So it is Official

Hero cookie to me, for finally seeing the problems that face me in this daunting task of becoming technologically compliant with smart technology. Have discovered the dilemma, and am eager this Saturday morning to address the issue that face my sites, the shops in particular.

In no particular order: The picfair site is up and running, transactions able to be completed. Have uploaded five test images, one was given a commercial license, yay for me, but make sure not to post all the money shots at once, you are trying to tell the story of a journey, because when I looked at the photo list in its entirety from new phone to day, it wrote a story that made me cry, so am attempting to display it for discerning customers who may puzzle out its direction. This is site #1.

Site #2 is my primary hub, the spot from which visitors will be able to connect to all of the various pages and blogs and rants that pepper them, which range from funny, to downright disturbing if their content is read for the value of its subjects, there is part of me that has a bone to pick, not with people so much as a bitter experience with process at its most fundamentally flawed and feel this gives me the right to expound at length on certain matters that could be perceived as a political ideology. This is not good for business, business is about the Fey. And this is about something to celebrate, an idea that could grow into something else; especially if my secrets get let out to play: as is the purpose of this site: which is both a blog and a store and therein lies the problem: the blog is posting to the store, so my story is for sale, post by post, instead of downloadable images from the bleeding edge of reality…this is because I haven’t set up the pages properly and may need to scrap and start again.

The third site is my Wix page and there, I had planned to drop the whole thing because none of its instructions match any of the tabs offered so believe that the instructions are from a different version of the site, and when I try to get on through the desktop…my security goes off pretty quick…tells me the certificate is too long and the page is under threat…so this will be solved by erasing and calling it a day, because I have been hacked before and do not want another display…it tore apart my identity and my businesses and destroyed my records and accounts in the process of bulldozing me…and appears to have been personal…boy do divorces ever get nasty…just kidding, but that’s who I thought when it hit at the time, a virus dumped in by an ex having some malicious fun…even tried to confront her on it…but it was not so…why would it have been…the hack came right at the same time…except it had been in the system years.. so no security issue pages especially ones that instruct you to pull down the tab beside the edit button and choose art store and then choose downloadable product…when there is no button next to the edit button, there is no edit button displayed for about 4 images and that is to update your profile…but not your public profile, that you only get to fill in once, mistakes permanently etched into your store like nobodies business. I will save this site if something presents itself to the effect that my incompetence can be alleviated and this page can be made to work.

That is 3 different shop sites, all for selling photographs, one would suffice one would think, as he thinks of other sites to add…am looking for communities you see, each of these shops is based around a community and the community creates users…am after the users…all of them, because am trying to reach as many people as possible, for attaining a prize awarded by myself to myself for getting as many hits as possible, my goal…is to try an beat Morgan Spurlock…that would be really something…his film is my favourite…”The greatest movie ever sold,” and definitely inspiration for this little insanity project.

Each store as links in it to connect to other sites. There is short story platform #1, short story platform #2 is in the works…looking for something that accepts swearing…have a story with a salty tongue (me…never!) that fails in its intent with the removal of the two swear words…there are more but there are two sticky ones…I think they tie the story together…and have a bunch of dark stories would like to see have time in the limelight, even if they are practicing for the big show, some of them are still pretty good.

There are the NFTs which make up part of this display. On the blockchain they are, in their own world…and of course…on multiple different platforms, some anonymous, some trapped, and some actually posted properly…this is because when minting an NFT, you have one shot, mistakes are left in…honestly have a masterpiece of the gesalt principle floundering under unknown name and untitled collection…am sad, it is the image that gave me the confidence to say that what I was doing was art, it’s a one of a kind, one edition minted…hopefully discovered one day. There are around 25 of those and growing, a set with ten editions each, a set with nine and a planned auction to display others one at a time. They are tied to my Crypto currency exchange, paid for by coins, Ethreum in particular, and not cheap when you consider the shoestring budget I am on, trying to bring this all together to look and feel as big as possible for the simple reason being…the tax man is going to ask questions called proper business filings and in my eagerness I have utilized a corporation and a sole proprietorship running the corporation to provide assets management and financial services to the owners of the intellectual property I am flogging, the owners being the owners of the proprietorship and the shareholders of the corporation exist to manage it…it is awesome, completely legal and aligning me with my true potential…as I have been CEO of the Corporation since 2008. Lost the businesses I ran due to vagaries that can be found being alluded to in my rant page on Facebook, which is not my store page but posts to both. There has been much deleting…but then I paused. Honesty is part of this presentation…because it is purely based on fantasy…this creates a question in your head…the point I may add…because I am trying to make my potential customers think…that maybe there is something to what I am saying, that goes beyond normal daily activity and taps into the creativity that exists in a room in your mind…and by the looks of the world…is something we need to dust off and engage pretty rapidly…story unfolds within.

There are also instagram pages, discord, and Snapchat working, all geared towards drawing people in with witty charm and self depreciating humour…which should smooth the chaos of some of my posts, some but not all. I let the words run when they come and the subject matter is decided someplace in my mind where I do not have access, not first thing in the morning anyways.

Wish me luck, it is the weekend, time to not be interrupted by that terrible affliction called work…of which I do only part time now, sort of, this full time engagement is not work to me. This is a project, something entirely different, and purely for a sense of accomplishment…need a victory, it’s been a rough couple of decades.

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