Captains Log

Stardate: pour me another Guinness, It’s lunch time, so let’s go.

Just kidding, I am an older gentleman, and not one to drink so early in the day, unless I am sure the water is contaminated and then it is straight to the brewery; beer having saved countless lives over the centuries, protecting its imbibers from mother natures finest; the very nectar we are dependent on for the maintenance of our bio wet wired organic sacs that we use to cart around our consciousness. Yes beer is where it is at, as long as it is in moderation. Myself I need just one to fulfill that empty stomach craving, but at least seven or eight if I want to feel it’s effects, which is why after one this publican switches to rum to lubricate his vocal chords to prepare for the next bout. The editing has fallen by the wayside in his current story and he is flagging, trying to make it all fit…inside the timeline he has created for himself, making fate laugh a little at his strategic planning that he believes will clinch him victory in their tête-à-tête (how come it spells it and incorrectly too? My word processor program is smarter than me, I a, sure he at least thinks so), oooh that burned, aniseed that is, but it fortifies my wavering soul in the face of the score between the white rabbitt and fate. Me being both the white rabbitt and the one keeping score and it is fate ahead by a large margin, she has won every game so far, and is coming tantalizingly close to giving out the first tale ever told, just to see the white rabbitt squirm because she has not had so much fun in many, many years. And a year by fates standards is anything but understandable except to say the difference is: the span of man’s entire life is equal to one day! So fate stepped out for a cigarette one day for a quick break and now she is back and ready to play..

And 300 lifetimes of humans have come and gone. The playing board is generally the same but the items presented have changed, much to;the knowing intelligence of the god across from me, and the terrifying;g thought that overrides my general good disposition, is; “that this enterprise I am undertaking, is far more difficult a task than I appreciate I am maki;g my little each day headway that is a never ending source of frustration, here, let me finally begin…

With an exhaustive list of things to do before the curtain lifts, in 3 or 4 days behind the posting of your posts indicating you would be open for action in a few days.

I mean, I could just put off the publishing of the initial posts, except why? Why not just go with it and see what you can do. Except…

Except there will always be a reason to put off doing something new, just because it is part of the chemical equation of your bodies cocktail of emotional instability called your nervous system. Except…

Quit it man, you should know by now causality is more than fiction. You are on the bleeding edge of reality here and anything at all goes in the minds creation. If you think it, it gains form on this universal boundary and like you figured out in the novel you wrote, quantum mechanics does not occur far off in someplace like Bootes Void, it occurs right next to you, and in your perception…why not, it is your thoughts that gave rise to its creation, be proud of your mind and its imagination. In there, in the construct that is your brain, there is a collection of stories that traverse everything you have ever thought or read, or seen on a screen in both the room in front of your eyes and the office in your head. The mind is an operating system billions of times more complicated than the largest and smartest AI technology that piling transistors together offers, and it is a machine that processes based on algorithms created by the impressions of the stimuli your senses perceive as you go about your business. Have you ever wondered how you can see six different perceived depth locations in clear focus at the same time. Try it the next time you are in a drivers seat. Look at the middle distance, then relax and without moving your eyes, look at the side mirror, then the other, then the rear view and the. Relax and view the curb as it passes by, and the signposts on the streets, just look for color in your eye…it is something I tell you, headache inducing, but it begs the question of…what else can a mind and a body do, if it works outside of it’s learned behaviors and how is it so advanced technologically beyond anything recorded by human experience outside of the capturing of the imagination in literature and records keeping, the written language, the substitute man created for becoming lazy and for putting memorization down on the list, in favour of survival.

All of that just to complain about your work on your Uber secret plan alpha that you scrapped today for a while in favor of self pitying anger at the injustice in the worlds system because you are running out of story ideas and they fey can look voracious, they can look like anything, they pull their for, from your mind, and all you have emotionally recorded in your DNA and that is why they appear like otherworldly figures, they are using your brains memory storage and that is what it has retained, sort of like cookies in a computer which you should probably erase, before they over load your systems and blow up all your hardware, before you have ever unveiled a single one of the Fey, doing fey things in this world that contains within it, a world and a world and a world.

Fifty…that is the number that has so stalled me. I must do groups of fifty things yet in three different locations, in like 3 days or so.

I really hope tomorrow I have the necessary focus to undertake the capture of my groups of fifty, as each one is completed, launch it and gather them together here, after all that is done.

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