates and promulgates all over the internet. Because I firmly believe that I nailed it to the wall, with my collection of fairytales, which will provide a counterpoint to this production, should the story ever see the light of the long day.

I also have a photography site, on the pic fair app. All it needs is photos for sale, of which I am currently imagining will be easy to do, when I have managed to hire a computer genius, who can push the buttons for me, as I am just an idea man, the global picture that is me…honest…ai know what ai am doing, ai am blessed with the Knowing.

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