It’s minus 13 C out this morning. April whatever, sometime in the morning, 2022 according to either the Julian calendar or the gregorian (soooo, either my spellcheck does not know the word gregorian or I am spelling it wrong; or using it entirely inappropriately…this is due to a lack of caffeine. What I was trying to say is that I can never remember which calendar is which when making reference to time and date. There is a lot of confusion there, in my scattered opinion, that are covering up something sinister with the sinister being that none of them are correct, to the tiniest fraction of the tiniest fraction to the point where time can be caught a lassoed so that we can truly figure out how to ring in the new year properly in order to stave off the imminent destruction of the world…oh man, gonna be late for work…4th time this week…am going for a record: so if we calculate time to its precise location we unlock the prison door to Pandora’s box…if we already did not do that with our favourite toy in the world…the super collider…which am sure could be used to calculate the time necessary to open wormhole gates that could be anchored into other worlds or even the vacuum of space…which is why the Sahara dessert exists. It was not goats over grazing and poor agrarian technique…it was blow back from opening a gate at the great pyramid…in order to connect with the gods…this is why mainstream archeology and history will not tell you the truth…they are afraid of the implications for the application of AI and smart technology to the technologies of the ancients because it would be like TNT all over again and we would pour out into the galaxy like locusts, hunting for gold and diamonds and whatever resource we could exploit…and our neighbours would not appreciate that too much…so they would start up the old engine on the starship that is 1300 times the size of Jupiter and cruise off to check these nuclear bomb wielding weirdos out…and they would park in the Oort Cloud to watch us for a while….Then what would they do…we have a data signal full of radiation from nuclear bombs, porn, war, and obsession with wealth…they would think the m.

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