Sleeping Giants

Look from west to east, carefully,along the ridge line and divide the picture in thirds.

This is supposed to go on the e-commerce site. See if you can move it over. It would make a good debut too, except the doggy steals the show. But look at it, look all over, the entire mountain has been graphically designed. Find that in your back yard one day, and think…”oh my God.”

Get this working properly today, the excitement is building, you even sent it to a friend, now there are three total who know in the entire world…that history is about to receive a lesson plan and send us back to school

Yes, and two plus months later you still can’t get anything verified, and your mountain is unnoticeable to the locals, who call you names and think your are crazy, when it is plain to see…or was, the trees have turned green with new leaves and the faces have merged back into the mountain itself, but did it ever leave an impression on me…one that I am still trying to get a grasp on, but involves my personal history to a degree I never thought possible…now if only my accounts would cooperate, my accountants would relinquish access to mine own property, and my banks would stop with their insanity…it’s not like I don’t know they’re in here…and I am coming to the conclusion that they do not mean me harm, even though every account is frozen, inaccessible, throwing out transactions out of sequence…I laid my utilities on the first. I got new bills on the fifth…my phone package switched from unlimited data, 30 gigs at HD, to no data and fifty dollars charges for 50 mb, which you know you did not do, but they not only do not listen to you, they demand you give them private information over the phone before they will speak to you and you know the bot is attached to your name…so what do you do…I think maintain, aggressive acceptance of the situation with passive reference to the surveillance that accompanies the hack, and the subversion of all of my accounts, because who needs human rights when you have a target like me to dangle for terrorists to take a shot at. Unlikely as it sounds it would win a movie contest storyline hands down.

And then there is the mountain.

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