A Sunday Morning

And already deviating from my program, but did not remember that a blog reminder was going to go off, forcing my brain down a different path, into the making stuff up zone, as opposed to the doing chores and taxes zone; which just goes to show you how strong my mental will is, that chores enamor me to the point of doing anything but…down to staring at the wall, wondering where todays events will take me; because I see the walls swirling and this morning drums were beating on the other side of the boundary that separates dimensional space between this realm and the one that has brushed up against mine, in a teeming display of ideas and muse driven inspiration as the fey all line up to audition for the show, none of them untouched by the thought of celebrity and fame, and to a one, have stage fright, that is difficult to tame and manifests in glitches to the system, static discharges from the ether, and tendrils of plasma expectorating from their mouths.

Luckily for them, I am clueless to the machinations of celebrity and fame and think their fear is unfounded and pretty lame, considering the multi year effort they have gone to develop the storylines to go with their debut and have choreographed every moment the dance makes. They should be primed and ready to go, unless they are afraid of me, my motivations for the display, to which I answer every time…creativity and it’s uncontrolled aspects are friends of mine, honest transactions are my lifelong ideological frame of mind and it is based on experiencing quite the opposite throughout my life, where I think therein the problem lies. The shadow cast by the darker aspects of the fey, weighs heavily upon my soul, and peppers each tale I tell in my competition with fate, to which the scoreboard reads, the white rabbitt, nil…fate all points awarded…she can flummox me in a single breath, no matter how many muses have spiked my drink…to even conceive of the story she has told, beggars my belief system and leaves me shivering and cold…

Luckily, most of this is just play, everyone involved knows that both light and shadow have equal billing, just so long as I make sure not to let the dark lord pass, he remains in his prison at the gates of dawn, one step away from the boundary, bound there waiting for…

So, things are looking up in my little endeavor. I managed to get my entries off for the global photo awards, as part of my plan to gain fame and draw people to this site, and others where they shall peruse of my dalliance, hallucinating the fey, here at the market tavern, at the bleeding edge of reality, on the paths of the dead, at King Solomon’s mines, on the highway on top of the world, in the Kingdom of Prester John, where the sun rises in the east, back when tigers used to smoke…almost got it…

One site linked, and functioning properly, with the ability to add in unlimited links to other places. So last night I populated it, with 8 photographs, alongside 3 into entries…and then I put an NFT up for auction, that links to this site, and is, by virtue of being me…linked to 192 other NFTs for sale, that can be tracked through the tags I am placing in every product I am posting, so hopefully another avenue has been connect to be exploited in my dual, nay tri, nay quarto product lines, in that they follow different paths to the same theme.

And all of my efforts are directly leading to one overriding plan…I think I may have overdone it but I wrote a book I am really proud of, and wish to score publication from a reputable house, achieved through the proper agent, whom are very busy, I know.

So I joined a free webinar, on how to get an agent who will sell your book to the right people. It talked about a query letter, one that needs to capture attention, and it also talked about your own platform, the efforts you have undergone to build a place where your book can receive some attention in an online place. That was fifteen minutes well spent, to bad I cannot remember whose webinar it was, or else I would plug her right now. So I took that information and thought, how can you do this, so that you give, not only the impression of enthusiastic efforts to bring attention to your work, but to do so in such a way as to generate enough attention to look like this came so easy that there must be some sort of ulterior, professional hand, guiding this.

I came up with a plan, and this page is one of the results of putting my strategy in action, so just remember, if you read this of course, that I literally am using this entire display, to try and get a book published…no matter what anyone says, and don’t let the for sale items move you…the photographs, NFTs, short stories and videos, are the ammunition I am using to say…look at my book, it may be a debut but I think it really may have nailed it in terms of entertainment…hope so, have spent a ton of time preparing it, am agonizing over place and thought nothing at all, of starting a new business, resurrecting a corporation, taking on a completely new direction, and organizing a marketing campaign into a capital gains deduction. It has gotten out of hand, if I didn’t want an agent and publishing house so much, I would go the route of self publishing, just so I could control the entire thing. And retain autonomy from editors and corporate censors because their may be a few little spots in my book, that could be viewed as controversial, or maybe not…general public opinion supports some of the novels attestations…enough time to get to work, land titles here I come because there is nothing more satisfying than discovering an instrument or registration that you did not know existed…on your own home and property, not in the twenty years have lived here, many of them in the real estate industry…sooooo blind to mine own, but still educated to recognize the signs and identifiers. The white rabbitt may be fashionably late to the game but when he arrives, his mind is armed to the teeth and ready to square off against fate, throwing destiny into the pot with a vide ante and a grin, one of these days, the market tavern will serve drinks.

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