Monday Morning T minus 30 days and counting

Should really stop freaking out about my schedule. It is not really necessary, there is plenty of time to work the kinks out, so am going to play with crypto currency, of which this site, will accept solans; which y think is cool. No idea why but that stuff captured my imagination just like everything around me here did, it is like looking through a different set of sunglasses to be sure, not a day goes by that….shhh kitty, be quiet, you wanted outside, not my fault it’s minus 5…where was I, oh…dripping with goo I see. Needs must take over and change the witty repartee. Crypto currency is all well and good but the real wealth lays in having your day go smoothly, productively and for your own profit. Those 2 1/2 years I spent with a boss, really sucked as bad as can be; not that it really bothers me, but why let someone else judge your value and what parts of you earn and when. Would much rather play with my hallucinations, sell them here and…on crypto blockchain marketplaces because that is also cool, a place for artists to sell their work and it is built in that any future sales include a commission for the artist, so instead of starving while your work appreciates in value, you can keep a piece of it for yourself, intellectual property. Betcha Van Gogh would have appreciated that, at least the irony of seeing his commissions make millions, hundreds of years after kicking it dead. Y worry that this, too, is my fate; to merely make masterpieces for future generations…centuries away, will appreciate the vintage look that they display and after such a very long time, they will pay the equivalent of a dime, inflation really blows but what can you say…a million dollars will be just enough one day, to go out for a meal, maybe catch a flick, but we will walk, it costs ten thousand a click.

What Y meant to be actually speaking about was the definitely, maybe requirement for me to publish all the stuff I have already gotz, but the list is quite long and some are still not ready, and y found another site for short stories. Between them, the pictures and my silly cunning plan alpha, that is coming along quite nicely, oh yes…now remember…it appears this site is mixed up quite a bit and posting my blogs to the store page wherein works of fantastic origin are won’t to be displayed…so after the whole weekend spent fiddling, got one up and running, y think it is in England. One down, two almost ready, then…then look for the sign that ai am ready…hopefully it is not an asteroid smacking into…booted void, that’s no way to talk, not on Monday, five minutes before you have to go to work, because the exercise you lazy git, you need the exercise, you haven’t moved in two days.

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