Sleeping Giants

Really hoping you can see the giants face sleeping in the wall of my may or may not be an underground entrance way into the underworld, where creatures dwell, who only come out when they are sure no one is about. The more time spent staring at these, the more convinced my unconscious becomes, at accepting that there is such a possibility as to their being a lost civilization buried right around here. Plenty will scoff, of that to be sure, especially the locals who live in this place, high up on a plateau along the eastern slopes, of the Rocky Mountains that split the continent in two, along a divide that is not too far from my home which has a pretty spectacular view, at least In regards to forests, the taiga and the rock peaks that can stretch away into nothing but dim blue lines on the horizon, and abut up so close, you can watch the sun slowly move across their features, revealing a story that is their to be interpreted, as one sees fit, in my humble opinion, I found these little gems and mysteries, they can be whatever y like, there is no harm in guessing and thinking outside of the box…it gets the creative juices flowing and really helps pass the time in winter, when it is cold, and dark and not nearly so blue and bright as I remember.

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